MTG Modern RAKDOS Anti-Arclight Phoenix PRISON w/ Lava Coil! – GRN Deck Tech + Gameplay

MTG Modern RAKDOS Anti-Arclight Phoenix PRISON w/ Lava Coil! – GRN Deck Tech + Gameplay

Bullying hurts millions of people everday,
including me The name of my bully is Arclight Phoenix
Arclight Phoenix decks deal up to 10 damage on turn one, which is hurtful
Something must be done to stop the bullying. Thank you No more I say. This abomination alrady makes up 10 percent
of the modern metagame. Not only is the deck really fast, but there
are also very few weaknesses to exploit. For example, Phoenix enters the graveyard,
but graveyard hate doesn’t really stop this deck. Cards like Rest in Peace and Relic of Progenitus
are usually too slow to deal with Phoenix. And even if you do use those sideboard cards,
there is Crackling Drake which gets buffed by cards in exile. And if they do get a Phoenix out early game,
you could use lightning bolt to deal with it; but lightning bolt is not good against
thing in the ice or crackling drake with toughness of four. And the way things are going, I wouldn’t be
surprised if this deck got to twenty percent of the modern metagame. And the problem is that Phoenix decks are
creating a metagame where if your deck is not really really fast, it’s an uphill battle. So the goal of today’s deck: outperform the
metgame, but more importantly, we got to crush some phoenix decks. So, let’s take a look at the deck. First of all: Anger of the Gods. It takes out Phoenix; it exiles it. But on top of that, Dredge decks are doing
really well right now, and exiling creatures is perfect for Dredge. And then the cards that has been doing extremely
well for us the past few decks: Chalice of the void. Very fast metagame; a lot of cards the cost
one. It is definetly the card to be playing right
now. We can get chalice out on turn one with simian
as well as caverns. And then there is also Blood Moon. Not great against red decks, and there are
a lot of red decks out there, but it does well against everything else. The idea is that we have so many good cards
to deal with red decks, like chalice and all of these removal cards, the plan is to use
blood moon against decks that don’t flat-out lose to our removal. Speaking of removal, other than Anger of the
Gods, we have three dammnations, four collective brutalities, which can take out instant and
sorceries, one dreadbore, and also this card here. Three cut to ribbons. For two mana, it deals four damage to target
creature. That is great for Phoenix decks because both
Thing in the Ice and Drake have toughness of four. And the card is extra good in our deck because
Ribbons, when it is in the graveyard, we pay two black and X and our opponent loses X life. We can also put this in the graveyard with
Liliana and also four hazorets. hazoret is the primary win condition of the
deck. Our hand should thin out pretty quickly, between
the simians and the caverns, and brutality which can discard a card, as well as Liliana. Hazoret can swing in pretty early. There is also Chandra to finish things up
if Hazoret isn’t good enough. And as a backup plan, we also have this other
liliana. Its ultimate makes a ton of tokens. And as an added bonus, its up ability gives
a creature minus two minus one. So, if a creature has toughness of five, we
can drop it down to four, hit it with this. But, my favorite part of the deck is the sideboad,
and my favorite card in the sideboard is Lava Coil. Its a new card from Guilds of Ravnica, and
I have found it to be pretty good. One: it deals four damage to target creature,
which takes out thing in the ice, drake, and its exile ablility takes out phoenix. But on top of that, like I said, Dredge decks
are very big right now. Being able to exile early on before turn three
is huge. And of TOP of that, it does well against Hardened
Scales Affinity. So against Hangarback Walker, for example:
instead of dying and making tokens, it just goes away. As for the rest of the sideboard, we’ve got
two By Force. It takes out artifacts AND we can use it with
Chalice out. We also have three Fulminator Mages. They are there mostly for Tron, but it slows
down control decks as well. Then there is Leyline of Sanctity, four of
them. Stops all of the decks that target us, like
Titanshift, Ad Nauseum, Storm, decks like that. And also, in case we do not have enought stuff
to deal with Phoenix, we have three leyline of the Voids. It exiles their graveyard on turn zero, so
they cannot turn one phoenix. So if all of this stuff here is not enough
to crush Phoenix decks, then I do not know… The future of the metagame would look pretty
bleak it looks like. But considering that it has an answer to almost
every deck in the metagame, I expect the deck to be just fine. So, let us get to the gameplay to find out,
but first: here are the deck box winners for this video. You can win a free deck box of your own if
you comment and subscribe. But, without further ado, here is the gameplay, and I HOPE YOU ENJOY!!

