MAGICMOUNT – Magnetic Mount for Mobile Devices – Scosche

MAGICMOUNT – Magnetic Mount for Mobile Devices – Scosche

MagicMount is a new magnetic mounting system
from Scosche for conveniently mounting mobile devices. Just hover your device over the magnetic surface
and it locks into place instantly. It’s sleek cradle-free design uses high power
magnets to keep your devices secure where you use them the most. Perfect for hands-free phone calls while on
the road. “Hi honey.” “Hey honey, I’m on my way home.” Great for using your smart phone as a GPS
and MagicMount is heat and cold resistant. Place your device at any angle for convenient
viewing. On the road, in the office, at home, everywhere:
MagicMount. MagicMount Surface, MagicMount Window, MagicMount
Power, and the origional MagicMount. Now available at premium retail stores. Visit for more information.

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13 Replies to “MAGICMOUNT – Magnetic Mount for Mobile Devices – Scosche”

  1. there's no battery cover to be easily removed for an apple…then what ? stick on the back side where it will get filthy ?

  2. 1.)  Can the magnetic half be mounted on the vehicle's end of your product rather than on the phone itself so that when the phone is not mounted in the vehicle, it's not connected to a magnet which might interfere with the GPS, etc? Or are your mounts designed so the magnetic portion can only go on the phone/case itself?

    2.) How do the rare earth magnets not interfere with whatever digital information stored on the phone? Don't mobile phones really on magnetics for their digital zeros and ones just like computers do?

  3. Awesome mount, I have the Magic Mount Dash and holds my phone perfectly, except around a 1" circumference around the base station my touch screen will stop working while docked in the mount, the rest of the screen works on my LG smart phone

  4. Listed as a how to install video on their product packaging, this is nothing more than an advertisement. Stop wasting my time with this crap and calling it an installation video!

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