NEW DELHI AIRPORT TERMINAL-3 (2017) : Check in, Immigration, Security, Duty free (ON CAMERA)

NEW DELHI AIRPORT TERMINAL-3 (2017) : Check in, Immigration, Security, Duty free (ON CAMERA)

Zdravstvuyte! Zdravstvuyte means Hello! in Russian This Video is for first time air travelers On this channel many people have expressed their hesitation when it comes to air travel So in this video I tried to answer all those concerns For example – Airport procedures, Security check etc I shot this video while coming to Russia from Delhi watch and share your thoughts about the video I am here at IGI terminal 3 Its 9.30 PM and I have catch Air Astna flight I am looking for check in counter of Air Astana can you please tell me where is Air Astana check in counter? you can go to information desk there There is an information desk You can take any information from information desk when in confusion She has advised me to go to counter number C I also have to check about self check in Self Check in helps to skip the queues if you don’t have check in baggage Me – Are there any self check in kiosk here? Information desk executive – not for all the airlines Me – Is there any for Air Astana? Executive – You can check by going to Self check in Kiosks While coming from Kolkata to here in Delhi I had done self check in I skipped the queue and they did not weigh my luggage as well Behind me there is one entry gate Here you need to show your air ticket and ID proof These two things are a must for entering the Airport If you are travelling internationally – you must present your passport with tickets For Domestic you can show voter ID, Aadhar card, Driving license etc. Pan card is not accepted After entering you must go to your airlines’ counter These are categorized alphabetically On these counters you get your boarding pass You can check in you bags here as well Check in baggage is carried in the aircraft’s storage section You will get one tag for luggage on Boarding pass After this you will have to proceed for Security check Frisking and cabin bag checking will happen during security check That is C counter, where I have to go Oh! I had to go to self check in kiosk If I do a self check in in then I don’t have to go to check in counter You only have to come here if you have to check in your baggage I don’t see Air Astana check in option here They have not yet started the check in process. It will start in 30 mins These are my boarding passes Now I will go for security check This is our Capital’s airport T3 I really like it, its very beautiful For Domestic travel you have to enter from here International travelers will have to enter from there Now I am going for immigration Immigration line is very long It has been 30 mins now And this immigration process is only for international travel nor for Domestic Usually its not permissible to shoot here however, I have taken permission They said – don’t shoot us but yourself only I am done with my security check I am not going towards my gate These are duty free shops You get many things here and these are tax exempted I am shooting these videos using FEiYU TECH WG2 Gimble Now videos are more stable due to this Gimble I am filling my water bottle from here It is a huge airport, always reach before time Sometimes immigration line is very long and takes a lot of time Specially Delhi airport has long queues for Immigration Always come 2-3 hours prior You can use these recliner chairs to rest If you are planning to sleep, always sleep near your gate Also tell your airlines staff, so that they can inform you before boarding Keep watching my videos In coming videos I will share the information about gadgets I use

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100 Replies to “NEW DELHI AIRPORT TERMINAL-3 (2017) : Check in, Immigration, Security, Duty free (ON CAMERA)”

  1. if i enter India with a turist visa, and then go to other country. is it possible without transit visa?

  2. Sir liked your vlogs too much but pllz make another video regarding
    Again trip to italy 🇮🇹 napoli and another 🥰pllzz sir

  3. You are talking in hindi, they understand hindi but replying in hindi. Typical indian mentality, only found in india.

  4. भैया मैं जानना चाहूंगा बांग्लादेश जाने के लिए क्या-क्या प्रूफ चाहिए पासपोर्ट है और कुछ

  5. Sir hum travel karte waqt hum cell phone use karsakte hei kya.facebook whatsapp chala sakte hein kya.

  6. Hello bhaiya, I hope you are having a great time. I'm a big time follower and I adore you pretty much.

    By the way I have to travel to Russia in June and July 2019, I'm confused if I need a Health Insurance for my travel or I can apply the visa without the health insurance?
    Kindly respond as early as possible.
    Kindest regards,
    Jagdish Banga from Chandigarh.

  7. बहुत अच्छे मगर मेरा सवाल है कि जब हम एयरपोर्ट में दाखिल होते हैं उस समय हमारा बैगेज सिक्योरिटी चेक होता है जो आपने इस वीडियो में नहीं दिखाया क्या यह जरूरी नहीं है सिक्योरिटी चेक टैग लगता है उसके बाद हमारे लायक बैगेज पर

  8. Hi love to watch your videos. I am writing you for the very first time coz I need some information. I am going to new Zealand next month in Thai airways from Delhi. My halt is in Bangkok for 1 hour. I want to know that can I take more than 30 kg in checked in baggage. And also can I take more than 7 kg in carry on baggage together with a laptop bag? I am really very confused after watching your this video coz you are taking a big bag + a laptop bag as a carry on baggage which I think weigh more than 7 kg. Plz clear

  9. What has happened with your chin i noticed the mark in all the videos,pls tell in next video – thanks

  10. What has happened with your chin i noticed the mark in all the videos,pls tell in next video – thanks

  11. I hope you are from Kolkata or its nearby places. Where from you? I'm from Bangaon. You are great.

  12. Sir can you help me please ? Much much Time takes svo terminal d to terminal b? And wee have to fill any immigration form at svo

  13. 4:00 A little correction: PAN card bhi accept hota hai, main jitne airports pe gaya hun since 2016 till date I have shown PAN only everywhere, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati, so PAN is accepted as ID.

  14. In india Sadly the staff itself isn't well informed about the kisosks and other things…but in CHINA everyone is ready to help.

  15. sir I always watched your blogs and I have subscribe your channel also but it is a special rqust to you I have started a new channel on youtube plz watch and subscribe it

  16. Good video but i woukd hve preferred that u show normal check in instead of self check just for guiding first time flyers

  17. You appear to be a very fortunate person or Air Astana is a little liberal, we were not allowed to take in our baggage because it was just a little more than 7 kg, both your bags together appear to be way more than 7kg..

  18. sir plz suggest me….mai delhi terminal 3 raat ke 12:30pahuchne wali hoon… there any place at exit to sit for 4 hour…..plzzz suggest me…i am going alone thatzwhy i dont want to take any hotel….

  19. Hi sir mujhe ek information cahiye ECR passport wale kya POE letter ko online download kar ke us letter se humlog travel kar sakte hai

  20. Bhai
    Meri flight Viet airlines ki
    mujhe 15 March Vietnam jaana
    please aap mujhe bataao ki Meri flight kis terminal par aayegi 1,2,3 par
    mera first time travel hai
    Delhi to ho chi Minh city

  21. Hi I'm travelling from Frankfurt to Bangalore in air India and transit in New Delhi,. Can I buy alcohol from Frankfurt duty freeshop. Is there any issue at newdelhi

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