MTG – A Guide To U/B Modern Faeries for Magic: The Gathering

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100 Replies to “MTG – A Guide To U/B Modern Faeries for Magic: The Gathering”

  1. Hey, I just wanted to know if you could do an EDH deck-tech for Adriana, Captain of the Guard, I've been working on a deck based on her for a while and I think she is hands down the best token commander in Boros colors, her only problem is that she is a terrible 1 v 1 commander, but that is why Iroas is in the deck. Anyway, I just wanted to know because I love boros as a color pair and Adriana is one of my favorite R/W commanders. Thanks

  2. Hello, professor!

    I'm from Brazil and I'd like to help you out by translating some of your videos to portuguese. I have just finished a translation to your last uploaded video – Modern Faeries.

    To be completely honest, I'm a 26 years old lawyer that doesn't want to work with law anymore. I'm actually trying to reconnect with my… child side again, and the whole magic experience and your channel have been extremely satisfying to me. So, thank you for that!

    If you like the quality of the translation, please talk to me. I'd love to help and be part of your College! XD

    Here's my email: [email protected]

  3. I think a good budget of this would be bant spirits has a lot of the same tribal synergy as well as the controlling aspects and go wide aggro aspects. I've built it with birds of paradise in place of nobles due to cost and am loving it!!!

  4. This isn't expensive enough for my taste you should do a video about a foil version of this deck.
    Jokes aside: Love you videos and I would kill to be able to play magic with you. It would be a mediocre dream so just keep me in mind.
    Crazy jokes aside: Does Glen elendra merit any consideration in your sideboard? I was always a fan of her due to the fact that she is quite persistent when it comes to telling your opponent NO!

  5. People complain about how this Modern faeries deck is so expensive. Hell I play a Modern Black White Humans deck that costs $495.04 and It's like a tier 2 deck and I don't even have any Horizon Canopy's which I need 4 of for that card draw. This is modern people which is expensive and that's how Magic: The Gathering is as a whole.

  6. Disfigure and Cut are a waste of time and resources. Just have 4 fatal pushes and you're pretty much covered. Cheaper, easier, better.

  7. I dont know what everyone is complaining about, your not telling them they have to invest in a deck if the cost is to much for them. I like that you are willing to post deck lists, price tag aside. Sadly we mostly just see the same decks over and over so anything new is greatly appreciated.

  8. love this deck just what I was looking for thank you so much and don't stop making deck techs for modern plz

  9. Surprised to not see any copy of Scion of Oona 🙂 wouldn't it be better than Copter? Flash +1/+1 and shroud to everyone seems really strong, right?

  10. I would LOVE to play this deck, but eh, the cost man… I understand how expensive Modern is, but I guess I'll just stick with Infect lol.

  11. Professor, I love all your modern "guides" to decks. I have was wondering if you could do a storm deck guide I have been watching some other videos on storm but I want to see your take on this classic archetype.

  12. You forgot about flashing in Vendillion Clique huring the draw phase -> main phase transition in order to potentially hit the opponent's top deck before they have a chance to play non-instant speed spells.

  13. You know, Cryptic Command might be expensive…
    AFTER suggesting not 1, not 2, but 3 70 $ Ancestral Visions that are safely replaceable with Serum Visions… As a young player approaching to Modern, these price tags really hurt me.

  14. "Reading the card explains the card!"
    Mere moments later-
    "Return a permanent to an opponent's hand-"
    You had one job! Maybe you'd like Snapcaster more if you understood you could bounce it with Cryptic Command??

  15. Those who complain about its price, I instruct you to refrain further unwanted criticism, as they provide no rebuttal whatsoever. As for those who believe this deck needs tuning or refinement altogether, I disagree with you with a burning passionate. The lukewarm commentary I have seen contains insufficiency, encouraging those to Serum Visions, Tasigur and even Snappy Cappy Mage. What people are forgetting is U/B Faeries can be built in four ways: Aggro, Control, Midrange and Tempo. In the professor's case, I can see this deck as if you are playing Chess. Each play (moves) proves critical with each given advancement on the board state, and it can either go great or bring utter end. Either way, every card is a piece and the Professor along with his followers knows full well that it is matter of patience.

  16. Been grinding this deck in league on MTGO. I keep going 3-2. There is huge potential. I use this list with a few exceptions. kalitas traitor of ghet (x2) in the sideboard has been very helpful for many decks. I use 4 vision and only 3 smugglers choppter.

    This deck truly crushes most combo, aggro, and control decks!!

