Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – December 16th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

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100 Replies to “Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – December 16th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News”

  1. I'm the first person to stand up for the police when wrongly criticized. But that cop has everything coming to him when he ends up behind bars.

  2. Oh my God the young lady as in sixth grade knows exactly what should happen so long ago you asked me to not crack is not important never was important is not as popular as before is a dying specie and it seems like it's an all-out effort to save that species a burning star through the night it's one of the prettiest things you can ever see

  3. Schumer if you don't agree your wrong also Mitch. He should never be in law enforcement in any capacity after slamming that kid like that

  4. And we here in Arizona continue to enjoy beautiful weather. It's going to be 76 on Tuesday. Getting Trump out of office is important. He is doing so much harm to our country. I hope Graham isn't reelected but North Carolina.

  5. Does anyone know the name of the prosecuting attorney that is NOT filing charges on this resource officer for attempting to murder a child by slamming the child down repeatedly, even after the child was unconscious.

  6. Even if Boeing gets FAA approval for the 737-Max, who's gonna want to fly it, let alone buy more?? It will be another 2-4 years for people to start to believe it's safe.
    It was a MASSIVE mistake to continue its production. All those poor Boeing employees and their suppliers who will pay with their livelihoods for Boeing's execs' arrogance and lack of humility.

  7. Little ballerina,you are so pretty and dance beautifully 😊Bless you and your family this Christmas season ☃️❄️🎅🧚👯🎄🎀

  8. 💝 11 yr. old Charlotte the Ballerina looks like one of those drawings of a princess from some ancient civilization. However, to be totally fair, the real credit goes to MOM & DAD, the GRANDPARENTS, and so on❗ 👏🗿🥀

  9. Figures Amazon is SO greedy that they are delaying packages to customers at this time of year, B.S. And WTF.? Bazos? Take a chill pill. And relaxing will take the edge off of repetitive reports from Lester Holt's colleagues. And of course bad,sad news

  10. The problem is also disrespectful kids that KNOW they can get away with anything. Chris Rock: "I ain't sayin' it's right, but I understand".

  11. Yes what this man done was wrong and he should be fired from his job.The child may have said something to the officer it is child abuse.he could have seriously hurt this child.

  12. That bunk ads officer that slam 11yr old. He must b a big old bunk. Need to b n jail for at least 10yr. Do that n prison to somebody n there an see wht happen to u officer

  13. Perhaps those Senators voting Nay on impeachment should face consequences. Perhaps those consequences might exceed the scope of the November Elections. Awful lot of gators in these swamps. Lots of bad drivers on these roads. I'm speaking from the perspective of an insurance underwriter. Premiums are going up in 2020.

  14. sorry but as a college student i will forever doubt she needed to go to a park and see some kids to buy weed. She is in COLLEGE i am sure there are many there who have it .. lol
    the cop who said that almost sounds like he was blaming her for being there..

  15. Those children were taken for human sacrifice. This is going on everywhere. Parents and grandparents guard your children all the time. This is an epidemic!

  16. I'm sorry to say this but,,If that was my son or daughter in that school video of the resource officer slamming my child to the ground like that,i would be going to jail because i would have to punch him in the face many times before being stopped. Yes i know violence dose not fix violence but in this case my child would come so upsetting to say the least.

  17. If she was black case closed no vigil no coverage no canvassing race plays out when pigs are involved. So im not swayed in sympathy because its obviously race based

  18. I bet most gays will tell you that they're Christian. I couldn't picture Jesus banging Peter or letting Peter bang him. How about Mary, the mother of Christ, fishing with Martha? "Slurp!"

  19. Boeing It is about time they need to change their culture. Get rid of CEO THAT have no clue they only have bean counters , as CEO

  20. More serious charges if the boy has permanent damage? Pretty cool officers get their crime adjusted to match the damage vs charging them for what they actually did. What a world we live in. Next you'll tell me the officer and the department he belongs to will make the entire community pay for it when they are sued and loose in civil court. What a great system the fox watches the hen house is!

  21. wHAT A SHAM, wHY ISN'T more of Trumps people being questioned. Plus once they put their hands on the bible and swear, everything else party politics is BS . tHAT NC SCHOOL Security their is no reason for that.

  22. If there were not people there I loved I guarantee he would wipe it out I have seen those storms and clouds coming in science or God I do not care it does not like the Tennessee valley

  23. How did Boeing really release a plane with issues do you know how long they work on that before they even make begin after a prototype is made

  24. Everyone saying abuse but I'd prefer that when I was in school it was a belt to the legs……….

    Also I think the Florida family are innocent but I'll put a tenner on that guy killing his misses and kid

  25. Why wait till 1:30 to call the cops you looked around for 2 hrs giving him. A head start not blaming them I mean they were probably just freaking out

  26. The school officer that hurt the boy. Why is his name not in this report? You make me go look this stuff up myself? That's one of the most important parts of the news. The public has every right to know who that guy is. And he has earned the shame of having his name said publicly.

