Mount Kilimanjaro’s Summit | Western Breach, Glaciers & Uhuru Peak (Pt. 2)

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100 Replies to “Mount Kilimanjaro’s Summit | Western Breach, Glaciers & Uhuru Peak (Pt. 2)”

  1. So beautiful and inspiring. You really captured the essence and majesty of the mountain and all of the humans on the journey. Well done

  2. great video.. thanks for sharing of luck to your mom…الله يشفيها ويحميها من كل شر ويطول بعموها ويشفي كل مريض

  3. Gracias por recordarme ese lugar tan mágico. Que video tan fresco de ver. Éxito en tus próximas expediciones y avisa cuando quieras visitar Venezuela y hacemos el descenso del Salto Ángel entre otras paseos. Saludos.

  4. well,..i guess its great you got off your couch,..and you are enjoying life,..but PLEASE,..carry your own gear ! I despise those 'travelers', who use porters to carry their stuff. You are healthy,..whats your problem with carrying your own weight ? I have trekked all over the world,..i never use a porter. If you cant carry it,.you dont need it. Aloha.

  5. That landscape is insane the ice meeting the land so amazing! I'm use to seeing ice like that in Alaska and other very rocky terrains but not like that! Amazing footage. Gig and I are making a list of places to go hiking next. We vlogged our trip to breakneck ridge earlier in the year but it's nothing compared to this!

  6. You: "The glaciers on Kilimanjaro will be completely melted by 2025."
    Wikipedia: "most of the ice on Kilimanjaro will disappear by 2040"

  7. So does it worth to make that girl to be a white head bride again? Wow and those little damn bad wonderfull children too… Yeah they showed a great dance and song over there. True true the song was really great. Yeah and what was it about? A Dance or a song? Shell we ask them…. Can't they do it themselves? They still do not know what really a white bambilla means. Ouh gosh a white bambilla…. yeah a great white marvelous unforgetable WBB. White BABA. Very white? Icy White…… WOOOOOOOOOW!!

  8. I know Grace, my friend while studying at Liverpool University.
    She comes from Kilimanjaro.
    Amazing Kilimanjaro but too hard to climb.

  9. Congratulations on such an amazing accomplishment! This the best climbing video I've seen about Kilimenjaro. Had no idea there where 4 climate zones or the sunrise was so beautiful. This now near the top of my travel bucket list!

  10. These are two fantastic videos from your Kilimanjaro adventure. Brilliant footage and editing. And I love that you are so aware and respectful of all the details you encounter along the trail. Be it nature or people. Thank you for sharing 👍😊

  11. I noted, while you were in the tent commenting on your stomach problems and dehydration the porters were strategizing( in kishwahili) on how to get you some water !! They are grossly underpaid!!

  12. word of advice Jambo and Hakuna matata are the most touristy words you can use in East Africa do not say them please.

  13. I love the energy of the porters 😁 the singing and dancing is such high spirits … amazing videos 👍🏼👍🏼

  14. How did you film this? Left the camera at the bottom while climbing up, then descended again to take the camera???

  15. You did this mountain Justice and now we as Tanzanians have a masterpiece from you! I can always sit back, relax and watch this all day long. Best Mt.Kilimanjaro video I have seen in a while, you should definitely see other hidden gem's in Tanzania you would be amazed.

  16. Love the africa series.. Thanks for taking us up there to see the gorgeous breathtaking view guys! The best vlog ive ever seen 😢👏

  17. Am a Tanzanian Me too am a mountain climber i have climbed a couple of times machame, lemosho and marangu it is always an adventure to climb mount kilimanjaro

  18. The series was awesome, Carlos hit it on the head – climbing a mountain is rewarding in any way. I am so sorry to hear about your mom. May she climb her mountain, too!

  19. Amazing! You are blessed to live such a life (traveling, meeting people). Love your videos, you do things some of us only dream of. Thank you.

  20. wow! such an inspirational story! love your channel and narrative! just perfect! looking forward to your upcoming vids! cheers!

  21. feels like watched a great movie. well done alex. love from sri lanka from the area of anuradhapura. may your mom get well soon.

  22. i imagine, getting to the peak, and looking around all this grandeur… then i tell myself. If God made all this, it means He can still make greater stuff. All He has done so far is to try and catch the attention of Man. How could you guys make it to that peak and not mention God anywhere in your caption and comments?

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