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Submit a Ticket in ServiceNow

Submit a Ticket in ServiceNow

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5 Replies to “Panel: Fresno’s mass shooting used as latest political poster for new gun laws. Is it right?”

  1. This is not right at all. With how many gangs are in Fresno we need every non gang related citizen to get armed so they can better protect themselves and loved ones. You think criminals that dont obey the law in the first place will give up their guns? Why disarm those that need protection? Gun control is an attack on the law abiding citizens

  2. "One could argue California possesses the strictest gun laws in the country and it's still not working here." One would only argue that if one has done zero research on the issue, which is why people who make this point only cite anecdotes rather than data. The correlation between a state's gun laws and its rate of gun deaths is clearly established: Arguing that a particular shooting proves that gun laws don't work is like arguing that a traffic fatality proves that speed limits don't work.

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