Nord Stage 3: Understanding Layers, Splits, and Panels

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12 Replies to “Nord Stage 3: Understanding Layers, Splits, and Panels”

  1. Thanks again you can also add extern section to the layers and splits adding your laptop external keyboard or module etc etc etc creating some powerful programs

  2. Great work 👍🏻 Presentation is slick & professional. Even when you think you’ve mastered your NS3 these short drill downs keep you sharp and quickly able to maximise on the capabilities of the NS3. Nord or their main distributors should be calling on you soon! 😁 The time & effort you put into these is appreciated 👏

  3. Nailed it Marc. Thanks. Ive been feeling a little out of my depth with the stage 3. You calmly explain things clearly and at just the right pace. Well done and thank you.

  4. Another great tutorial, Marc. I wish I had viewed this video before the others I've seen because some of the questions that I ended up asking you in those other videos – were already addressed here in this tutorial. Of course, I have another quick question. 🙂 . . . .

    Are all of the various pedal settings available as either Program or Global settings, or only just Global? For example – I read that the Rotor Pedal can be set to either Hold or Toggle. Can that option be set on a per Program basis? – And if that is possible, does that particular Program maintain the setting and override any change at the Global level?

    This reminds me of another related question – but on a different topic. Can I make a key change on a Program basis, so that a particular Program will always be transposed (up or down) separately, and the other Programs would be set to the Global setting?

    So, generalizing that question, what settings can be set at the Program level; all of them?

    Great job as usual, and thanks again. 🙂

  5. I just bought my stage 3 and have been watching your videos practically every day. I have to say if it wasn't for you I'd be completely lost. You've helped me so much! I plan on watching every one until I've completed your whole series on the stage 3. If you have more videos than just on youtube please let me know. Thank you so much for your help! You give better training than anyone I've watched to date.

  6. Thank you very much for your video!

    Just to make sure: is it possible to have a bass sample in the left hand and a piano and string layer in the right hand?

  7. Good video my dude! I ordered my Compact yesterday and I'm living vicariously through your videos until it shows up at my door. Real helpful stuff here.

  8. People trying to figure out how to layer 3 sounds in the Nord Stage while me layering 32 sounds in Mainstage 😂😂.

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