North Korea convenes plenary session attended by top officials

North Korea convenes plenary session attended by top officials

Our top story. North Korean leader Kim Jong
Un held on Saturday met with top ruling party officials to discuss core issues including
national defense.This comes before the regime’s unilateral deadline that it set for the United
States to resume their denuclearization talks. Our Eum Ji-young has more. North Korean leader Kim Jong un held a plenary
session of top Workers Party of Korea (WPK) officials before the year-end deadline set
by Kim for the U.S. to change its stance on stalled denuclearization talks.
According to Pyeongyang’s state news outlet, the Korean Central News Agency on Sunday,
the 5th plenary session convened by and presided over by Kim was held on Saturday to discuss
important issues regarding the building of the state and national defense. In a statement the agency reported that “The
immediate orientation of the struggle of the WPK and the state and important policy issues
for new victory in our revolution under the present situation were brought up as agendas
of the plenary meeting”. The KCNA said the meeting is set to continue
on Sunday although it did not provide further details.
The plenary session of its Central Committee comes after 8 months since the last plenary
session opened in April after the breakdown of the North Korea-U.S. Hanoi summit.
Pyeongyang had announced earlier this month that its communist party’s central committee
would open a plenary session at the end of December.
Also this weekend’s plenary follows widespread speculation about a possible missile test
and Pyeongyang’s meeting of the Central Military Commission of Workers’ Party a week ago which
discussed boosting military capabilities. The North has carried out a series of missile
launches this year. Attention is now focussed on what North Korean
leader Kim Jong-un will say during his New Year address. In his speech last year, he said that Pyeongyang
might have to change its stance if Washington continues to impose sanctions on the regime.
Eum Ji-young Arirang News.

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7 Replies to “North Korea convenes plenary session attended by top officials”

  1. Kim launches rockets. USA launches Space Force. New military division. I think kim has some reevaluating to do huh?

  2. He meets with his top generals .
    General hey you got the money Kim no , general you see what happened to your uncle eh .
    Kim ok ok i know I'll ask again ok .
    Just don't throw me to those dogs.

  3. If I were Kim, I wouldn't be acting like a dufus when my best friend (china) is struggling under their own economic and political problems while at the same time, playing around with an american president that would probably win his 2nd term. He'll most likely not be fooling around the next time he gets elected, Kim.

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