Mount Holyoke Commencement Weekend 2018

As you reflect on your time
at Mount Holyoke, on all that you have done here, my hope is that you will carry
these noble impulses with you wherever you go. Inspired by all those
who have gone before you, you will know great
happiness and see progress in your endeavors, and that
you will continue to be a force for good in the world. You will join over 37,000 alums
who are actively making this world a better place. Today we emerge as activists,
artists, scientists, and critical
thinkers, but we also emerge as something
more. Global citizens. Education is about learning
how to think, not what to think. Because it’s only through the righteous
anger and love of courageous and
independent thinkers that the world changes. Be undeterred. Fight against personal
oppression as well as systemic societal oppression.
To a great extent, remember that you
control your life and you control your future. Here you found a
close knit community of people with the courage
to challenge convention and to think boldly. You found
firm faith in progress and a home to visionaries. Who, as your founder
Mary Lyon said, ‘Go where no one else will go
and do what no one else will do.’ Know that you have
been empowered by your own authenticity
about who you are. The strength of your values,
the love of your families, and the excellence
of your education here at Mount Holyoke College.
Congratulations class of 2018.

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