Mounting Dream Full Motion TV Wall Mount Installed In A Skoolie

Mounting Dream Full Motion TV Wall Mount Installed In A Skoolie

We are wall mounting the TV in our Skoolie,
which means that it needs to be very sturdy. Lets see what we can find. Welcome to The Hippie Geeks. If you enjoy this video, be sure to subscribe
and hit the bell notification icon to catch all our new content! After looking around on Amazon for far too
long, I settled on the Mounting Dream Full Motion TV Wall Mount, model number MD2296-24K. I needed the mount to be flexible and have
a wide array of mounting options, as the place that I will be mounting it into today is not
where it will end up eventually. For now I am mounting it into the ribs of
the Skoolie, but eventually I will be mounting it into a wall that will be built next to
the bed. This mount met all of the requirements and
was very affordable, so I went ahead and ordered it. Now that it is here, lets take a look thru
the box and see what it comes with. You get the instruction manual and trouble
shooting guide on top of everything to start it off. I had forgotten that it came with an HDMI
cable, and surprisingly it looked to be a very good quality one. After that are the various bags of mounting
hardware, with each pocket marked with a number that corresponds to the instruction manual. You get a couple of small levels, the wings
that widen the mounting base to 24 inches, the hanging bars that go on the back of the
TV, the Wall Mount attachment bars and the wall mount end caps. Under the cardboard tray is the main section
of the wall mount, and it is very solid and well built. Below that was one last surprise, a wall mounting
template! This is a full size representation of the
wall mount, and you can use this to get your mount properly centered and holes predrilled
without having to hold the heavy mount up there, a very nice touch that I haven�t
seen in any of the other mounts I have bought. Somehow, I didn�t get video of how I attached
the hanging bars and end caps onto the wall mount, but the instructions are pretty clear. The bars slide in from each side until they
are connected together, and the screw holes in the bar line up with these holes in the
wall mount, that you then screw the appropriate screw into and secure them. After that you can place the end caps over
the hang bars and screw them in here, and they are very securely attached. After that it is time to get the wings mounted
that increase its mounting span to 24 inches. On one side the slide in and hook in place
to the wall mount, and on the other side there are holes for two of the hex screws to go
into and secure them into place. There are four of them, one for each corner
of the mount. They go together pretty easily and are going
to be necessary if your stud spacing is more than 16� on center. Once the mount is fully assembled, it is time
to get it on the wall. Now, if you are going to be installing this
into a traditional house, you will need to use a stud finder to locate the mounting points
in your walls, or if you are installing it in to concrete wall follow the instructions
in the installation booklet. I am going to be mounting directly to the
steel ribs of the Skoolie, so I am using my own self tapping metal screws with some of
the washers from the wall mounting hardware. I am screwing it in next to the window first,
and then using the included level to get the mount placed just right before screwing in
the other three points I will be using for now. Once the mount is securely on the wall, it
is time to get the TV ready to be mounted. This process is going to be different for
every TV, as each TV is built differently. Mounting Dream includes an incredible number
of spacers and screws that should allow you to mount the hardware to any TV. Mine is fairly easy, as the area around the
mounting points is flat. There is a raised ledge at the bottom of the
TV, but with the variety of mounting holes in the attachment hardware it was easy to
make it work. I used two of the shorter screws with washers
for each attachment bar, and they snugged right up. Next up is attaching the TV to the wall mount. Mounting dream recommends that you have two
people doing this part, which is typically a good idea. I have done this with several different mounts
and have no problem mounting this TV on my own. To mount the TV, you need to hook the top
of the attachment hardware onto the top bar of the wall mount. Once it is hung up properly, go onto the backside,
flip up the securing strap over the bottom bar and screw it in, making sure that the
TV won�t budge. At this point, your TV is securely mounted
and ready to use. However, if your TV is higher than the place
you will be watching it from, you can also loosen the mount up here which will let you
tilt the TV down for a better viewing angle. The great thing about this mount is the range
of motion you have, even with a 55 inch TV on it. This will allow you to get the perfect viewing
angle, no matter where you are sitting. We have been using it for the past couple
of weeks, and it has been great. It is super secure while still being flexible
and we couldn�t be happier. If you are looking to pick up one of these
wall mounts, we will leave a link to it in the description along with a link to the manufacturer�s
website. If this is your first time here on The Hippie
Geeks it would be wonderful to have you subscribe! This channel is all about helping you visualize,
learn and create. If you enjoyed this video give it a like and
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