Mount Lemmon | Tucson A to Z

Mount Lemmon | Tucson A to Z

I just heard a bug. [laughing] I hate bees! Hey everybody! So we’re heading up Mount
Lemmon today. We’re just checking out a couple different spots. Right now we’re at Seven
Cataracts viewpoint. If you can’t tell, it’s super gorge…ous. Gorgeous. But our main
destination is Windy Point. It’s one of my favorite spots. It’s kind of just
outside of Tucson, so it’s only maybe like an hour drive from campus. It’s a
great place to go take like a little day trip with your friends and enjoy the
outdoors. So for all you people out there that are maybe coming from colder places,
if you miss the snow in the winter, there’s always Mount Lemmon there for
you. [Music] I mean it’s not the winter so we’re not gonna check out the snow, but we’re
gonna check out some other cool things too! So let’s go. Come with me, please come with me! [Music] I’ll show you some of these views
because it’s actually like one of my favorite drives to ever go on to because
it’s like so pretty. Check this out. [Music] Hey guys! What’s up? Every time I come out here I
feel like I’m always on like a movie set because like the way that the rocks are
like the trees, bushes, and everything. I don’t know just like seems really cool.
It’s kind of fun! [Music] Look at this! They don’t call it Windy Point for
nothing, let me tell ya. [Music] One of my favorite views is to come
and like see the city lights. Honestly, like nothing is prettier to me. I love seeing the city lights. No, it’s a really great place. Like I
love it up here. This place is perfect for anybody who wants to just have a
picnic with a nice view. If you’re a little bit more adventurous, there’s
some hiking, there’s rappelling, there’s rock-climbing, there’s cycling. Tons of
options for you! The next time you’re in Tucson, you need to check this place out.
It’s super super cool, and you’re not gonna regret it. Even if you
just enjoy the drive; it’s a great drive. Or if you live in Tucson maybe you don’t
even know about this place, I don’t know! Thank you guys so much for
hanging out with me today, for watching this video. Please make sure to like and
comment below what else you might be interested in me showing you around
Tucson. So I’ll see you next time. Peace out! That’s such like a 2002 thing. [laughing]

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