Oversight Committee Member: We’ll Have To Ask Pompeo About Giuliani | The Last Word | MSNBC

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100 Replies to “Oversight Committee Member: We’ll Have To Ask Pompeo About Giuliani | The Last Word | MSNBC”


  2. The bottom line is this is the most corrupt sewer rat infested administration we have ever had
    worse than Nixon by a long shot. Dump, pense is a phony limp wristed piece of crap
    held up by a republican base that just cannot accept the fact the orange ape is screwing them
    and pompeo , Barr, this aint a sewer it,s a toiled filled with S….. and needs to be flushed

  3. The saliva that he just swallow should have choke him to death, they r wicked bold face liars if there’s a god in Heaven they r going to get theirs criminal Trump an all of them and i know there’s a god so its a must that they r going to get theirs…

  4. it is not 2000 Guys that were involved in that conspiracy. No more that 2 small specialized platoons were required. An easy task 🙂

  5. The leftist fake news are afraid of Giuliani facts against the Bidens. The real whistleblower are the Republican Party, and the Dems are shaking inside their reptilian skins.

  6. I have listened about a few arguments, but DT has to step back due to legal reasons. Am sorry to say that. Pence is next, for sure 🙂

  7. just in case, Russia wants to neglect all the charges? The charges are, about a payment of 5 Trillion Dollars to the Ukraine for the take over of the Criminean penisula.

  8. To protect the whistleblower, Adam Schiff must not say he has met the whistleblower or anything in that regard until he has permission from the whistleblower to do so; it's the law.

  9. Praise Almighty God Yahweh! These DEM VERMIN are virtually imploding on each other like bubonic plague ridden rats on a sinking ship. They can't keep their lies straight. They're exuding the satanic evil that engulfs them for the entire world to see. If the Deep State spawn is on life support, We the good, God fearing, Family loving, Country respecting, Hard working, Humanity caring citizens MUST PULL THE PLUG!

  10. it doesn't matter until the house votes to begin impeachment hearings. They haven't done that. They haven't even subpoenaed anyone.

  11. Funny how he quoted Travis Bickel there…I thought it was funny, almost as if his brain said…Robert Deniro line…"must be a mob movie line. Too bad he didn't say…" I've got nipples, you wanna milk me? "

  12. I truly thought this would be the smoking gun,it was not. What ALL this is is SMOKE just to keep the PEOPLE stupid.

  13. What? No one has considered Rudy is a super ninja and used his skills to place the envelope on the secretary's desk while his head was turned!

  14. Guliani had the Biden extortion evidence in November 2018. He completed his investigation with the Ukraine Extortion crimes thst Biden pulled, several months before Biden announced he wad running for Prez. Too bad Biden. You are caught, hook, line and sinker…. Somebody is GOIN TO JAIL !!!! 😂😀😆😅😃🤣😎👌 https://youtu.be/tc4nQD6eiW4

  15. No wonder Giuliani is passing out a pile of propaganda. Unfortunately Trump and Giuliani and team are spreading propaganda, just as Hitler did, to the ignorant and ill informed of fact.

  16. Lmao!
    The conservative reporters: "How dare you say they're from Rudy!? How dare you sir!"
    Rudy, 4 hours later: "They were from me!"

  17. They are trying to do Putin's bidding. Trump will do anything to get Putin back in the G7. Will 'forgive' them their interference. They are now going to try and smear the Ukrainian government (which of course pleases Putin). I know I shouldn't be shocked anymore, but its shocking.

  18. This is the lowest point for our country since 1968. Such shameful criminality and a cynical manipulation of gullible citizens.

  19. American Democracy At Its Finest! Good thing Americans are ranked between 15th & 17th in the world in education. In other words, if they could comprehend what they read or hear such as actual facts and also understand what their so called great "Constitution" says, Trump would be in trouble. Stop preaching your failed Democracy to other countries because it is joke and on full display for the world to see! 35% of Americans think Trump
    is a great President. What does that say about the 35% of Americans that support Trump? America the Leader of the Free World? NOT!!!!!

