LOST & DELIRIOUS – Lesbian high school drama

We’re going to define the minimum value of the quadratic function. Now in order to do this we must complete the square since we know the leading coefficient is…? We know this ladies! – Cordelia?
– 1? 1! Yes, thank you. We simply add half of the linear term 2x and square to get the result. To get the constant term of 11… Victoria? Yes? Come! Help me. You want me to do the
problem? Yes! I want you to do the problem Okay. I’ll try… What seems to be the delay, Victoria? I don’t get it. And what is it exactly that you don’t get? The X… I mean where do you get the X? Why? What is… What is an X? You don’t get what the X is? Perhaps if you spent less time
gabbing and a little more time listening. Gabbing!? I considered that word a punch
in the face, Miss Bannet. I beg your pardon, Paulie? It’s a word males used to shoot us down,
to trivialize our talking to each other. You want to be a part of
that shit, huh? Pauline Auster you will not use that
kind of language in my classroom again. Do you hear me? Do you hear me!? I have had it up to here, up to my eyeballs with your disrespect! What do you think you’re doing? I’m teaching, Miss Bannet. What you
should have been doing. Paulie… Out of my classroom! You will go to Miss Vaughn’s
and explain why you are not in my class and suffer the consequences. Do you hear me? Am I not clear!? You have a nice day now! Eleanor…

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