New details In Lev Parnas’ Reported Effort To Help Devin Nunes | The Last Word | MSNBC

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100 Replies to “New details In Lev Parnas’ Reported Effort To Help Devin Nunes | The Last Word | MSNBC”

  1. The testimony of Marie Yovanovitch in the public hearing Day 2 public hearing transcript with the following exchange:

    John Ratcliffe: (02:08:10)

    And Prosecutor General Shokin was the one who had opened the investigation into Burisma, correct?

    M. Yovanovitch: (02:08:22)

    I think that’s right, but I’m not actually sure.

    John Ratcliffe: (02:08:25)

    He was in charge of it at least, at that point in time as the Prosecutor General.

    M. Yovanovitch: (02:08:28)

    Mm-hmm (affirmative).

  2. My attorney says EVERYBODY LIES IN COURT.
    "People are at their most credible when they are under oath."
    Really? I had a neighbor accuse me of harassment and that I am "the Aurora Colorado person who harmed so many people" Obviously this is a LIE and it was WRITTEN under oath in an affidavit. She wrote this because I brought her to small claims over a broken window.

  3. If Nunes had turned up something that would benefit Trump he'd have been skipping around on the WH lawn. He would also have recused himself with a marching band playing Star-spangled Banner in the background. Its safe to say he turned up nothing or worse, maybe it was those photos he says the Dems are after.

  4. Very well could be a trick, none the less it is written and so it shall be done, no one will ever see it coming either, Real life soap opera, now that's boring entertainment at its highest levels, you get more drama from the media than from the hearings, while the brics system is going into place, and just so everyone is aware, and one thing I know for sure is that the Hedge guy's are signaling, that's never good, we are headed for a very severe recession this time, Trump is not correct about the economy, though is correct for current economics in his statement, so I would start focusing on cash, Gold! you know..

  5. 3 swank Brooke's and Bro. dudes in Europe with $64k in US funds? Party! The Republicans had to know about his activity. They haven't cared and they won't. Corrupt.

  6. And THERE we have the real reason for Fake POTUS' mysterious "Hospitalization" ~Meeting with Putin +his ousted Russian Agent/Ukraine "Prosecutor" to sew-up plausible excuses for TREASONOUS Greed so Putin can remain assured of Fake POTUS' Protections for Putin's Global War on Democracy

  7. these realizations will continue to expose for years to come, i just hope this destroys the criminal and authoritarian side of the republicans party

  8. Lol! Nunes is now too hot to handle so the RNC is replacing him with anither scum bag- GymJordan! Nunes used your taxpayer money to dig dirt on the Bidens and is still using your taxoayer money to hide the fact that he is involved!

  9. Subpoena the two Nunes aids might be a simpler option. Awesome move by Stalwell to put that article out there with a huge audience. Nunes didn't issue a denial.

  10. Release the hard evidence!!! I’m still waiting for overwhelming evidence of collusion from Schiff. Until then, report the real news and hard facts.

  11. Such a stupid lawyer. Heresay , he told, she heard…..Hope you get sued. As an individuals.
    Daily beast and CNN are being sued already, for this lies you spreading.People you don't have integrity.

  12. Connect-the-web exercise for the curious: Devin Nunes. Derek Harvey. Scott Glabe. George Pappas. Parnas. Lawyers Joseph Bondy, Ed MacMahon. Fruman. Giuliani. DiGenova. Toensing. John Solomon. The Hill. Fox News. William Barr. Shokin (corrupt former Ukraine prosecutor). Vienna. #Nunes2018EuropeanVacation #ArmsForDirt #ImpeachTheBastards

  13. 63k for 4 people over 4 days. You fking joking. Waste of taxpayer funds that should've gone to healthcare for citizens.

  14. Nothing to see here! Fake money flowed into Hunter Bidens bank account! Dems think it's treason for Trump to investigate legit corruption but cheer Obama for illegally spying on Trump to prevent him becoming President. One day dims will wonder how did I buy these lies. Especially after the Muller hunt. Muller time! Where did President Trump benefit? Rudy was there way before Biden announced during "muller time" Don't let people who hold contempt for you to lie to your face knowing something it's not right about this fake news!

  15. More Lies from CNN and Daily Beast, and they are getting sued for it. CNN has zero desire to tell the truth to the public.

