good morning welcome to another vlog
this is gonna be another random vlog I’m gonna do a bit of work I’m gonna do a
bit of life just vloggin you know old school
why I really should probably do my hair better than this I chucked it up while l I was doing my makeup and I’ve not touched it since but I’m just eating my
breakfast it is now morning I’ve not got a clock with me and I have a order to
package up and send but I’ve also just received a little boohoo order
it’s my new guilty pleasure I absolutely love boohoo I’ve got the unlimited
premier delivery thing and I noticed they were having a sale as always the
last night so I treated myself to a few things and I thought if I don’t like
them I can always return them I spent like 56 pounds and I’ve got seven
different things I think that’s insane so I thought I’d
show you that quickly and then we will package up the order I’m gonna go to the
post office now and I’m having a filming day today pretty much but I will check
in and as we go and I also I’m in the progress of doing a logo for someone and
some business cards too so maybe I’ll show you that but today is mainly a
filming day I’ll film bits and bobs this week and we’ll see how this video turns
out but if you aren’t subscribe subscribed to my channel and if you’re enjoying it
this vlog please do press subscribe it helps me out a lot
it’s completely free for you and I’d like you to join the family so I want to
find a spot to put you and we’ll do this little boohoo haul hmm where can you sit
okay the Sun has just decided to show his
face so is this the angle I really want that’ll do donkey that will do here is
said boohoo parcel I ordered this at 7 p.m. last night
it is probably around 10 a.m. right now and it’s already here which i think is
insane can the sun just behave for once there we go
so let’s see what I got well I’m excited I’ve not
done a haul in so long so the main thing I did this order for was for some
jumpers so they have jumpers on sale right now hopefully they’re still on
sale when you watch this vlog I’ll link everything in the description and the
jumpers were four pounds so I have an orange boohoo jumper I’ll insert the
photo and absolutely love it I think it’s just really nice I like the kind of
neckline and then I saw these for four pounds I don’t know what they originally
were but four pounds for jumper yes please
Oh cute so I got like this teal greeny blue shade don’t know how well the
camera’s gonna pick that up you can kind of oh there we go and it’s got like a
fitted waist thing cropped and then I think they called it like a fisherman’s
neck line it’s quite a wide neckline and it can kind of roll off your shoulder
I’m hoping they’re big enough I got a large but I find that boohoo clothes are
actually quite small fitting mmm I mean it’s long enough on the arms we’ll see
it’s usually my shoulders I’ve got quite broad shoulders but yeah that’s the
first one and I picked three up in three different colors so it also got the wine
colored one these aren’t too thick either they’re like I feel like they’re
like spring jumpers I mean you can see through them they’re quite light and
also I got a cream one and I’m not a cream kind of person I just never ever
used to wear cream probably because I’m so clumsy always spill my food on
myself but I recently bought a cream jumper from Primark and absolutely loved
it so I’ve bought this one and we’ll see I have a feeling that the arms might be
a bit tight 12-pound for three jumpers yes please
then I got a couple of other bits I’m trying to mix up my style I feel like I
always obviously I work from home so a lot of the time I wear clothes like this
like right now I’ve got a Primark aladdin top on and some gym
leggings and also I matched my socks to my top because that is the kind of girl
I am Disney through and through when I go
out I kind of just I’ve got into like a bit of a routine of sticking with black
trousers or black jeans at the top and I do have different items of clothes in my
wardrobe but I just never really go for them because I’m too lazy to figure out
the outfit maybe I need someone to come and make outfits for me maybe I’ll ask one of my pals to help me oh I saw these
and I’ve seen these around quite a lot they’re like cord trouser Jean things in
like this rusty orange color for one I love this color I feel like it looks
really nice with my hair and my very pale skin and they’re just like baggy
trousers I thought with like a black belt or
something cinched in and a t-shirt or you could also wear it with a jumper I don’t
know I just thought these were nice hopefully they fit I got a size 12
because they didn’t have them in a 14 because they are in the sale so fingers
crossed but I will probably let you know if I remember then I got this I felt this
is a very Alice top if my friends were to buy me clothes I feel like they’d
pick this up it’s just a blouse in a mustard yellow color with like leopard print spots on and even though I’ve just said I want to get away from
wearing black jeans all the time I thought tucked into black jeans tucked
into a little skirt I don’t know I just really like the pattern of this what is
this I don’t know what this is oh I’m excited for this I figured because I spend my
life working in my office in my comfy clothes why not buy myself some
loungewear that’s a thing now I don’t really have any loungewear so I got this
a little set and it’s just like a cotton like dark gray shade with stripes down
