I don’t even know what to start with
it’s been crazy I’ve been all over the place I think I’ve done a wedding talked
in front of a whole bunch of awesome entreprenuers I have done so much I’m
just gonna talk and you guys are gonna watch this all go down in the next
several minutes okay so quick update home alone with the
girls Julie right now is in Michigan with our link family learning about how
to be a better pastor I’m at home behind me is an ikea couch and this okay it’s a
sofa now whatever Lea has said all day today
is tell them what you’ve been telling me all day let’s bust this thing open so
she has been dying to put it together obviously this is like the $200 couch
they have but when you have kids that love to tear things apart I think it’s a
good value so we’re gonna build this thing
are you ready and tell them what you’re excited about
yeah and what are you gonna do yeah sit on a watch and YouTube yeah many more – more nuts yeah there has to
be more find them find them I need to well here they are as you can tell well in the Signorelli
home we have a saying anything worth doing is worth overdoing
so it may have taken me a half hour to put together a 15 minute piece of
furniture from Ikea but I know it’s done right it’s quality craftsmanship and I
had my helpers with me who are now gonna watch YouTube from this couch but first
there’s more I actually preached a message called it’s in the bag about how
one time I put together IKEA furniture with my mom and she handed me a huge bag
full leftover parts and anyone who knows anything about IKEA knows that there
should not be anything left over like that there’s a link in the description
actually if you want to listen to that message it was hilarious sometimes God
gives us all the instructions he gives us even all the pieces we need to
fulfill our destiny but what happens is we pick and choose what we think we need
by not following the instructions and then we end up with a whole bag full of
extra stuff so check out that message in the link now we got to build a table I was an atheist and now I’m a pastor so
this whole this whole series that we’ve been preaching we’ve been dealing with
like a really hard question come on man thank you for that I take some risks man
because sometimes on my face let him carry that burden for you you
know I know man I know it’s tough I know it’s tough but you’re in the right place if they were chasing you they find each
other to offer you walk me to my car we were like slant Barrett’s
but we have such parents like nobody got any satisfaction here’s the thing I
wanted to say you know a lot of times we hear people like I want to see a sign
like God give me a sign maybe when you were first contacted by somebody and
they started up a conversation with you and you were in a low place in your lab
or you fo confused about love your next that’s where you were like oh man this
is my side right well guess what struggle that’s your view sign struggle
is your son I sold my house dude I had worked my entire life to have the
American Dream in Northwest Indiana we get all of our furniture and we left all
of that 200 miles out by 600 square foot apartment means cooking you can be
available from up in because there was no heat in it that sucks
and I’ll never forget driving in that box truck and all of a sudden it was
like God spoke to me and this impression that I had on my heart struggle here’s
your sign keep on trying to New York I think one of the most important
reasons why you’ve been invited to watch my life is because I personally didn’t
have a dad and I had this real weird curiosity about what it looked like to
have a man in the home living life with his family with his kids because that
was something that I never really saw and so I thought what if I just used
this camera as a window into my life so that you can see kind of what that’s
like and now I live in New York I used to live in Indiana and I had this like
also had this crazy desire to live in like a major metropolitan New York was
kind of on my radar forever so it’s just funny because once you actually get
there then you realize like okay wow this is hard too Indiana was hard but
this is hard too and what does that look like and now the doors have open and I
have this opportunity to speak in front of all these people and they actually
care about what I’m saying but did I do a good enough job and for me I’m
actually an introvert by nature so it’s another weird kind of dichotomy between
I have this desire to communicate some things and I feel like it’s so important
that I get some things out of me but also like I get up there and I’m
like oh my god what am i I’m actually doing this and then when it’s over and I
don’t know if you identify with this but I replay every single thing that I said
in my head over and over again and I regret a lot of the things that I said
or I wish that I was more articulate and some of the things that I said it’s just
this weird vicious cycle of like I got to my destiny I’ve heard a million
sermons about doing the thing God called you to do well what happens when you
actually do it so this vlog is kind of a little bit of that
so as we’re like in season 2 now and you get to see me give away my second sister
in marriage or you get to see me deliver these talks to a whole headquarters full
of these entrepreneurs or whatever you see me do I just think that the most
important thing is for you to get a window into my
to ask yourself like what happens when I actually get on the other side of all
these dreams and all these ideas that I have like what happens when you actually
wake up to it so it’s been a crazy couple of months but I’m so excited to
show you guys a little bit more about my life and what that looks like so if you
haven’t already make sure you subscribe to this channel and if you haven’t
already pick up on the fact that old man cigs can help you through some
transitions in your life

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