Mang0 and Meagan Face Off with Sharks | Away from Keyboard S2E1

Mang0 and Meagan Face Off with Sharks | Away from Keyboard S2E1

I’m not like on top of not being an outside person I’m not watery like I live in so coun I don’t even like go to the beach I think this is something outside of making this comfort zone come out here and wait for it show me sharks like that’s gonna be insane [Music] something uh how’s it going get it man get him hot I wanna get in the water I wanna get involved my name is Megan Ethel and I’m a professional a quarter we are here to take mango wakeboarding and to swim with some charge I am NOT semi sharks to fight they’re probably on my top five biggest fear so it’s kind of cool to be able to face that and get it behind me today is going to be a really cool opportunity to kind of push our limits well I think but I thought wakeboarding was it wasn’t so I don’t even apparently hold on so I might go into a fresh about the Google I’m pretty talented in some aspects hopefully I can carry over I can do all right all right well let’s hop in the boat how do I do this one foot in it’s pretty simple they’re competitions and stuff yeah I mean I we have a series that we all compete on last year had a really good season up until I got injured I was out for about eight months this year I’m kind of just pushing to get back out and to be healthy and strong Remini I definitely get super lazy cuz I’ve been playing for so long that like Tom myself slipping just recently got my coach coach topo I knew I needed some help it’s really good for anything to get you kind of out of your head and show you what you’re not seeing to help you improve can you do flips and stuff yes thank you like thanks I’ll do some clothes for ya [Music] flip [Music] I’m going up to the board but before [Music] honestly didn’t hurt the first fold in her [Music] the second poll I got winded I lost all my wins I’m an awesome great coach she’s explaining it like super easy so if you just try to kind of stay lower those arms straight and the board will cover you yeah I was shocked I got into their Troy [Music] he actually surprised me because most beginners don’t get up there third try for him to just get up after like never doing it before even knowing what way forty was that was really cool goal accomplished I’m drained I’m pretty I’m pretty beat up exhausting third tried to know got me good run I did something that a little hard for me I know you’re scared of sharks but are you ready to go swim with them yeah [Laughter] [Music] these animals are amazing they are an evolutionary master that’s the reason that they’ve existed for 450 billion years they sense your energy let them know you’re not afraid let them know you’re watching and they have to try and take an opportunity of the situation do not look or act like the bait what do I mean all right don’t be doing this keep your hands in the armpits no reason to use them if you get into chop you’re done [Music] you’re not doing it I’m a hopeless cause like I can just like I got magic hands I was lucky I gotta get him all right we’re here [Music] [Applause] holder’s you of the morning ladies if you have a shark’s cup to close your hand on top of the head it’ll probably got close enough for you to pedal thank you all you ready [Music] some of the Sharks is pretty surreal I mean it shouldn’t even even Bend my fear because of how awesome it was that’s probably how most things are you know you overthink them in your head but once you kind of face them then they kind of disappeared the Sharks a lot cooler I thought it’d be like I said I mean I barely even go outside but uh yeah definitely stepped on it you know tiring yeah burnout to be able to see sharks like that up close and it was pretty fun did get away probably like what then like a few feet away and I was like oh crap like but he was just definitely not a try you think it’s kind of person you know when I go here I would get the same thing so today was pretty bizarre so just like I’ve been looking around looking we are pretty pretty NSYNC I definitely want to get back to Lin yeah I would just say today showed me that I could try new things like getting my game play cuz like I play a very specific way maybe I can step out of my comfort zone there and like experiment with some like new tricks and stuff and see how it works out I think that when I overthink things or I kind of like let it get to me I could just say well I sign with sharks I face that fear like I could face like anything like it’s in my head I think I think I have a sick future in wakeboarding nice one I do a trick one trick and I’ll call it my wakeboard career hey one day you want down the ocean I’ll flip give me two days the flip looks hard but it looks so cool it hurts not the hot battery [Music] I’m hurt I can argue [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music]

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100 Replies to “Mang0 and Meagan Face Off with Sharks | Away from Keyboard S2E1”

  1. Mango usually comes off as a really cool dude compared to the likes of M2K, Leffen, Hungrybox and Armada but here we can appretiate that he's still a nerd XD

  2. i'm pretty strong and i cant wakeboard, only ski. it's really hard to balance after getting up. good for mango

  3. Hey Red Bull Esports team , we loved your content and think your videos would make a great addition to our video of the month contest! By uploading your videos to you have the opportunity to win a wetsuit and a new surfboard and be featured on Outside TV! See you on Campfire!

  4. 6:09 lol the girl gives the camera a look cause she thinks he's making a sex joke, but doesn't realize he legit is talking about video games. hahahaha

  5. Goes surfboarding once

    “Yeah I learned today I can vary up my gameplay and incorporate more tricks and stuff when playing”

  6. Wow! Its so amazing that a new movement option was discovered so long after melee's release. I look forward to see mang0 using wavesurfing in tournament

  7. I’m 15 and in pretty good shape but it took me way longer than this to jut water ski let alone wake board😂

  8. When mang0 tells Meagan he has magic hands she looks really skeptical. Obviously she doesn't know how dangerous double lasers off the edge can be.

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