Mandy Moore on Hiking Mount Everest, Pete Buttigieg & This Is Us

Mandy Moore on Hiking Mount Everest, Pete Buttigieg & This Is Us

So Mandy the last time you were here you were talking about climbing Mount Everest, yes, and I advised against it He said I’m happy to report I did not climb Everest because that is like a two month excursion But I did Trek into Everest base camp okay, so I did about a Quarter of the trip how far it’s quarter way up basically, um, it’s seventeen thousand six hundred feet. That’s pretty high Twenty-nine thousand something feet. So it’s you still have a ways to go once you get to base gap So you went 1/4 the way up and then went down and then I went down Did you feel triumphant when I got a quarter of the way up That was our that was our goal goal was to just do the the trek there at the base camp trek I like that a nice week Reasonable goal. Yeah, oh it takes a week takes a week Yes you slowly sort of weave your way through the Khumbu Valley and Nepal and you stay at these tea houses along the way I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro About a year and a half ago and you tend to stay in tents along the way up to the summit But with every space camp I guess for environmental reasons, you stay at these tea houses which are essentially like people’s homes. Really? Um and little like quasi bed-and-breakfast. It’s very charming. Oh, so when they serve your meals and they have Like that. Well, it’s kind of rustic you sleep in your sleeping bag, but you’re sleeping on a on a bed. Uh They do they have yak milk tea Yak milk a yak milk tea which I became obsessed with and wanted to like open a yak farm when I got home I’m like I’m obsessed with yak. Milk. Really? Are you sure you weren’t just starving or so? In eating nothing, but Clif Bar drop, yes. Whoa, yak milk. It’s good Oh delicious. Why is it better than cow milk? I chose milk hurts my stomach but yaks milk was fine. Oh, I don’t know. Maybe you get a yak at the house Maybe yeah, do you have space for yeah in the yard? So this is when you got to I won’t say the top but when you got to base camp Absolutely. You’re full. Yak milk in this photo Belly full yak. Which one is you in this photo? Your husband didn’t come on this trip mom I’m gonna have to go back and do it again all over with does he want to do it again? I think he would if He’s so lovely to indulge me in these hiking trips. He had no idea what he was marrying into. Yeah Well, he stayed home for this one If you do go back with him the whole way up you’d be like, oh, yeah We saw this last time I know yeah like we do Go anywhere with someone when it’s their second time, you can go like your fifth time, but the second time is no good at all How long has it been since you? recorded an album It’s been 10 years since I’ve released music and now you are you currently recording or have you finished recording? I am nearly done with a record and I released two singles already two singles already Used to be you finished the record and then you release the singles, I know how many singles that would be on the record They’re all be probably 10 songs on the record songs. Yes CDs were the thing about nine years ago, right ten years ago. You you had a compact disc I don’t even have one in my car anymore. I don’t know how you play a CD. So yeah, that’s it The music landscape has changed Exponentially since I’ve last released music and since I started, I mean it’s a completely different world Your husband is a part of the band Dawes Is he working with you on this record? We did the whole record together He’s playing all on the album. We’re gonna go on tour together. It’s pretty cute Was that the excuse that he is that the excuse he used for not being able to come up on the mountain trip I’m working on your record man. I Want this to be perfect. I have a photograph and you posted this on Instagram recently. That was this is from when 1998. Mm-hmm. It was my high school freshman homecoming dance I don’t know who told the hair stylist who did my hair it was a good idea to curl those It’s like a like a bighorn sheep that became depressed or something It was that like a style at the time I believe it was and you can even see the little hairs here are crisscross too like Happening 498 this is problematic when you’re eating or whatever. It seems like it might be I think it was it was yeah I think I took them behind my ears at some point in the evening Well, and now after this did you start making music? Professionally six months after six months after that. Yeah, just a baby. It’s a little baby I know I’ve been doing this for 20 years now. I feel like an old woman. Yeah Must be the yak milk. That’s really great about it slower to fight me Yes, you taught at that