Meet My Other Exotic Pets

Meet My Other Exotic Pets

Oh yes! What you guys will see and learn in this video
is pretty epic, beautiful, intense, and graphic. We ant keepers often tend to also share a
love for other creatures, great and small, cute and odd. The ant room has been completely silent this
week, with no major events in the Antiverse to update you guys on to create our usual
ant videos, so this week I asked you what you guys wanted to see, and you, the AC Family
voted to see my team of critters. Some of them may interest you, some adorable,
and others terrifying. They share my space and that of the ants,
and I am super excited to show you. Introducing the rest of my animal comrades,
in full 4K Ultra HD resolution, welcome to the AntsCanada Ant Channel. Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel and hit the
bell icon. Welcome to the AC Family. Enjoy! Now, ants have always been my main obsession,
especially since moving to the Philippines from Canada in 2011, due to the ant abundance
in this tropical corner of the world, but aside from the ant kingdoms you’ve come to
know on this channel, there are other beasts who also share my time, space, and love. Just a warning though, some of the footage
in this video may disturb you, but I will give ample warning before these scenes come
up so you can close your eyes and simply listen. I will also go over a bit about their care,
maintenance, and biology. I also can’t wait to introduce you to my newest
animal child! Keep on watching ’til the end. So, let’s start from the smallest beasts,
and make our way to the biggest! If you’ve seen some of our past videos on
this channel featuring my paludarium-style, half-water/half-land ant terraria, you may
have deduced by now that I love fish. AC Family, I am pleased to introduce to you,
my garden, aquatic garden, that is. Welcome to my freshwater, community fish tank. Let me show you around my neat underwater
forest! Take a look at all that lush vegetation. Some people aren’t really a fan of the chaotic
look, but I personally love it! Here’s some Ludwigia repens from North and
Central America, Anubias from Africa, and red amazon swords and Saggitaria from South
America. You may have seen this tank from a previous
video where I harvested some Saggittaria which now grows on the river floor of the Selva
de Fuego. Some cute baby java moss has even begun to
grow naturally from the driftwood! It is a 75 gallon biospace, whose plants even
grow and flower out of the water! I believe the success of the plants in this
tank have been due to the ample lighting, the provision of CO2 for plant support, and
of course, the abundance of delicious fish poop fertilizer! Speaking of which, let’s meet our gorgeous
finned poopers now, shall we?! Here you will see a school of dwarf rainbow
fish, endemic to West Papua in Indonesia. I love these fish because they have lasted
over two years, school beautifully, eat a lot, and change colours depending on where
they are in the tank according to lighting. In the shady parts the fish appear orangish
but in the light they shine a metallic baby blue. You will also notice a pair of rummy-nose
tetras, native to South America, swimming around. This pair has also lived quite long, and are
actually interesting in that their bright red heads turn pale and skin-coloured when
water quality is bad. They are actually like canaries in a cave
for fish keepers, warning that the water quality is bad and a water change is indeed needed
immediately. The true stars of the show, however, are these
two gorgeous angelfish, native to South America. Of course, these fish were bred for their
colour, as the natural colour phase of these cichlids does not look like this. But I love the black and platinum contrast
between this pair. Their names are Ying and Yang. They’re best friends and literally inseparable
in the tank. I’ve had these two for over two years. I love watching them float around foraging
for food and hidden goodies. For clean up crew, I have a school of these
diminutive Otocynclus catfish native to South America which feed on algae on the plants,
as well as this Chinese Algae eater and this rambunctious Siamese Algae Eater native to
mainland Southeast Asia. The entire system runs on an automatic timer
controlling the photoperiod, i.e. the duration that the lights are on, as well as the addition
of carbon dioxide, which completely shuts off at night when plants aren’t photosynthesizing
as much due to there being no light. The tank is filtered via a Shiruba canister
filter, but to be honest, judging from the vitality of the plants, it seems the plants
are also carrying a lot of the load at eating up all the toxic nitrogenous compounds produced
from the fish’s waste. I treat this entire fish tank like a single
interdependent system, balanced and self-dependent, a system which took 3 yrs to establish. All I need to do is a 25% water change once
a week and feed the fish once a day. On stressful days, I love to watch this tank,
and lose myself in an almost hypnotic trance as the fish swim about in seemingly slow motion. The colours, movement, and vitality of life
within the aquarium really relaxes me. How about you guys? Do you find watching fish relaxing? But now, AC Family, we move on to some creatures
that bring about in many people, a completely opposite reaction. First, many of us ant keepers, also happen
to be fans of spiders. Arachnophobes, cover your eyes, breathe deeply,
and just listen to my voice. I have always been fascinated with spiders
and I would probably also go so far as to say that in my books, spiders come in a close
