Morning Joe Panel Debates Ben Shapiro And Free Speech On Campuses | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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100 Replies to “Morning Joe Panel Debates Ben Shapiro And Free Speech On Campuses | Morning Joe | MSNBC”

  1. Are Ben Shapiro’s comments regarded as inflammatory because he speaks to morals and values? Is it because societie’s morals and values have shifted? Once upon a time mainstream humanity would have agreed with him.

  2. The black professor from Princeton can't hold his train of thought long enough to make a point. He is basically saying if an institution practices affirmative action then there will be recipients of it at the debates. So the topic should be off limits. Too bad so sad……isn't the whole point of going to school to learn all sides of an issue then come to your own conclusion? So the students need to be shielded from certain topics that may hurt their feelings? No wonder we have so many crybabies and wusses these days.

  3. Black Dude:
    I'll try to rush because we are going to go to the news.

    No we don't


    He thought he can hide his stupidity behind the news. He he he. 🤣

    People are not blocking us black people by questioning Affirmative Action. They just say we have to be there on merit.

    The people who question Affirmative Action are not necessarily bigots.

  4. This is one of the few news videos I have seen where the situation is not framed to exaggerate the real issues and it hits on key things that no one else has been pointing out. "There's also a cheapening of the term White Supremacist happening right now, it's being used as a catch all for somebody I disagree with, somebody who's politics I don't like".

    I don't know the black guy's name (love his tie though) but the same argument could be used against liberal speakers, saying that leftist speakers should not say things that republican students do not agree with, which means no one should speak, and we end public speaking all together because people disagree with an opposing point of view.

    If a liberal speaker comes, I might join just to see what topic they are speaking on. If or when I disagree, I will not interrupt by protesting mid speech, I came there to learn, not to shut down my own mind opening experience or my ability to critically think about popular topics in society affecting the USA.
    – I do love his respect and patience in telling his point of view, especially with everyone else against him. Good video

  5. Ben really doesn't say inflammatory things, they are called inflammatory because they prove the left wrong.

  6. Eddie is being completely intellectually dishonest and is absolute refusal to discuss affirmative action and it's well documented negative impacts on every race on both its benefactors and the people was designed to harm prove by there needs to be an honest discussion about it and how it has been a negative to society

  7. And there goes my respect for Princeton University. PR department should probably look into this. Not that fact that he disagreed, but the fact that a supposed Princeton Professor can hardly articulate

  8. Eddie Glaude Jr is simply a racist masquerading in the Social Justice movement. He keeps saying "some people". If it's "some people" which is not a lot, he should come out upfront and name the "same people". He is doing exactly what he accuses the "whites" of doing to the "blacks", which is hypocrisy!

  9. That black guy is so annoying, he never stops talking and says nothing. Get him off the telly if takes all the air time and has no point to make. He has zero insight and zero understanding of the debate.

  10. "I shouldn't have to endure an argument that questions my presence." <Typical SJW Decree = Abolishing the 1st Amendment of the Constitution.

  11. This black guy is a typical democrat ! Lie ,deny ,lie ,deny, lie ,deny. Other than him it is probably one of the best msnbc panel talks I've ever seen !

  12. Msnbc/ the left…learned that the right or those who support trump are now seeking our attention.

  13. Is amazing how this black Fascist guy, can say without even blink "is ok stop ppl to speek things u consider noxius" sorry but the fact u consider things noxius is not valid reazon to stop someone speek, and in fact my black friend thats the definition of be a fascist

  14. So Universities should promote open and free debate, as long as you don't say anything against the status quo? Sorry my friend that is not how it works. Free speech is free speech (noting that the 1st amendment has benefited minority groups and allowed them a platform to air perspectives that may not have been considered "popular" at the time) . If you don't "want to endure" certain perspectives then nobody is forcing you to attend. However if you did decide to attend, I would suggest you articulate your argument allot better than you have here.

  15. This is the "left" network? Lol. Ben Shapiro dog whistles for white supremecists. Sorry, but if you have Nazis crediting you for their acts of violence then you have to evaluate what you are doing.

  16. Something that is actually coherent on MSNBC? …not talking about that crazy black guy, but Joe! well done, earned a "like".

  17. Wait, let me make sure I understand. The black guy is saying freedom of speech is exclusive to liberals, minorities, democrates and benefactors of affirmative action, and don't apply to jewish, right wing, liberatarian believers in God? That is literally the most intellectually sterile thing I've ever heard any man, no, any human say.

  18. I think the black guy is trying to say he's on this show because he's a token black guy, affirmative action, needed to keep Jesse Jackson happy.