    It seems like every deck that I fall in love with falls to TRON land decks (eldrazi, classic tron)…. A true uphill battle for faeries… Ceremonious rejection might be the answer (x2) in the sideboard.

    I also use 2 damnation in the sideboard (which has yet to prove itself but I feel a lot safer having it as an option).

  17. Just made this deck minus the smugglers copter and still haven't won a single match(0 wins 35 losses to various modern decks), am I doing something wrong because since I did spent a huge amount of cash to build this.

  18. What is a faerie deck? There's so many different kinds of decks i would love a series that explains everyone EX. Merfolk, delver, FAERIE

  19. Hi Prof., I love Faeries archetype and I suggest you take a look at what I'm running now. Before I share my decklist I wanna say I tried all you the cards you have named and after several tests I came to this conclusion. This is, in my opinion, the BEST build around today, august 25, 2017:
    4 polluted delta
    3 flooded strand
    2 watery grave
    4 islands
    1 swamp
    4 mutavaults
    3 creeping tar pits
    4 darkslick shores
    4 spellstutter sprites
    4 snapcaster mages
    3 mistbind cliques
    2 vendilion cliques
    4 fatal push
    3 cryptic command
    2 mana leak
    1 go for the throat
    4 inquisition of kozilek
    2 thoughtseize
    4 bitterblossom
    2 swords of feast and famine
    4 ceremonious rejection
    4 leyline of the void
    3 gifted aetherborn
    2 go for the throat
    2 kalitas, traitor of ghet

    I wanna knoe your opinion. You can write to me if you want: [email protected]

    Thanks for tour time.

    Greetings. Tommaso

  20. Thanks for introducing me to this deck prof, I just got done doing some play testing with some proxies I made and it is the smoothest deck I've ever played! Definitely the one for me! Going to start saving up one by one replacing those proxies with real cards!

  21. Hello Professor, I would like to start but saying thank you. Thank you for all the videos over the years that have helped me become a better and more formidable opponent. The main reason for me commenting on this video is to ask. Do you still play this deck list? If not would you be able to explain the changes you personally have made? Thank you for your time. Damian

  22. I play faeries since 2013. Here is my list. I have the pack fulled foil now.
    2 Snapcaster Mage
    1 Collective Brutality
    3 Vendilion Clique
    2 Mistbind Clique
    3 Cryptic Command
    1 Dismember
    2 Go for the Throat
    4 Spellstutter Sprite
    2 Inquisition of Kozilek
    3 fatal push
    3 thoughtseise
    2 mana leak
    4 serum visions
    4 bitterblossom
    4 Snow-Covered Island
    4 polluted delta
    3 creeping tar pit
    4 Mutavault
    4 Darkslick Shores
    2 Watery Grave
    2 Secluded Glen
    1 Snow-Covered Swamp
    SB: 2 Ceremonious Rejection
    SB: 2 Disdainful Stroke
    SB: 1 Collective Brutality
    SB: 1 Countersquall
    SB: 1 Damnation
    SB: 1 Engineered Explosives
    SB: 2 Surgical Extraction
    SB: 1 Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet
    SB: 2 Relic of Progenitus
    SB: 2 Flaying Tendrils

  23. Paying hundreds of dollars for just one deck.. paying thousands of dollars for multiple decks.. and these are PAPER cards. Why is this game so damned expensive? Are all "serious" magic players rich? I wonder how much it costs to produce 15 cards compared to how much they sell them for..

  24. I want to build into modern but I can only afford to get into it slowly. Do you recommend just buying this deck? Is it kind of competetive? Or should I buy something better. It lokks interesting and I like fae.

  25. Experienced a lot of troubles with this deck. Bitter blossom and smuggler copter sounds good. However it was very rare i used that combo. Usually, you have dead smaglercopters in your hand but no biter-blossom. Also very often bitter blossom kills you. You always can use mistbine clique to exile bitterblossom. But usually you are dead by that time

  26. my faeries faster for the meta as of june 2018 i know its not running bitter but bitter is to slow for this meta

  27. If i really try to construct this deak it would take a year at least just to find the cards online. 3 months of saving money then card hunting bam u have a fairy deak

  28. Hi Profesor, long time subscriber to your channel. This is my favorite video of yours. I really hope you release more deck techs like this one, as they are really enjoyable to watch, unlike many deck techs I find here on youtube. Best regards (:

  29. I’d be very interested in seeing an update here. Ancestral Visions can be had for 8$ a pop right now. A far cry from the quoted 70$ per. Is this list outdated?

  30. Me: The joke is too obscure no one will get it.
    My brain: Just do It.
    The Joke: Modern Faeries? don't you mean Winx?

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