  16. #Bernie2020 #Bernie2020 #Bernie2020 #Bernie2020 #Bernie2020 #Bernie2020 #Bernie2020 #Bernie2020 #Bernie2020 #Bernie2020

  17. It’s a sad day when politicians like Nunes can’t trust their Ukrainian gangster buddies not to betray them. What happened to Honor amongst Thieves?

  18. The whole Republican party are just a bunch of useful IDIOTS for Vladimir Putin! If you don't see that is because you don't want to see it, if you want to keep your eyes close to Reality then you will end up waking up looking at the Russian flag up on the Capitol hill one of these days

  19. Joe Biden laughs and boasts about withholding 1 billion dollars in aid and how he succeeds in getting corruption charges against his son dropped in a video of him speaking to colleagues at a Democrat convention (the video can be easily found on utube) In fact it is has been shown on some very well known journalist sites. And I saved a copy of it myself on my Facebook site.

    So Joe Biden committed Quid Quo Pro
    So let’s impeach Trump for Quid Quo Pro because he enquired about this corruption.

  20. Devin was the criminal activity yours? Remember press freedom before politician started suing the press for reporting the news. Fake news the rallying cry for the autocratic State.

  21. Only in America could u have a newspaper called The Dailly Beast…maybe 1 day they will grow up..don't hold your breath tho.

  22. Steve Bannon is behind everything using dRumph like an empty vessel to push his agenda and running the WH by Proxy…. dRumph doesn’t even know where Ukraine is on a map let alone anything about Barrisma…. if you see Bannon interviewed on this matter…. oh my god he is obsessed with the whole thing!! He’s the Mastermind!!

  23. it is interesting that 4 government officials managed to spend $60000.– on a 4 day trip to europe… and they meet a ukranian prosecutor – his official salary was likely between 20000 and 30000 a year… thus when meeting such people one would not stay at the most expensive places…. obviously they do as does shaken… it is obvious shokin was very corrupt… he is a very rich man.

  24. He won't do it, but perhaps Devin should reconsider his position on the intelligence committee. He is the lead Republican in the committee investigating the very activity that Devin himself is now shown to be involved in. So effectively, Devin is investigating himself. It also begs the question of how much information has Devin leaked about the committee's investigation?

  25. What's with Vienna. Rudy
    Was going to Vienna
    The other two stooges
    Were headed there.
    Nunes . I though Vienna
    Was flooded. Hmm.

  26. we will have to build new prisons to hold all of these scum republicans in…it's like turning a spigot on and watching the filth spill out. The swamp is draining itself it would seem.

  27. this is like a spy movie/ it has so many levels and back doors. Imagine if Obama’s staff had done 1/2 of this. The Faux outrage would never stop but because there is a R next to his name thru get a pass. I hope Nunez goes down- complete joke

  28. The evidence against Nunes is pretty flimsy. I don't like the guy, but the reporting is not particularly good on this one. Better not to rush to judgement.

  29. wow not much on this story since this came out nunes totally denies it and threatens to sue beast and others did msnbc check this story out or just run with it sad what people hate about certain media story broke on nov 23 and then oooops

  30. wow using tax payers money to conduct criminal activities and all republicans all cry the investigations have been a waste ( McConnell blocking everything dems try to do. now makes sense why) so why can the country wake up and see what the criminal Trump and the GOP have been doing? So low what the Republicans have been doing, " Using tax payers money to keep a Criminal in office and keep the GOP as majority as well as keep Putin happy so they are all traitors! Plus keeping Trumps in office by lying, supporting Trumps to keep him afloat with his businesses. REMINDER: many of the Republicans meetings were held the at Maro- lar- go which also happen to be tax payers money and putting Trump up front as degrading social media as "FAKE NEWS while the whole time "DEGRADING" the country!" WOW! HOW LOW! "NOW WHO REALLY FAKE NEWS?" So sickening!

  31. What an embarrassment that Devin Nunez is the “top” republican on the committee – they have such little talent available !

  32. Nunes was used as the guy who can go " under the radar ", hes so bland, no one would suspect ….
    Let's audit Congress… I want to see their stocks… Russia is one

  33. How can Nunes still be any part of this? He should have to testify. This is super illegal.

  34. Nunass felt like crap all this week hehe I don’t think his Thanksgiving going to be fun.His buddy Parnas will be in his head all week. Trying to figure out a nice story why he spent $59,000 tax payers money traveling to Vienna. 🤣🤣🤣

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