second to ants as far as invertebrate pets go! In our video Ants vs Spiders, you may have
met Imelda, the goddess of the Antiverse, my Klugi Bird-Eater tarantula, scientifically
known as Lasiodora klugi. She is named after a former Philippine first-lady
Imelda Marcos, who was famed for her vast collection of shoes. Get it? Many legs, many shoes? Ok, bad joke. Speaking of legs, though, she has a whopping
8 inch legspan, an absolutely massive juggernaut of a spider. Pieces of cockroach exoskeletons from previous
meals lay scattered beneath her, incorporated into her silk flooring. Time to add to the floorwork. AC Family, it’s feeding time! Let’s offer her this live roach. Tossing it in, and seized! With her two sharp fangs, she pierces into
the roach and injects a cocktail of toxins and acids which reduce the roach overtime
into a nutritious mash which she sucks up. At this point, with her pair of spinnerets,
she starts to carefully lay down a fresh bed of silk, an effective method at keeping ants
and other creatures that may be drawn to the smell of her fresh kill, away. Check her out, AC Family! Isn’t she just gorgeous! You can really get a better sense of her size
and bulk as she moves around laying down this silk bed. I love her distribution of hair against her
velvety body. Actually, here’s a neat fact. Tarantula hair is actually not technically
hair, as they don’t grow from follicles like our hair. The correct term for tarantula hair is setae,
extensions of the exoskeleton. Interesting right? Now despite her menacing appearance, you may
be surprised to know that in the 5 yrs that I’ve owned her, she has been completely non-aggressive. She’s never attempted to bite me, and not
a single threat pose. I don’t take that track record lightly, however,
and never attempt to touch her. Actually, with new world tarantulas, like
Imedla here who hails from Brazil, aside from those sharp fangs, what you really want to
watch out for are their tiny urticating hairs, actually setae, which line their abdomen. These defensive hairs are kicked up into the
air in a cloud, and are specially designed to irritate mucous membranes like the inside
of your nose or throat. It’s an effective defense against birds, mammals,
reptiles, or amphibians which may look at this gargantuan spider as a meal. Thankfully, this bird-eater however, hasn’t
even kicked hairs at me, which I don’t take for granted. I respect her greatly. Her venom isn’t strong enough to kill a human,
unless of course you’re allergic to the venom, but I’ve been bitten by another tarantula
before and believe me, it hurts like crazy and swells pretty bad for a few hours! Lucky for us, we aren’t that roach! Overall, she has been an amazing pet, very
low-maintenance, eating roaches only once a week, and has caused me many delightful
moments of spider watching. She’s a big fuzzy teddy bear… with fangs…
and urticating hair! Alright arachnophobes, you may open your eyes
now. Ophidiophobes, you may now close your eyes. Because speaking of feeding time and predation,
it just so happens AC Family, that another beast awaits to be fed, a beast that like
Imelda, is highly feared by many. Meet Valentino, my gorgeous 4 and a half yr
old, adult male, Sorong Green Tree Python, native to the jungles of New Guinea, Indonesia,
and parts of Australia. Just look at his gorgeous colouration! He’s an emerald green, with a yellowish underside,
with blue, yellow, and white specks running down along his spine, and those hypnotic serpentine
eyes are just so striking, it blows me away every time I see him! Green tree pythons are a nocturnal arboreal
species of snake, always wrapping around branches sleeping in the day and exploring by night. He does wake up early however, once a week,
right before sunset on feeding day, and that is now! AC Family, for those of you who may be rodent-lovers,
I don’t feed Valentino fully living rodents, but this feeding footage may disturb you,
so feel free to look away and simply listen to my voice. Like my ants, Valentino feeds on freshly killed
or knocked out prey, from the vendor who supplies me the mice. Valentino has refused to eat frozen mice or
snake sausages, and I can’t stand to feed live mice. Trust me, I’ve tried! I, in fact, can’t stand watching the snake
feeding process, at all, so filming this was extremely hard, as I too am a rodent-lover. I wanted to film Valentino’s striking so I
relocated the mouse to a different location further from Valentino’s stick. He extended outwards preparing to strike. With just the back portion of his body anchoring
him on the branch, he’s able to strike pretty far. He moves in. Brace yourselves, AC Family, this is it! And bam! With lightning speed the mouse was sized,
constricted, and completely finished off. Here it is again in slow motion! Valentino strikes with blinding speeds, required
to catch fast-moving prey in the wild. But the worst part is over quickly. These pythons dispatch and kill their prey
very fast. Once breathing stops, Valentino proceeds to
swallow the mouse whole. Slowly he dislodges his jaw to open wide,
and begins to work his mouth little by little around the mouse to swallow it. Look at those pits along Valentino’s lips. Those are pit organs, possessed by many snakes,
which contain a membrane that can detect infrared radiation from warm bodies up to one meter
away, essentially it allows the snake to have heat vision which helps the snake locate prey
in the dark. Sights like this instill in me a great respect
for predation. I never touch or handle Valentino, as he’s