the shoulders so there’s just a t-shirt this actually feels so nice I really
like that fabric so cozy and then some matching trousers too so yeah
stripes and like a dark grey color usually I would pick up black but I’m
trying to stay away from black I’m trying to be good and get some color
into my wardrobe she says as she’s wearing black even
though I’m in my cozy clothes I kinda want to look put together and it always
feels a bit better when I’m actually dressed properly I could easily spend
all day in my pajamas every day but I’ve quickly realized that actually getting
dressed makes me more productive so yeah and top tip if you work from home
actually get dressed and put your makeup on should take my own advice more often
though again black jeans outfit I saw this top it’s like a crop top with like
a crossover neck and then just long sleeves with little cuffs on the end
I love tops like this I feel like they’re really easy to throw on so that
is my little haul very excited to try those on
54 pounds very happy with that I’m gonna listen to shagged married annoyed now
they’ve got a new episode out I’ve listened to like 10 minutes of it so I’m
gonna play that now whilst I pack up the order reminder there are products
available on my shop and if you sign up to my newsletter you get 10% off so
anything that you see that I’m packaging up you can get 10% off and I ship it the
next day and usually they come within like two days if you’re in an England so
or the UK I’m getting really good reviews actually about the new products
it’s making me very happy I was very scared about releasing new things
because I’ve only ever really done prints so releasing greeting cards and
the pin badge it’s like a whole new territory and I was quite scared but the
reviews I’ve got so far really good I’m gonna ask people to put reviews onto my
website to hopefully encourage other people to buy but yeah I’m enjoying it
so far right let’s package I just need to get my laptop what I usually do is
I’ll open my laptop and I’m gonna plug in my label printer there’s definitely
an easier way of doing this but I just haven’t found that way yet then what I’m
gonna do is go into my Shopify and copy over the address into my label printer
software I’ve made up this label on my software I’ll link the label printer
down below it’s really handy but what I do have to do is copy each address in by
hand so if I have 30 orders I have to go through and copy and paste in 30 times
which obviously is not the most efficient way of doing things I think I
can go about it where I buy a machine that prints off the Royal mail labels but
right now it’s not really necessary and I don’t really know how to do that and I
don’t really have the time or patience to do that right now so I’d rather do it
this way so all I do is go into orders a copy the address over and press print
which obviously I’m not going to show because it’s not my address then once
I’ve copied the address into the label which is obviously behind this menu and
I just print one copy Auto cut Press print
I have it on like pretty good setting so you can have it on draft mode so it
doesn’t use I was gonna say ink but it doesn’t use ink it uses lasers I don’t really know but I
have it on high quality mode so the logo comes out pretty good and then when I
press print it will print out down here there we go and then I’ll do that as
well cuz I’ve got a couple of orders I’ll keep doing that and then I will
package them up alright so I usually do time lapses of me packing but I figured
that today I’ll actually do a little bit of a talk through so I mean and ideally
I would like it where I could print wirelessly so I wouldn’t have to plug my
laptop into the label printer every time so I have my orders I’ve got two today
so I’m gonna pick up the things that I need and then I package them so
obviously I’ve shown these drawers a lot but I have my packaging drawer not my
packaging drawer my product drawer and my packaging drawer so products packaging
this is in the way of me open the drawer but I’m too lazy to move it trying to figure
out a good angle to show you this actually really difficult so I think
both orders actually have prints in them so what I’m gonna do I’m gonna get the
large a4 envelopes that I’ve got out I’ve got two of these they’re just the
please do not bend ones and actually I think I might need a box because one of
the orders has a pin in it – I’m gonna get some tissue paper so I’ve cut up
bits of tissue paper to wrap the pins in that was like a last minute decision
from me to kind of wrap up the pins but I quite enjoyed the little final coat
she added so I’ve got my tape my soul and Fire stickers I think that’s all I
need from in there for now and then here are the products I’m gonna get the box
cause Ialready know I need one I store the boxes flat packed on top of my
wardrobe because they take up too much room when they’re all stacked up so I’ll
just quickly build this box there we go and now we look down the order I wish
there was a way of me fitting all of me in and the floor hang on
let’s just reevaluate let’s have a quick look at this order so in this order
there are five products we’ve got three greeting cards so let me just pick up
the greeting cards so we’ve got unpaid therapist so proud and doing great I really need
to fix my storage and then also two prints which are on top of this set of
drawers which prints is it leonora and you do you also just picked up the stickers