time with the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC That must have been a wild experience as well everything I went from watching those guys on TRL to like six months later opening up for them It was completely but did you love them? What did which band did you really love of the two? Backstreet Boys Backstreet Boys And who in the band was your guy because I know like that every I mean I sort of Oscillated between Nick Carter and AJ like, you know, it was like when I wanted the bad-boy rocker obviously AJ was my dude. Uh-huh But then when I wanted to like sensitive floppy haired, you know cute one. It was neck and in a way they’ve reversed roles Pretty crazy. All right. Well, we’re gonna take a break we come back. We’ll see a clip from your new movie It’s called Midway. It opens in theaters Friday. Mandy Moore is here. We’ll be right back well How long have you been married long enough to know my husband’s talents why isn’t it commanding a squadron I Don’t make those decisions to my country. Yes. I understand before the war when it was about politics. But now I Told you she was a firecracker I have to say I often wondered what kind of woman would marry dick best You have not disappointed that is Mandalorian Midway This is movie opens with Pearl Harbor the attack on Pearl Harbor and ends with the Battle of Midway Yes, and where did you shoot the movie? We shot the movie in Hawaii the whole thing in Hawaii. Yeah well most of the movie I only Sadly was on the movie for about five days. I was in the middle of shooting last season if this is us oh, I’m a very To be a part of this this incredible film was an incredible ensemble, but yes, most of the movie was shot in Hawaii how How old are you on this is us now. Like what at what age are we at right now? Last season I played 16 to 85 Not even joking I wish I was This year we focused a lot more on present days. So far this season. I play a 70 year old Is that or is it it’s less time in the makeup chair? But I love it It means I get to work with my adult children with sterling and Chrissy and justice and I love that is nice. Yes, you are Friendly with mayor Pete Budaj. Yeah. How did that happen? How did you become with them? And how long has this been going on? I am a massive fan and supporter of people to judge. He’s my boy I I went to a campaign event before he actually announced when he was still sort of doing his exploratory committee earlier this year met him and I happen to be chaste and his husband and loves what his I Don’t pay attention. This is a shopton and Chasten and I sort of slid into each other’s dm’s and became friends. I see And any time he comes to Los Angeles we try to make time for each other and he’s Wonderful, and I’ve like ubered him around in my car and like his his chaperone when he’s in town So your point of entry was through chastened? Yes. Yes. That’s interesting. Yeah, because I was wondering how how does it go like Like hey, yeah, here’s my phone number. No, no, no, no, not with a candidate. Yeah, they’re quite busy but the spouse Absolutely has slightly more time although their lives have changed Exponentially at this point – are you like super interested in the election and all this stuff that’s going on. Yeah. Yes It’s top of mind. I think it’s essential we all have incredible Responsibilities coming up in the next year. So it’s yeah, it’s something I think about all the time do you is it one of those things where because sometimes when I sit down to dinner I try to Just wonder how many minutes will elapse before someone says the word Trump? Yeah, yeah, tricky these days and it’s nice when it doesn’t happen Wow, but it that never doesn’t happen It always seems to happen indeed. Yeah, mayor Pete your guy mayor Pete’s my guy. Yeah, I think he really has a Reasonable any chance of winning I do you do. Yes I think you look at the Iowa polls things just keep swinging in the right direction. You know, I’m I’m so impressed with him I think he’s overwhelmingly qualified. I I think he’s brilliant and I love his message of unity I think it’s something that we don’t have enough up in the world right now is it? Is there any chance that? It should mayor Pete go on to win Is there any chance you will get an ambassadorship or something like that or be put in charge of something? I’m pretty happy with my day job Okay, as long as I can get invited to the inauguration, that’s all I want, okay, all right I’m sure I have a feeling that that would happen Well, it’s great to have be here maybe more everybody Midway is it? 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  1. Mayor Pete is my guy. Made my first bet last night at election results party that Pete will be the Democratic nominee. One step at a time I say.

