Mount and Blade But It’s 2014

[Can] “Version 1.158” “Aka. Ottoman” “I became an (Extremely weird giggle) addict” (Erotic Slow Motion) “Hello stranger” Reading the thing Still reading the thing Please stop He is not stopping At least take a break smh “Let me breathe real quick” (Breathes Every Single Oxygen Atom Present in the House) Aaaand he is reading the entire fucking thing again Won’t stop can’t stop *Click* Continues reading STOP READING Oh fuck me… “Now, my intelligence is (in slow motion) low” “We will increase the single-handed” “Looks like a robot MaschAaLlAhH” “Now our aim here is to form Turkey” Fuck, we are back at this again… I’m going to take a nap for real Wait what, is he done? (In Earrape Slow Motion) “SEEEXXYYY” *intense swallowing* (EARRAPE) “OOoOoOhHhhH” “I unmounted the milk horse” [Scared Gnome Bandit] “Oh please forgive me, let me go, if you don’t kill me I promise you I’ll go away.” [Chad Can] “I will show mercy but in return you will tell me where you hid the boy you kidnapped.” *Earrape Mission Accomplished Sound* (An Even More Gnomely Voice) “I’ll kiss your hand and foot my Lord!” [Can] “WOoOOOoOOooOOoOOOo0oOW” “I wish I didn’t play this, very good songs are being played in the background…” (EARRAPE) “YhHHhaAaaAaaaA” “A shot exactly in the middle of the boobs” (INTENSE EARRAPE AND VERY FUNNY) “TEQUILA HOTSHOT” “ha Ha HA” “Come to the joke” (Slight Earrape) “Go to the joke” (Demonic Sound) “COME TO DADDY” (Roblox hurt sound effect) [Can in Semi-Puberty] “VICTORYYY” (Barbaric Sound) “Hüloooğhhgh” [Exhausted Gnome Brother] “Thank you, thank you, you saved me from the bandits.” “Did my brother in Constantinople send you here to save me?” *Demonic Sternutation* [Very Deep Voiced Old Can] “Keep your ground lads” [Overexcited Gnome Can] “Oooh halal we won this time as well” (Unnecessary Scream in Slight Earrape) “In the name of the Rookie Warriors!” *Intense Slow Motion Breathing* [Very Old Deep Voiced Seller] “Now champs, ATTACK!” (Enthusiastically) “HÜlOO0ğ Hülo Hül0 hÜ1OooooOoo loOo LOo Lo lo LO” [Demonic Voice] “The axe” [Normal Voice] “is stronger” [Half-Demonic Voice] “guys.” “Stick it” [Animal Mating Call] “LOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” “The song ended, the song ended so-” (Earrape Slow Motion) “the excitement ended!” (Hardbass Earrape) “It was a song just like the hype that the Skyrim music gave to the player.” [Quick Demonic Voice] “Lan!” [Angry Demonic Earrape] “SHUT UP SHIP” “Run my little (Half-Demonic Slow Motion) *Horsie*” “These guys I will [Sudden Aesthetic Earrape] “KILL” [Unnecessarily Overexcited Gnome Can] “Look at me I became famous look at me I am famous.” “Good job blue now- *Betrayal Intensifies* [Scocked Angry Demon] “INGLORIOUS!” [Slowly More Demonic] *Mongolian War Cries* [Half-Demonic] “Lan!” *Demonic Gnome Sneezing* [Half-Demonic] “Lan what’s going on!” [Slightly Older Can] “Dude why am I wearing a turban? My-” [In Slow Motion] (Very Thrillingly) “Swwwoooorrrdddd” [In LSD Slow Motion] “OoooOOofff” “We have arrived in Bahşesaray” “yyhaAaaA…” “Goodbye aaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnddddd “I couldn’t find a sentence to finish this, whatever-” [Erotic Earrape Slowmotion] “HELLO STRANGER”

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