for the cards so now I’m actually gonna package these in this do not bend envelope
below the prints I’ve already put in there cellophane wrappers I use
biodegradable wrappers and then there’s just a soul and fire sticker on the bottom not sure
if you can see that but it’s there and then also I need a little complementary
postcard and a recent edition these little compliment thank you slips which
could also double as a little like decoration in your room because it’s
cute or at least I think it’s cute and then I’m gonna put the stickers on the
greeting cards so in a previous vlog I showed you these stickers but I just
custom made them and I stick them on the cards when I package them and I
think they finish it all off very nicely they feel a bit more professional when I
have the stickers on them so we’ve got the three cards and the two little
compliments slips I think actually I’m going to include a bit of backing board
in this parcel just so the cards don’t bend the prints and we’ll just have to
trust that the post man is not going to bend them because things happen sometimes and
hopefully the postman doesn’t but I have this kind of backing board that might
add a bit of sturdy ness to it so we’ll just put that in in between the prints
and the cards like that so there is five products in there two prints three cards
and then I’m gonna stick on the correct address like that so that is one all
done and then all I do is go into my Shopify panel and mark it as filled which
basically sends the customer a notification saying that the parcel is
on its way which it will be obviously when I go to the post office in like five
minutes okay next one so this next one is a pin and print so the print is the
she believed one let me just go and get that probably shouldn’t have
favorites but I think this is one of my favorite prints yeah I just love this
one I’ll link it in the description for you but I’m actually going to package
this in a box because I don’t want the pin to kind of like make a mark on the
print and when it’s in a box obviously it’s not pressing up against it too hard
and I think in the long run obviously this is going to cost me more to post
but if it means I don’t have to resend things because like if the prints got
damaged obviously I’d have to resend it so in the long run I think I’m saving
myself money doing it this way maybe I need to reevaluate and order different packaging but packaging is a big expense to pay
upfront that it’s actually really expensive to order packaging so I can’t
have too many different variants of packaging really because it’s a big
expense and I don’t really have anywhere to store it so yeah so for these boxes
what I like to do this I’m gonna lay two bits of tissue paper
on the bottom I cut these bits of tissue paper myself it took me ages did not
enjoy that process and put it again it saves me time I’ll put the print and the
badge in then I need one of these each and then I’m gonna close it and and
fasten it with this oh oh my god actually I can use my like DIY and
tissue paper bit let me show you so when I custom chopped up all this orange
tissue paper there was loads of leftovers but they weren’t very helpful
they weren’t a very good size so I made this DIY bonus with this for packaging
sort of make things look cute and I don’t get to use it very often because
obviously it doesn’t fit in envelopes that’s it so put a bit of that
that pads out the box a bit makes it look cute
then hopefully adds a bit of protection to all the things in there and then just
add a soul and fire sticker here like so this is the lightest box ever so hopefully it won’t cost too
much more at the post office and then this box is actually specifically sized
to still fit through the post box as a large letter so it means I’m like
maximizing space whilst tricking the system a little bit
I’ll leave the place I get these boxes from linked in the description it’s
called lil packaging there are like eco-friendly recyclable and recycled and
stuff so I like to support brands that are good for the environment and then I
what I’m doing right now is just taping down the edges so that it is a perfect
box and if I show you I have my little measuring device so if you’ve been to the
post office a few times you’ll see that they put your parcels through a thing
like this to check its size so this is a standard letter this tiny little one
here and this is a large letter that’s the biggest dimension you can get for a
large letter and this box is the perfect size and so far I have not had an issue
with posting these they have always gone as a large letter and I always see
the look of shock from the post office people because I think thats well
good I can fit more in this it’s not costing me any more postage so that
is my packaging for the day that was a very long clip hopefully I haven’t bored
you to death but let’s go and post them post office trip is complete I’m gonna
now help my filming equipment I have just finished filming that video went
really well actually I spoke for a whole 36 minutes so I was losing my voice and
hopefully I wasn’t boring everyone to death but that will be up now so if you
want to watch it if you haven’t already I’ll leave it in the little I button
I’ve got one of the jumpers on I’ve just decided to change into it cuz I’m
filming another video so I just changed my top and I think that’s really nice I
feel like it’s such a nice fit it’s got the slash neck thing but it’s not
falling off my shoulder if I wanted it to be like more one side you can