  2. It’s interesting to see who these individuals support. Usually the comfy rich people support the corporate candidates.

  3. She is the most talented performer of our time. Full stop. She could win an Oscar, and Emmy, and a Grammy in the same year. And if she wanted, a Tony too. And she has a great vocabulary <3

  4. Mandy you are too cool for school. First you support an amazing country Nepal by talking about them. And then you support an amazing candidate Pete Buttigieg! Wow! Thanks to Kimmel!

  5. Mandy Moore is such a down to Earth person… Totally love her❤ and Namaste Jimmy daju from Nepal🇳🇵The Land of Mt. Everest

  6. Hey Jimmy, why’s you guys turn off comments for your “parents tell kids they are all their Halloween candy 2019” video? Is it because you realize that people disagree with lying to children to get them to freak out or cry on camera? Wouldn’t it be better to do away with the video then? Rather than silence your own audience from voicing their opinions that could help you and your show? But you do you boo

  7. I hate that new vehicle's don't have a disc drive anymore. It sucks. However, playing Spotify from my phone works great.

  8. When I hear Democrats speak out for Mayor Pete, it automatically prompts me to wonder what EXACTLY it is about Bernie Sanders (an experienced politician with over 30 years in office) who has worked tirelessly FOR the people, that you don't want as your head of the executive branch?

  9. She’s proof you don’t need to slut it up (Miley Cyrus, Ariana grande, Britney spears, Christina Aguilera) when transitioning from child actor to adult star. She’s been sexy but never trashy. Good for Mandy Moore.

  10. Typical neoliberal : take corporate donations(healthcare industry, banks,), don't disrupt status quo and don't you ever dare to criticize the party, fall in line.Pete checks all the boxes.

  11. I recommend some Research on the Sherpas, who often carry the climbers Baggage. They often earn more than an average Nepalese, yet risk their lives with every Climbing (They have Families too, who get some Money in Case of Death, but they basically lose everything else). Also Mt. Everest has a Littering Problem, because many Tourists leave their Baggage behind and Death is not a Rarity on that Mountain. (I refer to the Death Zone). Still Congrats on Base Camp that is quite an Achievement.

  12. She knew she was lying when he asked if Mayor Pete has a shot at winning and she said yes…..🤐😅 mandy I love you but….issa no….lol

  13. Please don't go climbing Mt. Everest. Look at the amount of waste left there my climbers! Leave the sacred mountain alone.

  14. I am born in near everest, my ex girlfriend already climbed mt everest. And a lot of friends are doing trekking n climbing

  15. Ps: Everest is not the tallest mountain the tallest mountain is in Hawaii half under the ocean and around 6 km above the sea you can Google it

  16. Stay off Everest . . . the hoards of hikers are polluting it and in the process many are dying. Everest is not for tourists or mountain climber wannabe stock brokers. And of course she did not climb it . . . . can you imagine her suffering that kind of pain and deprivation? Give me a break. Instead, she went to the base camp. Now that is real base.

  17. Mayor Pete is the absolute best candidate running in 2020. Only a moderate can win the general! Pete’s our guy! Brilliant and SO presidential! He will UNIFY us again!

  18. No Jimmy 10 years ago CDs were dead too. Cds first started going downhill when the ipod came out in 2001. Digital downloads then dominated over cds (iPods, mp3, .wav, etc). Later on in '05 pandora began the first streaming service along with other competitors to follow. People have been streaming since then. Cds were dead 20 yrs ago not 10.

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  20. That he is, " A Boy". Either a real racist or dances to the tune of his donors since he has not satisfactorily explained his actions with regard to the black police chief.

  21. This is one of the best 10 minutes of Jimmy! Focus is on someone else rather than “you know who”. I live in 🇨🇦, but in the news, we all need a Day Away from…
    Love “This Is Us” with Mandy et al

  22. Midway has like 36% on Rotten tomatoes, and bad reviews on other sites. They released reviews 1 day before release. smh. Shows that they aren’t very confident in it

  23. Why does the photo of Mount Lee -aka "Mount Hollywood" NOT have the Los Angeles County's central radio communications tower? Live exact three miles due north of that tower on Bruce Lane in Burbank for 12 years. Reckoned the direction & distance by aerial sectional maps…

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