  27. Sue the slammer just a stupid school cop that took the law in his own hands and lost his job. He should be sent to the slammer for a vacation.

  28. If she may have been buying weed in any other case it would be public info… so… not sure why this man apologized… this two america matrix keeps mixing.

  29. The Fact the world is tough enough on black ppl period and that Black school security officer thought it was prudent to hurt and place mistrust and fear in a Black youth , just to help push the White Agenda shows how Split black ppl are as a Race …

    We Have to start putting Each other First ..
    We Have to fight Against the White Narrative and Bring Back Black power …

    I don't give this Brother a pass no more than I give that youth a pass if he decided to disrespect his elder …

    In order for all of us to come together as a Nation, we must first find strength and pride in who we are as Individuals…

  30. we are living in the end times. Jesus is going to return to the earth soon! accept Jesus as your savior, repent of your sins, walk in the light of the LORD our God. do not worship the beast or the image of the beast. do not receive the mark. Jesus is our king. pray that he will return soon to deliver us from the coming tribulation.

  31. Not one problem with Amazon..yet FEDEX already screwed up the only package I sent using their service. USPS also rocks, not one issue with them and I use them for my business.

  32. Well, if she was there to buy marijuana then that suddenly makes sense!?! Who cares why she was in the freaking park! She was stabbed to death for nothing. That union rep should lose his job.

  33. UPS just dumps packages at the bottom of my driveway, rain or shine. They won’t even deliver to the post office anymore. Fed Ex drives up the driveway, puts the package by my door, and even has dog treats at the ready. I’m a Prime member and if I could choose I would choose Fed Ex every time.

  34. Why anyone trusts police anymore is beyond me. Just how psychotically he acted is totally disturbing. Wasn't any visual escalation. Anyone like that needs a life sentence and right up there with pedofiles. Just dangerous.

  35. Nine killed in crashes nationwide during a snowstorm. Top story of the day. How many are killed in crashes when it's not snowing? Oh, I see. No story there unless you can turn it into an apocalyptic frenzy. Do better, NBC.

  36. Well, that story explains the army of Amazon trucks I've been seeing lately. I live in Chicago and walking around yesterday, there was one of those sinister looking Amazon trucks sitting on almost every single block Creepy!
    There are almost as many Amazon trucks as there are Starbucks anymore.

  37. Do you really have to see people of color you can say minorities people color sounds like the 1950s modernize your words

  38. The ballet dancer who is in 6th grade is one poised talented young lady! She’s absolutely beautiful! ❤️❤️❤️

  39. "In this day in age" cops are out of control. We're living in a police state and people don't even realize it. Open your eyes people and know your rights….

  40. He needs to be charged with abuse. That child's little body had no defense against the size of his attacker. Sooo many appropriate levels of discipline ignored to jump to  this extreme?  I believe in discipline, to teach kids there are consequences before they are old enough to be sent to jail, but this goes waaay beyond discipline or a 'scared straight' episode.  Clearly by the video he could have been doing nothing but talking or lagging behind. (Even if the child maybe had put a gun up in his face the first reaction would be justified in defense but not the vengeful second slam to the floor ). Nothing this child did could justify this. Again, he needs to be charged with abuse.

  41. 👌 ok, when I worked in dementia Alzheimer’s care, agitated residents could attack,…..we as cna’s were trained to grab the resident by the thumbs, and not let go, until we had help to safely redirect the resident. Jesus, the same for children in the school system should be the same.

  42. I am in no way "condoning" (for lack of a better word) as that guy is like a Mack truck & the 11yo a motor scooter. He needs more than loss of job. The guy who grabbed the 15yo girl after she used her foot could've caused an injury to his back, his leg or hit his head. No excuses for him but since when is it ok to do that? I have a point. I think about the young student who was robbed and stabbed by 13 & 14 year olds? Why were they out after dark & not a word mentioned about parents or did I miss that? In two years that boy hurt so badly (yes, he DOES need to be charged!) will be 13. The kid in juvenile court? Usually, they serve time til 18, record expunged & nobody will know that person is capable of those things. If that's indeed him. He'd better hope they find the other two as DNA was collected no doubt & he better start talking.
    In a live chat the other night, I see, "Well, the boomers are starting to die off. The sooner they do, the better off we'll be." 😲 Excuse moi!
    Used to be people considered older people had a lot of wisdom, history, stories. I find it remarkable there are people still alive who saw WWI, WWII, KOREA, VIETNAM, DESERT SHIELD, DESERT STORM MEN ON THE MOON, ETC..yeah, left cap on to annoy one or two. When I learned of the Synagogue massacre in Pennsylvania and to learn a victim was in mid to late 80s who had survived the Holocaust only to have her life taken in more evil in a place that made way for so many others lost from loved ones, finding sanctuary in the country where most of our own ancestors came to. Stay aware & stay safe!

  43. Please help my family raise money for cremation and burial services for my sister Sophia Ortega who passed on December 14, 2019. Anything will help, may God bless you and thank you.

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