do that obviously you can see my bra um but yeah I really like it it’s sort of
fitting nicely on my waist I’m a tall gal so 10 out of 10 very happy with
these four-pound jumpers right what I need to do now and I’ve got some clips
to film for brands and I’ve got two different brand clips to do and then I’m
gonna do a redesigning video which I love doing it’s just so hard to find the
time because they take so long doesn’t help that I’m a perfectionist
but that’s on today’s job and I’m gonna try my best to get everything done I’m
preparing myself for a very long work day so I’m gonna film that
brand clip now it won’t be up for a few weeks but I’m gonna be impressed if you
guys remember it so remember this jumper and let me know when you see that bit of
video going up this is the thing I have to do things so far in advance to wait
for brands to approve them so that’s just how it works well that’s like the
weirdest looking aeroplane going over where has it gone there Oh third outfit of
the day I’ve got the new loungewear on and it’s actually so nice I think I
could have got away with a 12 coz these leggings are like
a bit baggy but the top covers it anyway so you can’t really see let me show you in
the mirror of course the Sun comes out matters I’m trying to vlog so yeah
here’s the little outfit I really like this I’m enjoying being coordinated in
my lazy life for once I’ve actually made so much progress with my to-do list I
filmed one two three three out of four things the fourth one is the logo not
logo the redesign video I’m not gonna tell you about it yet cause I’m not sure
when I’m uploading it and I wanted to be a bit of a surprise so I’m gonna film
that now it’s gonna take a long time I’m gonna go on Pinterest and sort of prep
things and look for inspiration but I’m having a good day it’s feeling good it
is half past one oh my god I’ve actually got so much done already Wow I’ve been so
productive already I can’t remember the last thing I’ve
loved I’ve been filming all day I’ve got the video done my brain is dead I’ve
rubbed all my makeup around my mouth I sit with my hands here so I now have a
red mouth mmm but oh god I really have a very red mouth but now I have been sat at
my laptop I’ve just transferred all the footage over and then my laptop was
full so I had to like sort the storage out honestly storage is a big issue for me I
use it so fast so I have like these external harddrive things I’ll link them
in the description but they’re so good and they’re really really affordable
actually so yeah I’ve just done that and I’m gonna try and start editing one
tonight I think but we’ll see my brain is going a bit dead I think I’m like on
a sugar low you’ll understand when you watch this video I’ve just filmed I am
on my sugar low now but what I’m gonna do is actually book my tickets for
VidCon so I’m actually going to VidCon I don’t think I mentioned it on here but
it’s the VidCon London event in February I went last year and I actually learned
so so much I feel like it’s so valuable from like a business side of things to
learn like tricks of the trade and I don’t know like get your questions
answered because obviously this job is a YouTube
I don’t get to see people so it’s really hard to sort of learn things yeah I’m
gonna go to VidCon and I actually have been speaking to VidCon themselves and
they’ve given me access to the creator event the creator lounge the after-party
all that cool stuff I feel so cool that’s so exciting
the only annoying thing is which is completely fine I can’t have a plus-one
so I think I’m just gonna have to be brave and go by myself but obviously I’m
gonna go to the after-party whether I’m going there by myself or not I can’t not
go because I’ve never actually been cool enough to go to any of these events like
that so I get to see behind the scenes and stuff so that’ll be a cool vlog I’ll
make sure I vlog that weekend but yeah anyway tangent what I’m doing now is
trying to book my hotel and trains because I think I’m gonna end up in
London for like four nights which I don’t think I’ve ever done I don’t think
I’ve ever stayed in London for that long so that’s what I’m gonna do and and then
we’ll see if I get this video edited I will report back but I think you can
tell by the look on my face the energy levels are low maybe I need to get my
sugar high again oh so much work it’s also 7 p.m. and I started work at 10:00
so it’s been a long day alrighty I feel like at the end of both recent vlogs I’ve been upside down
on my office bed losing the will to live very shiny i need to take my makeup off
but I have edited the bit of Clips that I needed I have booked my trains for
VidCon I’ve not yet booked the hotel because I’m just gonna see if the price
changes overnight apparently that happens so we will see fingers crossed
it goes down because it’s very expensive although I’m trying to think that is a
business trip it’s a business investment I enjoyed today it is now five minutes past nine in the evening I’m about to go downstairs I’m
watching love Island with my mum and and it’s most definitely been a productive
one hasn’t it I started at ten so it’s been 11 hours work with a lunch break in
the middle for about 20 minutes so yeah I think I’m gonna give myself a bit of a
lie-in in the morning I am gonna go enjoy love island now that you’ve enjoyed this
very chatty vlog and I’ll see you soon for the next one bye

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