Nintendo Switch Gaming Setup | Wall Mount DIY

Nintendo Switch Gaming Setup | Wall Mount DIY

(electronic music) – Something I’ve been wanting
to do more on the channel lately is bring you guys
some different gaming setup ideas, and one of the
actual ones I wanted to do was a Switch gaming desk
setup, which, this is a kind of basic idea of what we’d have, you know monitor, dock,
few little knickknacks, charging station, but I got
really bored of the idea and it occurred to me that
the Switch really isn’t a traditional gaming system,
and a lot of the stuff that we’ve done in setups in
the past don’t necessarily have to apply to the rules of the Switch. So I thought, instead of
something traditional like this, what if we did something
a little bit different? (electronic music) The idea here is to do
away with any kind of entertainment console
or desk, or any kind of actual main thing to put
the system on, and instead just build the whole thing on the wall. Now, for here in this room,
I decided I want to make use of the support beam, this
isn’t necessarily an option for everyone obviously, so a
lot of this can also be done on a wall, we’ll walk through
all different options. But first, we need to
actually put a TV up here. Now if you were doing this
setup on just a regular flat wall, you can just make
sure of any TV wall mount setup, but since we’re using a beam here, we’re instead gonna be
using a cardellini clamp. This is just something that’s
used in a lot of different like TV set stuff, we had it lying around and it fit our purposes, but there’s plenty of other options out there. So we’re just gonna
set that up right here. Alright so we’ve got
that fastened on there. So now let’s go get our TV. Okay, so I lied a little
bit when I said TV, we’re not actually gonna use a TV, we’re gonna use a monitor, this monitor, which I actually featured recently in my back to school gaming accessories video. It’s a 1080p monitor, all you
really need for the Switch, you don’t exactly have to
worry about stuff like 4k so color, depth, sharpness, all good, everything we want in a Switch monitor. (upbeat music) Okay, next we need to find a
way to secure our Switch dock to the wall, now there’s a few
ways you can go about this, but the way I’ve chosen to
go with are command strips. This is a really simple
and easy way to attach to the back of this, give
you a way to remove it easily later if you need
to, and it’s gonna be nice and securely safe on here:
a single one of these is meant to support 16 pounds of weight, considering that a Switch
in the dock with joy cons is about a pound and a half,
one is more than enough. But also considering
it’s a 300 dollar system, I’m gonna use two anyways. Make sure this is
centered where we want to before we press down too hard, and … We might have to seal that. Now we still have to
take care of some cabling and stuff, but really,
these two objects alone are pretty much all you need
for a functioning Switch setup, but you can add more stuff
if you like, I mean you can have shelves to put Amiibos, or you know, places to store extra
controllers or other accessories, for me, the bare minimum
that I like to add is a place to charge additional joy cons. So I wanna keep this
whole vertical aesthetic going on, so we’ll
probably have it down here. Cause this is gonna be
ridiculous, that’s just silly, don’t do that, that’s a dumb idea. Yeah, probably down around here. Next is everyone’s
favorite part of any setup, cable management, now
thankfully this is a very light setup as far as cables go,
there’s really only four that we have to worry about,
there’s power for the TV, power for the Switch, HD
mic from the switch to TV, and there’s gonna be a USB charge cable running from this charge dock
right here into the Switch. Now if you’re doing this against a wall, there’s a couple of
ways you could do this, you could arrange the cables
in a way that’s actually kind of artsy and cool
looking, or you can just hide it using conduit, here
though since we’re using this support beam, all we can do is just hide them right behind. So we’ve got all the
functional bits set up, and it’s created this rather
nice looking minimalist setup, but what’s the point of being
this minimalist if there’s just something a little extra
to make it really stand out? So we wanted to add one more thing to make it a lot more
flashy: hue strips set up inside of the support
beam, right now we’re going with colors that match the joy cons and give a lot more separation between the setup and the wall behind it. (upbeat music) So there you have it, a
minimalist switch setup that makes use of no shelves,
no desk, no entertainment console, just an open wall
that you have available which is really kind of the beauty of it, it’s a simple setup that
shows you don’t need to have a lot of stuff, and
it’s really customizable if you do want to add
more things, I mean this is just kind of the basic kit right here, but you can add additional
shelves or cubbies to do things like hold extra
joy cons, pro controllers, display Amiibos, all kinds
of options with the way that this setup can be
adapted to different living situations, which is really
just the beauty of it.

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100 Replies to “Nintendo Switch Gaming Setup | Wall Mount DIY”

  1. but kevin kenson in your nintendo switch gaming setup video i thought u werent gonna use shelves or anything like that

  2. Pro tip, TVs follow the same rule as art. You want your eyeline in the middle of the TV when you are gaming. Just like art on a wall while standing. Meaning youre going to get a very sore neck if this is a sit down set up.

  3. kevin i love all of your nintedo switch videos!!! you are super good. this setup gave me such a good setup idea for my desk!! thank you so much!!

  4. Where am I supposed to place the command strips on the back of the dock? The flap is the only option and that's on a hinge.. are you retarded?

  5. Iโ€™m Getting a switch soon and I want to ask about what game I should get Iโ€™m thinking of getting the new Zelda game any other game ideas please answer idk what game is best

  6. Is it still holding has it fallen ? Need to know cause this looks great but I'd be scared of my switch falling!! @kevinkenson

  7. Since 99% of people that own a console dosent have a metal support beam in there house this video is worthless

  8. The man has good ideas an things too introduce but the shaggy hat. ๐Ÿ˜‚ come on those strips it's gonna be a problem.

  9. I remember u making a video with a better solution to wall mount the dock. Can someone please link me that vid or tell me what the product is called. thx!

    update: I found the video. at 3:31

  10. all that i used was a scrap piece of wood about 2×1 then measure the width inside of the switch docl with the rear panel off. cut it to size so it fit snugly. then screw that piece of wood the the wall. it just jams right in place securely and i can remove the dock easily to move it

  11. That rusty beam and wall look looks shit! The equipment looks all shiny and new and then you have that nasty ass rusty wall.

  12. You probably wonโ€™t read this but the desk you have your switch on at the beginning… where did you get it from if you donโ€™t mind me asking????

  13. does any1 know a thing i could buy so i can hang up my switch console without the dock. that i also can remove and hang up again easely.
    so i want a thing thats like a stand but that is not that much bigger than the dock

  14. Command strips to hold the dock with the switch.:. Yeah I do not trust my wall or the strips enough to do this lol looks great tho

  15. Naa man, I'm not trusting my expensive ass console with a few bits of fucking stickers, the thing is freaking heavy, we don't even trust stickers with a photo frame ffs

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