Mount Vesuvius and Herculaneum Day Trip in Naples, Italy

good morning good morning guys another
day in Pompeii and that means another day trip another day trip today we are
going to Herculaneum and we’re thinking we’re also gonna try to visit Mount
Vesuvius we don’t really know what the tour offerings are like but we’ll figure
that out once we’re there we’ve actually bundled up I’m wearing my new jacket cuz
it is freezing cold out but yeah and we’ve got a short train ride to catch it
is a short train ride so it should be fun so let’s make it happen before we
forget how much were those tickets only 2 euros per person so a lot cheaper than
yesterday when we took the train down to Sorrento it’s a shorter ride it is a
much shorter I’m sure and our stop is gonna be OTG ed : Oh so yeah the change
should be coming soon and we’re going in the direction of
Naples yes he’s your one Nepali the journey from Pompeii to Herculaneum is a
scenic one with Mount Vesuvius to one side and the Bay of Naples to the other
it only took us 20 minutes to get there by train so if you’re looking for a day
trip it doesn’t get much easier than this one just maybe don’t get off in the
outskirts of town like we did but more on that later okay guys so we have arrived in
Herculaneum now a little bit of walking because we arrived at a station called
forty Tiago Latino which isn’t exactly centrally located but the station for
that line was like right next to her apartments that we just got on so now we
have to walk from that station over to a colonoscopy which is in the center of
the city house maybe like a 15 or 20 minute walk yeah panting a little but
we’re almost there and the reason we’re walking to that station is because we’ve
read that the majority of the tours to Mount Vesuvius depart either from the
station or right outside so we’re gonna go investigate the tourist situation for
Vesuvius because we’d like to do that first since we don’t know how frequent
departures are going to be in winter so that is the plan a volcano coming up
hopefully the Suvi expresses a shuttle service that runs to the top of the
volcano so if you’re expecting a guided tour filled with lots of interesting
facts this isn’t it that being said we were perfectly happy to tour the site on
our own and we couldn’t be the price at 20 euros per person the only problem we
encountered was that the roads were completely iced over the further we went
up the mountain and at one point the bus just had to give up and let all the
passengers off to go the rest of the way on foot
how’s that our G rice I don’t think you guys have ever seen two Canadians
struggle so much on ice seriously though this is tricky cross-country skiing so
we’ve decided to try walking on the grass because it’s just way too icy
look at that snow things got a little easier once we swapped icy paved roads
for a dirt trail though we also had snow to contend with but we eventually
reached the top I would say one of the coolest things about hiking up to Mount
Vesuvius was being able to see that it’s a volcano within a volcano and while
there was no bubbling lava visible to the eye we could still see steam rising
from several events well we’re at a pizza place my god I
feel like it’s time for an update because that was very anticlimactic we
we kind of stopped he’ll make it halfway yeah so let’s start with the price I
don’t think we even mentioned that on the way up
no our tickets we went with a company called su v–‘s Express which was right
outside the train station the one we were walking to yeah it was 20 euros per
person and that was 10 euros for the ride up and down and then another 10
euros admission to the park I thought that was a good value price because I
remember when we were thinking of doing the tour from Pompeii to the Seas we
wanted 20 euros just to drive asleep then we’re gonna have to be an extra 10
yes save 10% yeah also I suppose it’d been unusual because there’s so much
snow and ice the bus couldn’t drive us up nearly as far as woods yeah so
technically you’re supposed to get an hour and a half to like walk the trail
and then enjoy the views take your photos or whatever but because the bus
gonna make it all the way up we actually had to like walk on on the main road and
you they like you know sliding and everyone was like oh so it just took way
longer and then once we reach the summit we took a few photos and then we look at
our watch and we realize like there’s the lead weird the rush back down yeah
and we were like rushing on the way down we couldn’t film a lot of that but you
know so many people relate but who are those other people Oh wonderful Oh my mood has improved so
much we disorder five minutes ago but I know
what was I sing oh yeah so many people were late but in the end we left like a
family yes there was no need I know we could have had more time to get like
more youth so that’s the part I regret that was that we ended up feeling a rush
to get back when we could have shot more alright time to try the pizza guys so
hungry so hungry I know the cold really makes you work up an appetite or in the
basic wonder margarita yeah you can’t go wrong go wrong
especially in and around Naples were so close enable so this is the real deal
mozzarella fresh tomato sauce what else you need our next stop after lunch were
the ruins of Herculaneum an ancient Roman town that was destroyed by Mount
Vesuvius while Pompeii was covered in ash Herculaneum was hit by the
pyroclastic flow that followed the explosion of 79 AD which also led to its
preservation so we are now inside Herculaneum so let’s talk about the
price these are our tickets here and it was 11 euros per person yeah and they
also gave us this little map it is it was considerably cheaper than Pompeii
which is yes a few years so bad but yeah they give you a map so you can kind of
figure it out on your own or if you want you can pay for an official guide yeah
I’m so yeah that’s a little bit extra but we kind of like to wander it our
first time our first impression so far is that this is just this is such a
smaller place than it’s much smaller yeah moly another fun fact about Herculaneum even
though this was a much smaller City than Pompeii it was actually wealthier so I
think we’re gonna notice that when we start visiting the frescoes inside the
homes we’re already seeing some impressive work just behind us check it
out another thing that I’m noticing is that
here in Herculaneum we seem to have more access to the ruins like I’ve noticed
that you can enter a lot more of the homes and in some of them you have like
these ancient mosaics that you’re actually allowed to walk over like there
there are no ropes stopping you like in Pompeii so yeah it seems a bit more
accessible that way I’m sure if that’s a good thing or a bad
thing but yeah what are your thoughts so far been rather quiet filming in the
background I’ve been quiet I’m pretty tired still from the volcano high but
yeah it’s it’s been it’s been really interesting to explore on foot not
nearly as many tourists which I’m enjoying yeah yeah we’ve just been kind
of like going off on our own here it’s been great
we found the tunnel and it’s good this way to the ancient shoreline so of
course I was like yeah let’s go see if the ancient shoreline looked like Tim’s
not too cocky he’s seen enough runes for the day but here we are going into the
deep deep underground at circulatin whoa it leads to a different part of the city
we hadn’t explored when at first glance appears to be a moat is Herculaneum
ancient shoreline here we were met with the aftermath of the explosion a row of
old boat houses each of them filled with the skeleton remains of those who did
not escape during the first day of the eruption well we’re on the train oh well well
what did they what a day whoa we were like walking up no cap for
volcano yeah and ancient city ribbons all in the same day and delicious p10
pizza for lunch that’s a pretty darn good day and definitely you can combine
these two activities for one like complete full-day outing
highly recommend that and now we’re just taking the regional train back to pump
it yeah yeah and we’re gonna heat beats again because that’s kind of
embarrassing to admit but we’ve only got a few more days in Italy and we’re gonna
eat more pizza tomorrow – YUM Nate we’re going to Naples so stay tuned for our
navels videos and lots more pizza see you guys next time you

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