  19. I'm sorry dude but students today are not exposed to a wide diverse range of ideologies they are in fact exposed to one ideology and any ideology outside their comfort zone is hidden or kept from them

  20. again wrong not isolated incidents it happens at some colleges everyday in fact there colleges that have a blacklist many of them of people they will not allow that use excuses like the cost of security for the event or whatever but they didn't I conservatives while allowing people from the left to come and speak

  21. and actually even if they are purely spewing hate there's no law against that it's guaranteed as a protected right under the first amendment you can say whatever you like college campuses being publicly funded are supposed to be the bastion of free speech so if someone comes to a college campus to spew hatethey should show up and find them mostly empty auditorium with nothing but a few guards to keep the peace and tolerance students in their dorms not paying attention at all because you know what they're not interested but we do see is 1000 college students filling the room and screaming over the speaker denying him his first amendment rightsand trust me that s*** happens everyday bad has happened to Ben Shapiro

  22. "I was a beneficiary of affirmative action."

    Obviously. He just stole 4 minutes of my life with a point he never even made. I feel sorry for his students.

  23. Let me let you in on a little secret lefties(not talking about respectful liberals). If you really want to scare us into thinking we’re going to lose elections, start acting normal and stop acting unhinged every time a non-liberal does literally anything and/or opens his or her mouth. Including Trump.

    Luckily for us conservatives, true leftists will never take this advice and make liberals look insane lol

    For the record, very scary to see people on left leaning media outlets actually not being insane. They actually realize that Ben Shapiro is not a white supremacist? That’s not good!!! 😂

  24. Wow am I hearing this right, the clowns are on your side MSNBC. This is a joke now you are taking up for free speech now after it's been under attack for so long.

  25. I am glad you all are ready to give up most of your money to poor people . I will then be happy to watch you cry.

  26. If you are uncomfortable with a stance or an idea that is proposed then the best thing you can do is to make a reasoned argument against it.

    Getting offended and declaring that such ideas are off-limits is not productive at all. If your stance has validity, stand up for it, explain it. If you can’t do that then you really need to reevaluate if your stance has any validity.

    People’s identities are challenged every day. The American identity is challenged every day. It’s what helps us grow and hold ourselves accountable.

  27. if you don't like what the speaker is saying, you can always get up and walk out. that is your right. you are not forced to sit and listen. you do not have the right to ask the speaker to leave.

    also AOC is the product of universities. im so glad i didnt go to college. i started my own solo run company instead. nobody above or below me. if i dont make money next month,. its because i didnt work for it.

  28. Mr. ED, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.

  29. Hm I wonder if fascist regimes didn't also ban speech out of fear that it would "call the institution into question." 🤔

  30. The hyprocisy of this new liberal class that has hijacked freedom of speech and turned it into censorship. Congratulations dumbasses!!!!

  31. Black professor saying a whole lot of nothing.

    White dude making a long point because he’s avoiding having to say conservatives get “persecuted” lot more and will need to be well prepared to explain why they hold their positions.

  32. The black guys like ahhh I disagree with you guys because I don't like conservatives but can't articulate it in a way where I don't end up saying that I don't like conservatives therefore their ideas should be shunned

  33. This particular professor is particularly particular to particularly point out the particular fact that he is particularly stupid. Even his liberal colleagues couldn’t comprehend wtf he was saying 😂

  34. Why did they have to put the dumbest African American guy on there are so so many genius black folks that they could have put on

  35. Watching this in August 2019… I’m pretty sure Joe Scarborough has been abducted by Vegan Aliens because I no longer know who he is

  36. Shout out to all the black conservatives. This guy is with the woke left. It only took be shapiro to start the convo. 10 points for Ben

  37. So we are expected to applaud the fact that alleged progressives have to create a police state in order for a conservative commentator to be able to safely speak at a state university? OK. Good for you.

  38. Do you have anything before we cut away? "Yes, I'd like to say words..WORDS..big words, small words and any words".. I've never heard someone babble on so long and not say much of anything lol..

  39. Professor just said: "These conservatives shouldn't be allowed to speak because bedspreads blowing over night blackened salmon running bulls through painful history understands each clock has 72 beans. It's very nuanced." No need to watch the video.

  40. Wow Eddie. Why did we expect that? The same people the majority of whites who fought for people of color for their rights go against others freedom of rights because their white or Jew. Lmao!

  41. Well, Princeton… I think I now have a grasp as to the source of your awful reputation. If this is your spokesperson, I'd say you are in defraud of your tuition holdings.

  42. Good for morning Joe defending freedom of speech. Finally a Democrat standing up for what is fair instead of what is "politically correct ".

  43. Ben Shapiro is an AMAZING news journalist, ethical debater, sincere opinionist, prodigious violist/ musician and extraordinary human being

  44. “Students are exposed to a wide range of ideological positions” in college. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    yeah, right.

  45. I start out thinking, wow MSNBC is being sane. Then this guy comes up with a speaker should be able to talk and have a free exchange if ideas as long as it’s not a different idea then the campus acceptable ideas

  46. I still don’t really get Eddie’s position on this. Sincerely, I’m trying to be objective but what is he saying?

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