ONCE UPON A TIME Season 6 Comic Con Panel Highlights (Part 2) – Lana Parrilla, Jennifer Morrison

ONCE UPON A TIME Season 6 Comic Con Panel Highlights (Part 2) – Lana Parrilla, Jennifer Morrison

Hi, my name is Mary, and I’m from Phoenix And I wanted to know we’re seeing a lot of characters [that] are not from Storytellers Fairy tales, what is your favorite character that you would like to see from a fictional? novel hmm On the show or just invited chef I got [a] list on the show on the show got it. Oh I’ll start with Oliver twist. Yeah nixon Richard Nixon in Storybrooke, no, I don’t know about that choice. I call Shenanigans. [okay]? Who’s next Colin [I] want to see the [three] [little] [pigs] Maybe Indiana Jones, [wow] oh oh boy Um I don’t I don’t know that one yeah I gosh, I was gonna say Hans Solo I was gonna say [starwars] sorry ha ha I think we should have Dora the explorer What about Annie? tomorrow Darth vader Did You say Darth vader. I did say that vader. That’s very telling I’m telling you something’s changed. Something’s changed Think you have no idea. I [don’t] [you] know what no longer okay? Who’s next? Hi, hi. I’m uh my friend wanted me to ask Your friend your friend wanted you to ask?!! I swear!! Wanted me to ask how the evil queen coming back is going to impact uh Snow and really Regina’s relationship. well [the] Evil queen if we remember the one thing she wanted most in the world was snow white’s heart, and that will not stop. oooh But I think that one of [the] things that I really loved in The course of the five seasons is watching how regina turns to snow and they’ve really become friends And I think we’re going to see very early on We’re going to see that relationship further and Regina is for the very first time going to have a group of people to [support] her while her other half is going to be trying to kill everyone and cause a lot of mischief yeah You know the regina [snow] relationship was kind of you know ground zero for the show it started with Regina breaking of the wedding and there’s been so much that’s happened between them since then that you know it’s something that we really do start to explore this season even more that relationship their past and their future together Wanted to ask a question about…was your friend, okay with that answer? [I] want to see the face of the [know] I wanna see really see the [Frenchman’s] yeah I have a question about um the olympian Crystal Yeah, okay um Wins Elena shove it into hades. He was completely obliterated [my] [God] does know more When hades shot Robin his spirit seemed to float away, but the body remained well You know first of all like it you know Everything that was said about the olimpian crystal was was said by Hades. Hades said that stuff about the olympian crystal I don’t know he was. He’s god of the underworld kind of lies Can we trust him can we trust I would say in all seriousness That’s a question that [I] think you know some of our [characters] should and will ask you know it’s Okay, I like that answer I Should like that answer a show about hope You know I would I wouldn’t choose not to believe hades, but we’ll find out did you hear that? I’m doing what I can’t up here everybody. I’m doing what I can Hi, honey. What’s your question? Hi I’m Natalie from Devas inside Hi everybody Hi, so my question is for Josh um In the first season when David was quote-unquote Married to Catherine he was wearing [a] [way] was cursed [he] wore a wedding ring but then when the curse was lifted He never put one up back on Why is that [cuz] it means it’s the same person really come on She’s upset about an excellent point celeste Josh Answer it Josh. Yeah, what are you doing? I don’t know no right right now, Joshua drops. Yeah We’re in the ring excellent getting an atom on the phone I yeah, I don’t know why I don’t know why he hasn’t done the ring. I guess that’s a question for Eddie now You know what let’s put the ring on and then we don’t have to worry about the ring on the ring is [coming] back Thank you How was your course – I’m sienna, and I’m from Toronto Canada, and you’re adorable and My question is um when you found out you got the part what was your reaction? for everybody Yeah cuteness Guys, I guess [I] [resign] again, whoever wants to get in there, okay, when when when I Found out that I got the part [I] completely freaked out I Was I love the role from the moment? I saw it so when I found out that I [got] it I Freaked out. [I] honestly did I think I was crying Okay, me too Quitting right now [I] totally freaked out. I was walking the dog and I had a bag of something as you do when you walk the dog and spoiler alert wasn’t nice and [walking] along my agent Gordon. [she] went once upon a time. We’ll need to be on the show like Don’t know what the role is you probably wonder why I’m like Nom [alright], and so I said yes I didn’t even know what it was one of the best days of my life Sorry, I can’t hear you [I] [mean] it’s all right. It’s like our friendship. You know ears hearing whatever I? Yeah, well these guys called me and and you know said do you want to be part of the show and I loved them we? Got to work together and lost and so it was just an immediate. Yes Of course and just you know I love the show [and] I love the cast that was amazing very very happy yeah super excited I freaked out too. Yeah The phone Rang, and it was my agent But I didn’t know because she said hi is Regina there, and I said I’m sorry if wrong number Regina and I said wrong number Lana you got the part I Opened a bottle of champagne. Yeah, I can’t beat that Story I Was thrilled I love the script from the very start I didn’t think then all of us went into throes of panic because it was working on how I met your mother at the time And I had to beg the Showrunner was of how I met your mother to flip the last two episodes of the season in order