OBS Studio – Adding Stream Labels (Last Donation, Follower Count + Many More)

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100 Replies to “OBS Studio – Adding Stream Labels (Last Donation, Follower Count + Many More)”

  1. is it also possible to get the recent events in the obs? instead of having the latest sub and follower? that I can get as an example 3 latest events ?

  2. i cant choose the directory output so im searching for ages to find the recent follower text cant find it pls help

  3. Mate this was amazing, thank you SO much! I am awful with this kind of stuff and this was really helpful and informative. New sub from me 🙂

  4. I can get it working for either mixer or twitch, but doing both through re-stream only shows one of the other depending on which I log into streamlabels with. :/

  5. I know the video is old, and I've searched all over the internet for the problem but no one seems to be having my problem. I have 5 subs on twitch. I want to add a sub goal count. In stream labels it looks like this: Sub Goal {count}/8. When I look at the "total_subscriber_count" file it says I have 0 subs. So it's showing up on OBS as "Sub Goal 0/8" Rather than "Sub Goal 5/8." Any clue what could be causing this?

  6. Ok don’t know if u check here or not but I am trying to get one spot to show new follower, then like top cheer then new sub .if you can help thanks

  7. Literally the best tutorial channel there is your videos are always helpful and set at a nice pace you go through so much detail to i love them!

  8. The newer version of streamlabs seems to have OBS integrated. But i still want to have txt files generated for other purposes. I cant find a reliable alternative.

  9. Can I ask anyone in the comments who could answer? Has anyone watched this series of videos from setting up obs to overlays to these labels etc and followed the advice and made a basic stream which has actually made it possible to make, for example, $30 a month?

  10. Thanks for this video even though I am here late, just started streaming and can't wait to start looking a bit more, professional, with my streams 😀

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  12. i got the alerts set up and the link on obs studio set up but how do i attach the paypal account to the dashboard

  13. hi i have a donator but i can't show him with that method what is going wrong..??? help me guys ty..!!! i have this problem with donators with followers it's all ok

  14. It doesn't works. It says Streamlabs obs is already running but its not. Can you help me, please?

  15. You've been turning my stream into an incredibly professional stream, my viewers have QUADRUPLED for following your advice in just less than a week! im .4 away from affiliate goal, and thats only because of the plethora of hours i spent sitting at 0 views, so the ratio was pretty brutal to bring back up but its happening!!!

  16. Hi Gaming Careers, you might not see this message but I am still strugglling on how to set this properly… Streamers in our country would not respond to my questions too. I would love to stream Mobile Legends, it is a small game but I cannot figure out how those sharer, likers, donators appear.. I cant even set up my streamlab properly haha.

  17. Hello guys I hope everyone reach the dream that he wants to achieve.

    Could you please someone tell me how he put the bar under the screen 6:50

  18. this worked but for me the most recent follower never updates it just stays as the first follower i got. Any way to fix


  19. "Streamlabs will receive the following rights: View, edit or permanently delete your YouTube videos, ratings, comments and subtitles"

    – That doesn't sound too good… Any other solutions?

  20. Me, sees that Linux was "coming soon", then notices that the video was uploaded in 2017 and that the website says linux is still "coming soon".

  21. I stream sometimes on youtube and sometimes on twitch and I've logged in with youtube(to streamlabs) so it only shows labels for youtube not for twitch. I've created different scenes for twitch and youtube but how do I set this up

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