Mummy Papa Ka Divorce | MostlySane

Mummy Papa Ka Divorce | MostlySane

Two months back I got a job in Mumbai and because of Montu’s mischievous behaviour dad sent him to boarding school. But we all used to have so much fun during Diwali. Never mind. Lets celebrate Diwali alone this time. This is all your fault. How come it’s my fault? This was our idea. I can’t live like this. Even I cant live like this. But am I fighting about it like you? Okay then. I’ll call them and tell them everything. Is this a joke? She must be working right now. Montu also has exams coming up. All these things will give them unnecessary tension. No. I won’t listen to you. I can’t take this anymore. I’m calling them. Don’t trouble them. Both of us will… Archana! It’s final. I’m calling them. Don’t behave like a child. Hey! Shinde’s pet. Get lost, otherwise you’ll get one tight slap from me. Montu is not afraid of anyone! The entire hostel is aware of that. Who is it? Your father! Dad! Hi dad. I have something very important to tell you. Papa that’s Siddharth’s cigarette. For Facebook photo I was just holding it. I won’t do that again. You’ve started smoking? You didn’t want to talk about cigarette? No. Even I wasn’t talking about any cigarette. Let that be now. Your mother and I are getting divorced. What? Your mother and I are getting divorced. What does that mean? Your mother is sweet and loving on the outside. But you don’t worry. What happened dad. You have your exams right? Concentrate on your studies. I thought you’re a grown up now so I should tell you everything. Tomorrow I’m going to a lawyer and tell him everything. I’ll call you once I’ve signed the papers. Hello sister. Yes Montu. What are you doing? What do you want? What happened? Why are you crying? Is everything okay? I think you should sit down. Montu. What happened? Are you feeling homesick? No. Hurry up. Don’t be such a drama queen. Married people get divorced. You must have had a bad breakup. It’s okay. Not mine. Mom dad’s divorce. What are you saying? Are you even listening to yourself? No. No sis. Dad just called me to inform me about it. It’s November now. Not April fool. He was very serious about it. I’ve never heard him sound so serious before. Please stop this. I’m going to call dad now. If you’re joking about this, I’ll come there and beat you up. Keep the phone now. Let me speak to dad. Hello dad! What is Montu talking about? What is he saying? What do you mean? He’s right. See Prajakta. You guys are grown up now. There’s no point in hiding anything from you. I’ve spent 25 years with this woman. And I wasn’t happy for a single minute in these 25 years. She’s sweet on the outside but from inside she’s a witch. You have no idea. The day I got married I knew it that this marraige is not going to last. When we used to talk at the dining table. You used to think why is dad scratching his legs. It’s because your mother used to hit me. But everything was fine a couple of months back. That was all just a charade. Now I’m going to take charge of my life. I was never happy. She was happy troubling me all the time. But I was never happy. But you don’t worry. You can come over anytime. You can stay with me also, you can stay with your mother also. You concentrate on your job. One minute. Listen to me. Enough is enough. You won’t do anything. I’m taking the first flight tomorrow morning. We’ll sit and figure out. If you want you guys can sleep in separate rooms. No need to talk about the divorce. I’m coming tomorrow morning and I’m getting Montu with me. We’ll fix everything. Okay? Listen. I’m sending you a ticket. I’ll see you at home tomorrow. Both the kids are coming home for Diwali. And they’re paying for their own tickets. Hi five! I knew this plan would work. Hurry up. I have to go and make food.

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  1. I wanna know k jb praju aur montu ghr aye to kya hangama hua… Plz make a video on this also…. Lots of love n all the very best

  2. What if a daughter is married ? How will she come to her own house?? Please don’t say that shaadi ke baad sasural ji beti ka ghar h… ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

  3. I know with all my senses that it's prajyaktha whos playing the role of everyone and it's fiction and nothing is real! But still, it broke my heart when I heard that they're taking divorce! I was hoping prajaktha to convince them to be togeather😂🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ ye Kya hogaya muje

  4. मोंटू नेलपॉलिश लगा रखा है।।hahahahahahahaha

  5. Heyy …..i really like your all vedio….its really very fun…like you so much…. Or bht sare vedio bnao ……i always wait for your new vedio

  6. Montu Yaar kaise rota hai Tu😀😃😄😁😆😅😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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