More ‘Smoke’? Mounting Evidence Against Giuliani Could Lead To Widened Probe | MSNBC

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100 Replies to “More ‘Smoke’? Mounting Evidence Against Giuliani Could Lead To Widened Probe | MSNBC”

  1. It's just amazing that the same old reporters on all the channels are saying the same things over & over again with a little bit of extras- How much more proof do you need to impeach your President ,America???. How much more proof do you need to see the total rip off the Americans are being smothered with- how mush more will the people of America allow their leaders to treat them in this way- everytime you hear " there is more evidence" as if what they already have isn't enough to fill Mount Everest.Is there no other life the white house has other than corruption,corruption & more corruption- I mean,if any other developing country had even a drop in the ocean of Corruption proof on their leaders,the Americans would have gone into war & taken over their resources as they so keenly do- The sooner America dusts off the dirt under their own doormat,regarding their leaders,the better for the rest of the world becz really man,Gosh!!! Enough is enough.

  2. It appears that Giuliani's money problems have been solved. He will be receiving $72,000,000 (SEVENTY TWO MILLION DOLLARS) from a Nigerian Prince. He only had to pay $58,000 (FIFTY EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS) for the security port fees. Additionally he has won the Canadian lottery so will be acquiring an additional $10,000,000 (TEN MILLION DOLLARS) and only has to pay $12,000 (TWELVE THOUSAND DOLLARS) in Canadian taxes before receiving his windfall. Luckily they accept Apple gift cards.

  3. I wish they would make action figures of Trump and his criminal henchmen! I think they all should all come with the old Snake mountain play set from the masters of the universe lol!

  4. Barbara Mcquade:
    "Gives Giuliani the opportunity to cooperate against others higher in the criminal organization. That being Trump".

    It feels so good when some people are straight forward about what a criminal this orange traitor is.

  5. Total BS from a news outlet that is devoted to misleading the public on everything to do with Trump! How can you people allow your self to believe this nonsense after having been repeatedly fooled for more than three years of the Russian collusion hoax. You all remind me of Charlie Brown who repeatedly puts his trust in Lucy to hold the football in place as he runs to again try to kick it only to have her again pull it out and have him fall on his back as was done several times before. I pity you anti-trumpers in your self inflicted torment!

  6. William Barr, as us attorney, should be the first to investigate this phone call. But, Barr doesn't defend our Constitution.

  7. We can start calling bill Barr bill sloop,as we can see how his shoulders are slooped so much his suit has shoulder pads the size of a footballers.

  8. You don't DOJ wants to know how close NY is getting to trump. I do not trust the DOJ. Remember whose side Barr is really on trumps and his own side.

  9. Do you idiots learn nothing? Why would you draft a fake indictment for Ghouliani? Are you trying to invent your own news or do you just want to try and make yourself feel smart because all you have achieved is to give Ghouliani and Trump more ammunition to label you fake news because that's what you have done. So stupid.

  10. Barr's been trying to stay out of it so he doesn't make Trump look far worse then he does.
    All this foreign money funneled to Trump comes from who and for what?

  11. I don't believe that this is a butt dial. I want it to be, but I really don' believe that TWO butt dialed calls come out at the same time. Smells too Jussie to me!

  12. Hint : anyone appointed by trump is a crook ,Thats why he appointed them acting or not , Another point how can anyone say he is not a crook or a gangster ,I dont vote but I see the truth Rep's Are S**T I vote for Coilion Noir

  13. Rudy has always been obsessed with being on TV. The fact that his butt call was to a reporter is not surprising. It is also surprising that with all the news asking him to appear on the news and him turning them down indicates he knows he is in deep deep trouble. He must be crying every time he turns down to appear on TV.

  14. He has a reputation for butt-dialing reporter and leaving compromising voicemails? That's not the kind of thing you get a reputation for! That's the kind of thing you do once by accident, then spend the rest of your life making sure it won't happen again.

  15. I still don't understand why the media speak so strangely. Why do they say Giuliani and Ukraine and other random things in such a weird way?

    YOUcrane. GuliUHni.

    They cant say Ukraine or Guliani? Is it that one journalist makes a mistake and then the rest just follow which is why they all say the same stuff like for example repeatedly calling the Ukraine memo a transcript and then trying to add all kinds of modifiers because somehow they know it's not a transcript that's not what it says on the top but they refuse to Simply read the title a memo?

  16. Wow, hey let me see that sandwich. Okay now give it back. Give what back? The sandwich! What sandwich?
    Goodnight folks

  17. Giuliani is a lawyer, he know what he is doing for real.
    They need to throw the book at him. Just think about all the people he put in jail.
    Now he need can visit them. Another dam fool. Trump got him all jack-up. Thinking he can do anything. Now get Trump and they can be cell buddies. Dumb and Dumber.

