NO SIGNAL (Part 1)  Mount Dozzer

NO SIGNAL (Part 1) Mount Dozzer

Hello YouTube. Today, were going on a field trip! But first, let’s see if those guys can point the way to a land mark. Hi Hi FROOSK! Can you point the way? Wait. Mount Dozzer? No, I don’t Oh ok Can he speak? You guys build this place right? ok (O_O) Ok guys, goodbye. wish me luck! Ok so I have to walk the path where a guy name Mr. Retro is. Hi Mr Retro! Ok I’m going hiking now. Bye Mr. Retro! Ok I’m going on top of the mountain. I’ll check this later. Wow, how large is this mountain?? What in world? There a hiking site for this mountain? Well… I’m following it! It’s pretty chilly up there Cool It’s weird that snow falls pretty close from the bottom to the top “Teleport to VOID” I guess I’ll go then…

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