crazy aggressive, and I heard bites from these snakes are extremely painful as his teeth
are long and stab deep! But other than this, these snakes don’t possess
any venom, as they are constrictors, meaning they squeeze their prey to death. They also don’t grow nearly as large enough
to eat a human. He is full grown now at about 5 feet long
and the largest prey Valentino’s ever had was a rat pup, but he prefers two, sometimes
three mice like this in a single feeding, once every 7-10 days. Despite Valentino’s terrifying aura, I actually
do love him deeply. You see when I first acquired him from a local
breeder, he was shipped to me via airplane, and when I picked him up at the airport, he
was in horrible shape. I’m not sure if he had picked up a virus along
the way or if the stress of the flight compromised his immune system, but he had a severe upper
respiratory infection which if you know snakes is very bad news. He wouldn’t eat, and he was super weak. The vets told me he had less than a 10% chance
of survival. But I was willing to fight for him! After expensive long-term treatments which
well over-numbered his cost, boarding for a week at the vet, weeks of force feeding
and oral medication by hand, which by the way was not easy and extremely scary for me
as I’m sure it was for the snake, in the end, Valentino here came out on top, and will be
going on his 5th birthday soon. The mouse is completely swallowed, and he
realigns his jaws. Anybody got a toothpick? He is my miracle snake, and has a special
place in my heart, even if he is so scary. Alight, AC Family, and now this final creature
is my newest addition to my family of beasts. I see her as my pet baby griffin, descendant
of the dinosaurs, who only came to me about a month ago. Her birthday is two days before mine, and
she has brought such great delight to myself, the people around her, and hopefully to you,
the AC Family. I’d like you to meet Ligaya, my baby Congo
African Grey parrot. The name, Ligaya, came from the winning vote
by the Mabuhay Squad, the community who watches my daily vlogs. It means “Joy” in Filipino. I got Ligaya from a local breeder when she
was about 5 weeks of age, still hand-feeding three times a day, helpless and awkward, ever
curious and most of all very vocal. Though I’m not new to birds, I am new to larger
parrots like this, and my, has it been a journey so far. I feel like I’m raising a human baby. The rate of development of this parrot has
been extremely fast. It feels like I am speed parenting, as this
bird learns new things, develops, and even look different every single day at this juvenile
stage. But what blows my mind is her intelligence! We have conversations, she loves when I sing
to her, and she’s even showed me that her favourite colour is red! Now, for those of you AC Family who also watch
my daily vlogs, I don’t want to pre-empt Ligaya’s journey in this video, but I will say that
watching her grow from just a helpless chick to a full adult parrot has been one of the
most amazing experiences of my life so far. I truly feel like a dad! These animals are extremely high maintenance
and demanding and there is so much to talk about regarding their care, so, if you’re
a bird fan or even if you’re not, do feel free to subscribe to my daily vlogs here,
which totally went from a world travel and food channel, to a full out bird dad channel
real quick! Haha! And that AC Family, is my family of creatures. I have helpful people who come to my place
every single day to help me keep up with all the maintenance and upkeep required to feed,
care for, and clean up after my ant kingdoms and other pets. Indeed, I am the owner of my condo so I’m
not breaking any property rules, but I am officially starting to make the move to a
new home, in order to better accommodate my little menagerie of animals and plants, and
yes, that includes my Ant Room! That’s definitely going to be a mission, but
I know it’s possible, and I will surely film the great move to the new space! I’ve always lived with animals for my entire
life, and I find, I feel the greatness of life the most, every time I admire animals
and nature. From dogs to birds, cats to fish, lizards,
chickens and bunnies, ferrets to sugar gliders, scorpions and spiders, frogs, newts, a pot-bellied
pig, of course ants, learning their ways and experiencing them first hand for me is the
most fulfilling thing ever. Any of you guys out there pet lovers, too? Let us know about your pets in the comments! I’ll see you guys again next week, AC Family! It’s Ant Love Forever! this container. AC Family, did you enjoy today’s episode. Pets make life a lot cooler and less stressful
don’t they? I’m positive next week, there will be lots
to report in the Ant Room so, hit that subscribe button and bell icon now so you don’t miss
out on the continuing ant stories of the ants in my Ant Room, and hit the like button every
single time, including now. AC Inner Colony, I have left a hidden cookie
for you here, if you want to watch the crazy, full feeding of Valentino. Warning: it’s not for the faint of heart! And now it’s time for the AC Question of the
Week! Two weeks ago, we asked: Name one precaution taken
during Olympus’ construction, aimed at avoiding mistakes
from the past Titan colony. Congratulations to First Name Last Name, who
correctly answered: You made sure the plants had no snakes. Congratulations First Name Last Name, you
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for on the lips of some snakes? Leave your answer in the comments section
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