Light Bar Install – How To Install Bumper Mount Light Bar – Nissan Titan Project

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30 Replies to “Light Bar Install – How To Install Bumper Mount Light Bar – Nissan Titan Project”

  1. It looks really clean! I have those same foglights, was going to put them in my factory openings but they didn't really fit, so I stuck them where you stuck the bar. I was thinking about putting a bar up top in the grill, try and get it tucked in a little bit like your bar is.

  2. thanks for the video I'm putting on o. my son's 08 Titan in the morning and was wondering if cutting the grill was gonna be a bad move but I see it works fine thanks again

  3. I love how when you said "different" you pronounced it "deerferent" right as the screen showed a deer! hahah love the look, im trying to get some lights on my car. I live down back roads and having the light the see a deer before i hit it is crucial

  4. Hey, I appreciate the video and looks really clean. My question is how you pulled the rubber plug from the firewall from the inside. (The plug the hood release wire runs thru.) Did you just grab and pull it with a pair of pliers? I really appreciate the help!

  5. Good video, but I have one question. How did you get the wires in the truck ? Was there a gromit in the fire wall ? I'm looking to install a 22" V-series lightbar, and I was wondering how to get the on off switch in the cab. Thank you very much.

  6. I am also considering installing the lightbar behind the grill like you did. Is that metal frame rail/beam behind the bottom grill solid or hallow if your drilling Into it ?

  7. What size are the lights in this video? Dimensions please. And great job on this set up! I have a Titan I would like to do something similar to! Any help would be appreciated

  8. incredible job…Thanks alot..I have a 2009 Nissan Armada limited that needs best fogs light's…Thanks again…Your instructions in detail was right on point..

  9. , first tip I have for you bud, is to check the damn FREE CARFAX every time before you purchase any vehicle now a days !!!!!!!

  10. Looks great exactly what I wanted to see. You didn’t over complicate the install just to make it seem like you were doing magic. Straightforward & detailed will definitely be subscribing

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