  18. Jeff Sessions wasn't Roy Cohn, welcome to the bog Mr. Barr…shouldn't you be working for the American people, not another one of trump's corrupt lawyers?

  19. My Attorney Giuliani Arrested MAGA.
    I was joking. Any resemblance with reality is a mere wild guess.
    Not to be taken too seriously; even if Giuliani gets arrested, there will be no better spectacle in the Whole Wide World bigger than Traitor Trump's arrest.

    That's going to be the most memorable moment in ages.

  20. Barr is going to indict Comey, and the Democrat rats are going to be squealing big-time, before the Democrats can get any momentum to do any criminal Obstruction of Justice against Barr. Bad day for Democrats

  21. Ironic how Barr shrugs his shoulders at Trump’s extortion yet puts his investigator cap on to go after Hunter when that’s already been closed with no evidence of wrong doing. These keystone cops need to call it a day and Barr needs to speak up on Rudy’s corruption.

  22. Strange that Barr is allowing this investigation to expand.He likes to nip them in the bud.Maybe he likes to stay in the loop.

  23. It kind of blows my mind that no one has suggested the possibility that this was an intentional call. Everybody Must understand by now, that anything that this man says or does is crazy. I wouldn't doubt it for a second, at this point… that this is just simply some bizarre situation he's creating to lead into some crazy defense of his behaviors and actions. Remember everyone….. We are long down the rabbit hole and still awake in a nightmare that just keeps getting worse by the hour. You just never know at this point.

  24. Rudy Giuliani, didn't make a " butt- dial" call( it might appear so as prior calls stated…) Giuliani purposefully dialed this call: Rudy, knows the gravity of his sins. He( Giuliani) needs an out, so that SDNY grabs him up and indicts him… He can " cut a deal" with Justice and " flip" on Donald Trump and all the President's Men. Even on William Barr.

  25. WHEN will they be arrested?? We have to tolerate them running around and doing whatever the f**k they want to anyone?

  26. MSCBS sucks This reporter speaks like hes talking to 3 year olds You should go back to school I would like to strike him in the jaw

  27. Well! Now we know where Rudy wears his MAGA hat! Confirms the term “ASSHAT” Hey Rudy!!! How’s that whole fixer for the career goon position working out for ya? “Inquiring” congressmen need to know…

  28. How many trump associates have to go to be indicted or jailed before people start removing those moronic looking red hats?

  29. This is so wonderful; a demonstration of the final empowerment of women. These ladies are steadily (and gleefully) bringing down a bigoted, corrupt old white male president and his swamp creatures.

  30. At least our long-term civil servants realize that the GOP are orchestrating a coup and are coming forward to stop them.

  31. He is dump friend and lawyer no doubt he is guilty dump dont hang out with HONEST peoples.seems like all his corrupt worker for him ends up in jail .he should end up in jail somewhere down the road OH HAPPY DAY.

  32. Ari, PARDON ME BUT I wanted to ask, if Trump is impeached in the house AND censured in The Senate can he still pardon others?

  33. Probing probe found safety safe blown safely.

    Charge him with a crime to get him to pay and/or all the people who connects with him.

    “What would yoooooou like to talk about? 🥴” lol.

    Charged for learning, charged for lying, charged for clothing, charged as a crime … is the money system like a jail for everyone living “free” in it?

    Do the homeless people eventually go to prison for their basic needs?

    Are we all … bad people?

  34. Charges against others in the crime organization leading to Trump. Trumps crime organization, how can anyone defend Trump the leader of the crime organzation?

  35. soon there won't be anything left of Rudy but a pair of smoking orthopedic loafers. i wonder what Barr did in the past that makes him so willing to break the law now… he knows he's breaking the law, and will probably end up in jail… so what has he already done, that's worse!?

  36. Rudy should also be charged with impersonation of a federal employee by claiming he was working on behalf of the State Department.

  37. Donald Trump is in a toilet, @$#$ is swirling around as the water and the people that worked for him go down untill in finally takes him with it. His previous Attorney is already locked up, Giuliani's next in line.


  39. What's really funny was SNL did a cold opening with Rudy doing CNN interviews at the same time as talking to tRump on the phone…Rudy and his phone…that's what his downfall will be.

  40. Your whistleblower has been outed. Once it becomes more known what he was up to during the 2016 election, this entire process will blow up in Schiff's face. He wanted to keep the name of the whistleblower from going public, and it had nothing to do with that person's safety.

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