for the schedule to work So we went into crisis mode and then and then excitement vote so the champagne came after the crisis I? was really like No, I was absolutely provided because I cuz I obviously didn’t think that anyone like I didn’t think I’ll be playing Captain Hook cuz you Know traditionally sort of yeah, quite a bit older, so I was I was through. I’m very excited to go into leather pants How I recall oh my dear Hi, Ladies. How are you? Hi, I’m Carrie, and I’m from Los Angeles thanks, and I’m her mom christy By the way that is it is that a Mary Margaret and Emma? Let me say [sad] is what I love about the show You have to present a story for costumes that are iconic enough to wear yes. I love it bird on your shoulders genius though Our question is on a show like this with so many intense scenes and frankly character deaths um What goes into? preparing for little scenes and getting into the right mind frame [uh] for all of us oh um do you wanna start? understand see it depends on the scene or the the day you know um I’ve died. What is it three or four times? You did say you’re good at surviving but so sometimes there was one where [hook] sacrificed himself as the Dark dark when he gets a man to stop him whenever I’m we know that was way harder I mean yeah, there’s like a really late night with some of those in service that can be that can be a heart, but you sort of Well, we’re as a cast. We’re all so comfortable with each other and trust each other so it’s easy to work [together] and sort of um You know kind of failure that and get there, so it’s with this cast. It’s great. It’s easy I Think everybody’s different for me I try to use stuff that’s really personal to make it feel as real as possible because otherwise you know It doesn’t have the depth of meaning. I guess you know so I Try to kind of apply things in my life. It would be really hard to lose and Find a way to kind of flush out [some] of those substitutions Um I every scene is well. It’s different and it requires different preparation so Some scenes you know you kind of need to stay a little more Focused in quiet and centered and some when we have these big like hero moments when we’re all in groups together. It’s really nice we have a lot of fun and and that’s part of preparation it brings us all together and and Yes, there’s this story Regina story is so Complex that using her life is is very beneficial? just thinking about what she goes through and how that moves me and how that affects me and and like Jen [and] probably a lot of other actors We do use personal life our personal life does health and just finding okay? Have I been through a similar experience? [that’s] really helpful. [how] do you relate to this particular character of this experience and and how would you react? Now you try to remember that time someone reached into your chest or ripped your heart Mean it is district for everybody everybody has a [different] way of going through like the guys have said and you know it all goes it all starts with the writing and script and we all have character histories and Over six seasons these characters are so rich with you know different levels of emotion and different stories So you just draw on that as much [as] you can Ya know the same things. Yeah like you’re saying well that’s one of the beauties of being this far into a series is you do have a history [that] you’ve lived and experienced through this character, so you as much as I draw from my personal life as Something else have said that yeah, you get to do that with your character now because we’ve spent so much time with them So that’s pretty cool One thing that really helps me like the slides thinking about you know if I’ve got to get really emotional for a scene I think about awful things that have happened to me and I’ll sit in it, but if I you know TV We shoot really really quickly So you might not have a long time to really get somewhere emotionally, so if I need to expedite the situation I’ll find Songs that really make people make me cry so I love to cry sometimes it’s not a really good cry with a glass of wine I’ve got certain song about [oh] All by myself So I’ve got like some real dark [songs] I’ll just sit in my chair and get in this horrible mood And then go out there and take it this means so much I know your walker It’s my iPod that makes me like this let the tunes in the head music [is] really helpful Well, I agree with you when in situations like that you try and pull from your personal life But at this point. We’re so far in the [show] that We have all connections with [each] other and are so close as a caste that it’s easy to Work together to get to that emotional state Yeah, so I like Yes Nice. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you okay, guys, so we’ve gotten to the point [where] we have to stop taking audience questions, but What’s your name um I’m Alexis, Alexis I? Want Collin go home with you so could you come up here and get? Please remember to feed him Roderick you work clock Yeah, how are you [gonna]? Do this now? See you didn’t think it through? What are you going to do now? He’s a star with the right arm in danger for okay guys, so look Thank you, Rebecca for doing that wonderful vocal stylings Just because I’m about to ask the question I asked every year and [I’ma] keep asking to somebody does this for me [I]? Need a musical episode of once upon a time doggone it We’re all like look out [hill]. It should be Christmas. Let’s do a Christmas Musical episode of what’s one time, and I will even come and sing jingle bells are what kind of doing let’s do it Everybody up here has musical talent. I want it. I need it Why don’t you want to say it nice things? you

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    Writers: Ask, and you shall receive (S-6 E-20)

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