let’s talk about these bts tickets

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100 Replies to “let’s talk about these bts tickets”


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  2. Bts ticket ads keep popping up and was like youtube stop torturing me. Cause i cant get tickets😭😭😭😭😢😢💜💜💜💜💜💜

  3. I was telling my mom about BTS’s upcoming comeback in May and she was like “hey are they on tour near here? We should go!!!”
    And when I tell you I SCREAMED
    first of all, she said that the night the tickets had gone on sale and I was SO sure that there was no chance we could get tickets but WE MANAGED TO GET TICKETS TO THE CONCERT IN CHICAGO AND I CRIED THE SEATS SUCK BUT IDC

  4. I really wish I could go to New Jersey but I did manage to go to the Hamilton concert too

    I hope everyone has good luck with the dates to come as it was super difficult to get tickets for me ;-;

  5. I missed class for "family reasons" and waited in a line with like 3,000 ppl ahead of me on Ticketmaster. after like 2 hrs I made it, and there were no tix left so I went on stub hub and bought the tickets for super fucing expesive buT its bts so its worth it

  6. My mom told me last year I couldn’t go because they were to far (fucking Hamilton smh) so I’m to pussy to ask this year but its fine bc theyre usually $800

  7. Guess who's a part of those 90k people at Wembley?!?! XD Oh Yeah. Me! Gotta show love to our boys 💜💜

  8. i'm doing the same but from europe, i wanted to go to London but everything sold out, ticketmaster kept crashing and I had an exam TwT i had to leave after 30 min of trying, legit cried on the train to my university and just went on with my day. reason I couldn't buy the damn ticket was cuz my credit card had a fucking monthly limit and I just had to go to the bank to like take it away. I got home like five hours later, having already given up cuz the London resales were at 1k now, but then took time to check the Paris tickets and ended up getting not only a Floor ticket but also a pretty close to the stage one so, and since my plan had been to either die bye Hoseok yeeting his waterbottle at me in SO WHAT or not going at all, I think made a good choice. I'll try to get tickets for london still next sale and resell my ticket just like you're doing Cam. Good luck to everyone still buying!

  9. I just got to school when the tickets for London went on sale. My cousin (who now lives about 2 hours away from me) is such a gem and asked to have the late shift at work just so she could try get 4 tickets for me. Me, a friend and both our moms because we’re only 15. Luckily she managed to get them really early after they went on sale because she knows ticket master really well and has been to so many concerts so I completely trusted her. However our other friend didn’t get tickets so we both felt so bad but also happy at the same time because we are going to see them. She tried to get resale for around £80 each but ticketmaster was just being a dick and kept crashing. I’m pretty sure Wembley have confirmed a second date so I’m just praying she gets them because she really deserves to see them. Ticket master should probably try and sort out the site crashing because she got really excited when she saw the resale. Anyone who’s trying to get the next Wembley tickets or any other BTS tickets, I pray for you all. 💞💜

    I’m extremely lucky to have got the tickets and that my parents are going to travel around 5 hours to London so I can see them, so if your parents aren’t letting you go for reasons like money, or they just couldn’t manage to get tickets. Don’t blame your parents.

  10. I got tickets at Jersey at an atrocious price at a resale site.Then the resale site showed tickets for less than half that price like 6 hours later. Even better seats than mine were cheaper. Oh well, hopefully see you in Jersey.

  11. I'M GOING TO NJ THE FIRST DAY I WANT TO SEE YOU PLZ STAY 😂😂😂 but it's Okie if you don't lol

  12. Cam, What do you think you'll do if they end up adding Canada dates? Theres rumors going around its possible for Rogers centre.

  13. i was at school when my friend told me we got tickets :,D we were 1/1000 people who got floor tickets. AND I MIGHT SEE CAMERON AT THE NEW JERSEY ONE IN MAY 18TH

  14. I was able to get tickets from VividSeats! I'm still a little apprehensive that they aren't legit, but I'm hoping!! Anyone have some insight on VividSeats?

  15. BTS completely ignores the middle of the US……like……WE COLORADO BITCHES WANT TO BE LOVED TOO!!!!

  16. I'm getting so sad to see how much people here are crying bc they didn't get any tickets. Guys, FIGHTING!
    They're not going to my country but I'm not mad about it bc they were here last year.

  17. I got two C3 tickets for the concert in London, so close to the stage! I'm so happy!
    I bought them easily, just 10 minutes after the sale began!

  18. I went on the site 2 minutes before the tickets released just to see how much they cost as soon as they go on sale, but obviously im a broke ass student and didn't even try to get any

  19. Was gonna have a mental breakdown when I was gonna get the last ticket for rosebowl, then it said, sorry another fan beat you to it….wanted to cry then and there

  20. Soldier field holds 61,500 people. And they sold all those tickets in less than 2 hours. In 2014 they couldn’t even sell out places with a capacity of fucking 1,000.

