LP SmartSide Panel Application Tips and Tricks

Here are a few LP quick tips to help get
your shed projects started in the right direction. When building your shed make
sure to keep LP smartside panel siding at least six inches from the ground. To
achieve this use blocks on a gravel base or other materials designed for ground
contact under the skids you get the proper ground clearance and be able to
level your shed. Avoid making long vertical cuts by ensuring all LP
smartside panel joints meet on a stud if they don’t you can always add an extra
stud where the panels meet. If you have to cut a panel make the cut at the end
of the wall where it’ll be covered by trim Always install your windows and
flashing to the studs before you hang your LP Smartside panel siding. Carefully
cut the window opening in the panel with a 1/8 inch gap along the sides and the
bottom of the window and a 3/8 inch gap along the top. This will allow you to
slope the flashing to channel water over the window head. It’s easy to install LP Smartside panels perfectly straight by nailing a level 2×4 ledger board
around the floor joist. Position and secure the panels per your nailing
instructions then remove the ledger board. For complete instructions visit LPShed.com

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