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Finance Committee Meeting 12-04-19

Finance Committee Meeting 12-04-19

Markham here Middleton here Quarles here McGillivray here Powell Miller Long here Kowall here Zack here We have a quorum
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100 Replies to “Panel gets heated over race and Trump’s immigration rhetoric”

  1. Guilt and fraud are the tools of the Devil. She knows the past can never change and so will harp on ills of the past and the whole while never having any intentions of leaving this Great country….

  2. I'm white and it appalls me to see how white people talk about slavery sometimes. Especially in a public forum to try and to demean what happened and continues to happen to this day, is unforgivable.

  3. Why is the white girl just sitting there smiling? That does not make you look less racist when the most serious topic you've ever discussed in your life is happening. Fire that bimbo

  4. sister you are feeding into there narrative we are all different shades of damn brown , your not helping calling yourself after two white men African and America, then dumb indoctrinated slave mentality we are not Africans we are isrealites Africans sold us and hade us as slaves why don't you do your research damn

  5. I am highly offended by the ignorance this bitch is spewing out of her mouth. I agree her life is harder than anyone else on the panel, but not because of race. I can only imagine how difficult life is when you are that ignorant.

  6. Stop grouping black and brown together im black and Mexican and even I view them separately you wont see a Mexican speaking up on behalf of black Americans 🤷🏽‍♂️

  7. Lol the devils favorite weapon RACE. If he can distract y’all with the color of your skin he can keep you from heaven, crazy how easily he deceives everyone

  8. To see this woman with a smirk on her face about the lack of this country fareness and oppression is not something in the minds of all the mother's that have to see over and over their sons, husbands and brother killed by the police is sicking. Just last month " GO BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM" let the panel answer and explain that.

  9. This black girl Guy look-alike is such a loud aggressive annoying blacks are being killed and then she stop yeah by who by the most two blacks are being killed by mostly black men so why don’t you worry about your culture first get that in order and then you could calm and blame another color of human beings which we are all the fucking same it is absolutely ridiculous that majority of black people blame white man blame slavery blame anything but then they get welfare food stamps Obama phones and they think they won’t make them lazier? Make them a NON PEODUCTICE CITIZEN BECuse blacks people cant rely Tom themselves they NEED WHIT EPEOPLR AND THE GOVERNMENT TO GIVE THEM FREE STUFF. They complain imagine kk government or white people lolll they would die off because they wouldn’t know how to work hard build for a future. They would destroy themselves with killings drugs and just being plain aggressive.. it’s in their nature sorry to say that but I’m not because it’s THE TRUTH

  10. Just reading some of the comments posted on this page is appealing if you want proof that racism is strong in this country read some of these comments several insulting and degrading..21 st century people like these racist should be deported first we need to figure out how to clean up and save our country and planet, put money towards science to find cures and how to create hardy produce to feed more people.

  11. Dehumanize people? The Democrats came like a poisonous weed after the Christian Republicans declared " all men are created equal", to choke the " Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness". They said, nope, blacks aren't fully human, and evolution proves it. Evolution- R-evolution. Democrats-demonic

  12. I rewatch this to feel empowered by Nina! Don’t let them silence you. “You haven’t walked in my shoes or my ancestors shoes” 🔥

  13. Why are blacks always defending Hispanics and they do not include us in anything they do. we are always looking for a friend, a helper. They are moving in devasting our people. Illegal immigration hurts us more than anybody! But you dummies are pushing to let more in to take your place, at least you were on the totem pole at the bottom now they have knocked your ass off the pole. I'm not racist but illegal immigration is not a victimless crime. i know dirty corporations and our government is teh cause at least trump see that and is trying to slow it. It is not racism its economics and math! It hurts the country and hurts the countries poorest the most.

  14. If you really think liberals are going to solve any of the worlds problems, think again. Life is nasty brutish and long. We have a very short time on this planet, and yes you must make your mark. Oceans will rise and recede regardless of what we do. In the meantime lets work together, help you neighbours be they republican or democrat. The world is hard enough already. Hate is an option for people who have run out of reason.

  15. Why must the bronze goddess start cape'in for black men? Their the last fuckers on this EARTH that care about themselves or wealth accumulation for their communities.

  16. If our country was that harmful to black and brown people, I would think they wouldn't be flocking here in droves from other countries.