    So proud

  21. Didnt get ticket for wembley 😭 I was in the process of buying a good one and entered my payment details and confirmed, then ticketmaster just showed me „an error occurred“ I wanted to die


  23. uGh we were at the same concert in Hamilton and I didn't get a chance to meet you. me me sad boy 🙁 I hope you get the tickets you're aiming for

  24. I'm so sad i've been waiting for them to come to latinamerica to go see them and they have to come the same month i have to take a PhD course 😢 i'm too poor to afford both, plus the plain ticket to sao Paulo


    i had to edit this in: my mom PROMISED she'd try to get tickets for BTS's Chicago concert (May 12, couldnt get 11) but also told me straight-up to not hope and pretend there was no chance. Maybe I can convince her for resale tickets like I did for just the chance of going? idk

  26. I got tickets for Chicago concert but my mother had waited 1 hour and 30 minutes. And she didn’t get them.. BUT- my cousin had got tickets!!! ☺️☺️☺️

  27. So, i got in the queue an hour before they went on sale on 2 devises BUT when i finally got through, every single "available" seat was already sold. Half an hour of clicking through seats and not getting any FINALLY one went through to the payment screen!
    But im in the nosebleeds.
    So im 100% gonna try to get way closer seats, im aiming for floor as well.
    My birthday is May 12, so at least for now, im 100% seeing them the day before my birthday but if im blessed by the gods enough to get floor seats ON my birthday, ill cry.

  28. I got tickets and cried so much..also I’m going the same day as Cam, if I got to see you that would be amazing

  29. Im 22 and just cried realized ill finally see and meet other Army for the 1st time during their newark NJ show and it makes me so happy im so crazy happy ♡ cant wait to meet you guys ♡♡♡

  30. I got a soundcheck VIP for Wembley. 🙊
    And it literally just took me 3 min…:o
    I had such a damn luck…I didn't even get into the queue. I was able to get on the page right away.
    I was like…"Uhm I did it ? Really?????"

    I tried for Paris 30 min before London went on sale. They had a pre queue which kept crashing. 😂

    I still can't believe that the London sale went to smooth for me. 😮

  31. Mannn I was trying to go to the New Jersey show on the 18th but they sold out and I wanted to get to see you!! Buh I’m hoping to get tickets for the other show

  32. It was my first time buying tickets so I was super nervous because I heard it is really hard to get tickets. After 50 min of waiting I was thankfully able to get a hold of some tickets 😁😁😌😌. Since I am in university I could not afford to buy floor tickets and also because I have to buy plane tickets 😥. but to be honest, being at the front row doesn't matter to me, I just want to experience being in the same place as them and more Armys and singing my heart out along with them.
    To the people buying tickets for the second concerts, I wish you the best of luck!

  33. I couldn’t get tickets for wembley day 1!!! However yesterday I got two tickets for section c5, right in front of the stage!I cried my eyes out!!! And I’m still waiting for the concert date in amsterdam!!

  34. i regret not getting ga when they werent that popular but now i rlyyyyyy want floor standing and its so hard to get ;(

  35. sooo, me and my mom were trying to get tickets for May 18, and they sold out like a light……

    but then, it said that there was going to be another concert on May 19 going on sale march 8th ….

    When it was the day to get the tickets, I ran home because I had school that Friday, I got there just in time and my mom had TicketMaster on her Computer and her phone…..

    Soo 30 mins later we got into ticket master and we got special privileges because we were their 30 min before they went on sale, there were 2000+ people in front of us! O-M-G let me tell you how long it took for me to get them, 3 HOURS! Ticket master was crashing so badly on my moms phone and computer, so I wanted to help on my computer so I got on ticket master, found some tickets on there, signed into my moms account and we got the tickets from there ;-; this has never happened before when a get tickets on ticket master, this shows how big the army is!

    Also, Cam, your music is so awesome, better than any other Artis I have ever listened to, I rlly want you to keep going so I can have something to listen to when I have nothing else to do, you are already something big, but you are going to get bigger! (hearts from k-squad! <3)


  37. So basically my mom is buying tickets for me (woohoo)
    But she said she's going to get the tickets on April..
    I bet it's going to be sold out before it's April

  38. I got tickets for London and it was my first time. I had a lot of luck and it took me like 20 minutes.

  39. Okay real question for all the fellow ARMYs out there I'm going to my first BTS concert and I want to know should I show up an hour early or get there on time what should I do???????

  40. Actually i just had one computer but still got tickets for the one in Paris (8th june) in like- 10 minutes..I'm really lucky for once in my life

  41. I got floor soundcheck (literally got souncheck by accident lmao) tickets for LA. The tickets went on sale at 1: 00, at 1: 05 (yes 5 minutes.,.) it was my turn to go into the seating options, then at 1: 14 I got 2 tickets under my name, I was soooo happy 💜

  42. So are u going to the may 18th or may 19th concert? U never told us!! My friend and I are going to the may 19th and we're curious

  43. I'm so happy they added new dates cause I thought I would never be able to see them live in this lifetime, and OMG I ACTUALLY JUST BOUGHT TICKETS TO THEIR SHOW IN NEW JERSEY AND I'M SCREAMING CAUSE IT FEELS SO SURREAL. The seats are at like the tippy top of the stadium because ya girl is broke and couldn't afford to get better seats, but I don't care cause I'm just so happy to be able see them live and get to be in the same room as them and imma cry. K thanks bye

  44. I'm going second day for Wembley. We got them the next day of them being on sale. We didn't care about getting good seats but we got tickets and I'm SOOOO HYPED

  45. Hey cam, i bought 2 tickets from a resale site, which means that another persons name is on them. They are regular tickets, not VIP. I wanted to know if they are personalized and if they will let me enter, since my name isnt on there.

  46. I cried my eyes out that i got tickets that see them sunday still cant belive it xxbring on bts in london xxx it was so hard though i staysd up till 4am to get tickets i got 515 tickets xxx

  47. Ticket master sued me over £1000 for tickets I didn’t even get but eventually I got me money back and got tickets to Wembley 🤠 it was honestly incredible 😭✨

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