  20. I think when Rudy Giuliani was dressed in drag and groped by trump I don’t think that was a skit. They’re the new Bonnie and Clyde, and Rudy is the real “whistleblower”.

  21. RUDY is dragging down POMPEO just like trump is dragging down PENCE . So why don't the Republicans shot the rapid dog before he spreads the infection ?

  22. Yea, the weak state of Ukraine , is so powerful, they control America's "deep state".. gtfoh, I was born at night, but it wasnt last night..

  23. Rudy is demented.
    Pompeo in Italy looking for the old Pompeo homestead ?
    Fallen columns and melted mudbrick.

  24. Remember when national issues like improving healthcare, fighting poverty, tax initiatives, education… were the topics of the day??
    This is pathetic. It’s a soap opera minus the soap. Dirty politicians and scheming at every turn. After Trump… we deserve a vacation.

  25. Exactly what did you want Mr. President??? The reporter is a Patriot. Please keep standing for the constitution of these United States of America!!!

  26. We seen this Movie before the W.H(fraud)wear they'll try and make up anything on Mr Biden because the W.H(fraud)knows he's probably going to Jail that's the Big House,him an Rudy the rat.

  27. the saddest part if this impeachment inquiry is that the corrupt G.O.P, has abdicated their oath of office to throw our constitution & our country under Putin's bus in order to maintain a criminal organization in power!

  28. I'm fairly certain Trump, Pompeo, and the entire administration are going to throw Giullani under the bus. He will be the patsy for this crime. The only question is will he fall on his sword voluntarily to save Trump, or will Trump have to thrust it through Giullani's back?

  29. (Reading thumbnail) "Oversight Committee Member: We'll Have To Ask … " The adults? (Clicks on link) "Oversight Committee Member: We'll Have To Ask Pompeo about Giuliani | The Last Word | MSNBC" Oh. Might as well ask Alex Jones, then. Just be sure to do it live and in primetime. I think that should get a better response.

  30. If we can not impeach Trump at least put Giuliani in jail and if you can barr two and whoever else is involved in this conspiracy including pence

  31. I am so great!! I will have the biggest and most beautiful impeachment in the history of this country. No other president has had a better impeachment than mine!!! LOL

  32. Pompeo is just as guilty as Trump is..!!! They all should share a cushy prison cell ..!!
    All the Presidents liars..!!!

  33. I lost my job as a mother because Trump supports empowering father with financial control allowing dictators in every home. He enslaved me instead. I wrote trump thousands of letters but he ignores the fact mothers are forced to stay silent when abused. He spreads anti motherhood propaganda and wants to eliminate us off the face of this nation. He reminds me of hitler. Sacrifice your unborn and give him glory is all her wants. I know all those letters could not have gone unnoticed. He is a traitor running an underground slave scandal. Impeach him he is the antichrist

  34. For Russia to not be concerned with American interests in Ukraine, i conclude that Trump's conversation with Putin, in person and private, was to coordinate the disinformation campaign for 2020 beginning with Biden. I truly feel that the president is a foreign asset. Trump verbally said that he believed Putin rather than the intelligent community. USA leveraging Ukraine would be like Russia leveraging Mexico. When former Soviet Union and United States had the cold war, Russia was giving aid to Cuba. America saw this as an act of aggression. We The People UNITE against corruption.

  35. Trump is the best. Dont waste your time investigating all the bad news about him. Just focus on the good things he has done for America. Y dont we look at the good side of Trump and move on. He has brougt Your country up. stop all the nagatives. No one has even praise him for the good he has done.

  36. Without drinking, is it probable the POTUS is spearfishing the portraits with his Twitter from within the WH?

  37. Nothing getting done on gun control, background checks..clean air legislation, etc…Trumps a real inconvenience….as President. 😥

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