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100 Replies to “MTG Modern RAKDOS Anti-Arclight Phoenix PRISON w/ Lava Coil! – GRN Deck Tech + Gameplay”

  1. 13:53 why would you mulligan that hand??? you got everything there. both mana colors, a lava coil for quick removal and another 4 dmg spell, anger of gods for phoenix removal and damanation for lategame mass removal o.O

  2. Never though Magic could get this emotional. I mean, the intensity, the brilliantly executed puns, and then getting hit by the stone cold reality.

    Anyone else?

  3. Kepp on Kepping on, Magic-ba-Aids. You'll recover eventually, the best of us always scooby-dooby-doo..!

  4. Ahhh the love affair with Chalice continues with Daddy’s newest creation.

    I think this deck is neat, but it’s not gonna make waves. I love all the new content and mixing this up will eventually bring out some stand out results, but let’s see something that will actually take down Phoenix decks.

    Honestly I think white is still best suited to take down the list that was shown at the beginning, running a R/W Prison with Gideon and Chalice, then switching to one/two drop removal after sideboard with path, condemn, and celestial purge sounds like an unbeatable amount of removal for their 13 creatures.

    I’d like to see this strategy revisited in the future, as taking extra turns without loosing sounds insane verses a red/blue deck where lightning bolt is your best removal/direct damage card and doesn’t even run counters main.

    You can do it MagicAids! Crush those naughty birdies! We love to see more, literally I could watch your videos all day!

  5. Is Kaya a good card against pheonix decks?
    I, I don't know. I do know that I'm just glad she can't be played IN pheonix decks since she's a remarkably efficient Chalice answer

  6. I went to oakland this past weekend and ended up becoming a bully. Sorry daddy but can I still get a deck box please? If I get one I will make a video about it. promise

  7. I've got a deck list for modern that I have been playing for a few weeks now. How do I send it to you so you can make some tweaks to it?


    take a look at that! what are your thoughts? even with the new ravnica allegiance cards mentioned there

  9. Holy shit, 10% of the meta?

    35.77 tix- -25.38 $!!!!

    I remember this card announced as a bad mythic, and I was thinking.

    “It remembers me to Ichorid, Ichorid was fumy, if this card is under 2 tix I’ll get a set to do fumy non competitive stuff”

    Dammit I got a some busy days not connected for the release and lost my opportunity.

  10. You know a Nick Z? From California? He does a laugh exactly like yours and it's the only ever person I've ever hear do it.

  11. The only way to beat the bully is to think like the bully and to put bully the bully. Just be even faster then them.

  12. Just aquire my playset of this babbies…it would be rough three months ride to the banland. But we will live it like no tomorrow.

  13. I'm pretty sure nearly all of the format folds to thoughtseize accompanied by maindeck surgical extractions at this point. If you play snapcaster as well, I dont see how any of the 'broken' decks win.The best decks are either relying on key cards (Karn/Titan/shadow/et all), or they are graveyard decks with targets that surgical pinpoints well. The fair decks would give you an issue a bit with maindeck surgicals, but you can sideboard back into a normal deck for those match ups. Surgical is a much more versitile spell than most people think it is as well. it can target their snapcaster targets, works as a peak, and can give you a x for 1 if they have mutliples of something in their hand.

  14. Thank u magic aids, for taking a stand against the ones that vex us. Someday, we will overcome this izzet torment, with or without help from the wizards

  15. 2-3 thoughtseizes in the deck total are a must have in the meta now. Cutting down to 24 lands to mainboard 1 is good

  16. I know it's a little slow but would something like Wall of Denial help against the Phoenix and Death's Shadow decks? It's a huge 0/8 flying shroud wall for 1UW. The inner brewer in me says it might still be too slow, but a Jeskai prison deck sorta like you have here is where my head is at. Theoretically drop the wall turn 2 if need be by exiling Simian Spirit Guide for the colourless. The only downside would be Red White Blue and a Wall theme being very USA, but hey, maybe this would finally Trump the Phoenix decks.. see what I did there? … it's ok, I'm ashamed of me too.

  17. Half this deck is mana roughly. So you need some kind of card advantage going. Okay here we go. We put in lava coil and take out cut, because exile is so much better. We remove 1 collective brutality and dreadbore for 2 faithless looting (your games go the distance and you don't need more than 4 land on the board so boom you can turn those lands into cards also you have 1 win condition so filtering through your deck to get it is muy grande).

  18. Can't really understand why you mulled the last hand. Sure it was slow but you got the scry to help with draws and you had 4 cards to deal with thing in the ice, crackling drake and phoenix..

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