  17. the freest Country-u are the only western Nation that executes ppl-mostly of Color….n a lot of times innocent,n it s so bad that even black d.a. s like kamala harris rejects evidence that would prove the innocence of an death row inmate for her Career-trippin

  18. Please, Please! Watch this amazing short film about Immigration. How would you react if the roles were flipped between the United States and Mexico!!!

    "In a Parallel World Short Film"

  19. The one person up there screaming and ranting about race is the biggest racist up there LMAO telling white people on the panel how they are not allowed to be caviler, new flash, they can feel and act however they want REGARDLESS of their skin color. The ONLY people constantly obsessed with race, is a racist. FACT.

  20. She dont look like fucking slave to me . She walks around talking like she just got off the plantation…. please fuck off and look at yourself .

  21. Very nasty and angry …… Women can't speak for men anyway…… Get all that anger out before you defend anything. Clown shit

  22. Black and brown people are not the only races that were slaves. Are we the only country who fought a war (civil war) to free people from slavery, yet it is rarely if ever mentioned and sorry to say, maybe it will never be enough for some people.

  23. Victim mentality. There were Africans that enslaved Africans. This country gave the black woman the right to speak her mind freely. 100 years ago that was NOT possible let alone becoming a Ohio state senator. America has changed. Her generation has NEVER seen institutional racism.

  24. There's a saying that this President is dividing the country but it's really them because they haven't gotten over 2016

  25. This black woman just seems really angry and bigoted and is not even considering listening to any argument anyone else brings to the table just because of the color of their skins. "You don't know what it feels like to be a black woman in America!" Sure, but neither do you know what it feels like to be white woman or a white man in America! That is why we should talk to each other, be compassionate and try to understand each others points of view! You don't have exclusive rights to suffering regardless of your ancestors history, you know…

  26. This black lady is outta pocket lol. Idk why they keep inviting people like this to discuss politics/social issues.

    Facts > Emotion. ✅


  28. I thought I'd take a risk and watch a video from CNN for once. Big mistake… Poor ccn Pannel have to deal with that ratchet hoe. I never thought I wanted to punch anyone in the face more than Adam shciff till I met this pile of vomitt. Successful black people look at this bitch and laugh all the way to the bank while this hoe is brainwashing their brothers and sisters.

  29. None of us have walked in our ancestor's shoes. I think everyone should stop living in the past. Yes racism and discrimination is in America's past. Racism is also in other countries past. America is more culturally diverse than any other nation in the world. The opportunities are available for all to succeed. Equal opportunity however will not always lead to equal results.
    In my opinion it has to start with the major cities k-12 education. The liberal democrats have had control of these cities for decades. This is where it all starts. Teachers are hindered and frustrated, law enforcement in the inner cities are hindered and frustrated. Teachers and law enforcement are generally not respected. Without an atmosphere of safety on the streets and in the schools that encourage and develop learning, we are not going to have equal results in this country. We need to fix the problems we already have without uncontrollably importing more.

    Continuing to have a country without a viable immigration policy will only exacerbate these issues in the future, making it even harder for the legal minorities that are already struggling in the population centers.

    The issues in America are obviously much more complex than this paragraph can address. My point is that we need to continue to look forward, stop dwelling in the past. Perhaps it is coincidental but it seems the areas with the most difficulties in this country are are run by the liberal democrats and continue to vote democrat. Education is the key, if we can fix the population centers, we will have a much stronger country.

  30. The main issues holding back the black community are pride, lack of self control…and the Democratic party. But mainly the Democratic party (aka the plantation). Nina's resentment for America will destroy her. Humility, forgiveness and a spirit of gratitude, along with a strong faith, a servants heart, and love for God and humanity, are the keys to life in this brutal existence.

  31. That black women has issues with her skin color. This is America. No one oppressed anyone! If you want to be on welfare and not work, well that's that persons choice…not American tax payers or working class. Americans are sick of black people acting worst than their ancestors. They have no class.

  32. He said those countries are shitholes because they are. They just happen to be black countries. Blacks arnt good at running countries. By the way jim crow laws came from the democrats.

  33. Angry black woman just tries to bully people and ignores facts to further her own racist attitude. She could not tell the truth if her head was on fire.

  34. I would've lost my cool when that white woman was laughing trying to make light of the situation people of color deal with every day.

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