Mount Huangshan – UNESCO World Heritage Site

Mount Huangshan – UNESCO World Heritage Site

Hey everyone, welcome to World Heritage Journey. For today’s video, we’re at Huang Shan, the
Yellow Mountain, in Anhui province, China. Huangshan, literally, Yellow Mountain, is
a granite mountain range in the south of Anhui province in eastern China. Although Huangshan isn’t particularly tall
– it tops out at about 1900 metres, it’s one of the most famous mountains in all of China. This fame dates back to 747 AD, when it was
renamed to honour Huang Di, the Yellow Emperor, mythological ancestor of all Han Chinese. From this date on, the mountain’s fame spread,
with tales of soaring granite peaks, beautiful pine trees, flowing waterfalls, bubbling streams,
and billowing clouds down below. Artists, scholars, poets and painters all
flocked to the area, drawing inspiration from the scenery. It’s estimated that over 20,000 poems have
been written about Huangshan, and even the modern film Avatar took inspiration here as well. And it genuinely is a beautiful place. We spent the entire day there, climbing various
peaks and enjoying the scenery, and it was a really great day. Although I will say – it’s estimated the mountain
has around 60,000 stairs across the various hiking trails, and it felt like we used most of them! And I just love as well, the poetic names
given to various places on the mountain. One of my favourites is “Start to Believe”
peak, named for the story of a traveller who didn’t quite believe in Huangshan’s beauty
– until he saw “Start to Believe” peak.

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