Panel on Prophetic Issues

Panel on Prophetic Issues

>>We at Lamb & Lion Ministries
are constantly bombarded with questions about Bible
prophecy, and we welcome those questions. In today’s program,
some Bible prophecy experts are going to join me in
responding to some of these questions. Stay tuned.>>[music]
Lamb and Lion Ministries presents Christ in
Prophecy, a program that focuses on the fundamentals of
Bible prophecy, showing how current events in the news
relate to Biblical predictions of end time events and the
soon return of Jesus. Now, here’s your host, Dr. David
Reagan.>>Greetings in the name of Jesus, our Blessed
Hope, and welcome to Christ in Prophecy. I’m delighted to
have a special guest with us today and that is Gary Fisher.
Gary is the founder and director of Lion of Judah
Ministries in Franklin, Tennessee which is a suburb of
Nashville. Right?>>Right.>>Well we are glad to have you
down here today, Brother.>>Well I feel very much at
home thank you very much.>>You founded that ministry
like 21 years ago.>>Twenty-one years.>>And to
help me interview Gary we have with us Nathan Jones. Nathan
is our web minister and also our associate evangelist here
at Lamb & Lion. And I want to jump right into this guys.
Today I think some people are reading headlines into Bible
prophecy which is always a problem.>>Yeah.>>With
respects to Muslims in particular. Because of the
ascendancy of Islam in these days once Communism collapsed
the void was filled by Islam. We have a lot of, I won’t say
a lot, but we have some Bible prophecy teachers who are
beginning to say, “You know we think the Antichrist is going
to be a Muslim.” How about it is the Antichrist going to be
a Muslim?>>Well according to Daniel 9:26 the Antichrist
will come from the people who destroyed the city and the
sanctuary. We know from history that was the Romans
and the Fifth Legion of the Romans. So, if you want to
take that literally it insists that it comes from Rome, and
possibly even the literal city of Rome.>>Yes. So, the Romans
destroyed Jerusalem in 70 AD.>>Yes.>>In fulfillment of
that prophecy. And it says the Antichrist is going to come
from those people. Now they would respond to that by
saying, “Well we think those legions were made up of people
from the Middle East and not really made up of Romans.”
>>Yeah, I’ve heard that.>>[laughing]>>It’s not right.
>>But it’s not true.>>No.>>And furthermore you know my
response to that was even if it were true it was the Roman
government who had those troops sent there. And they
were under Roman leadership.>>Yes.>>And it was Roman
decision to destroy the city and all. But really they were
made up of Romans.>>Well they adopted, or conscripted people
along the way, but the majority of the army was still
Roman. It was the Fifth Legion, and they are the ones
that were responsible for the destruction.>>Well sometimes
they say, “Well, you got to consider the fact that the
Roman Empire ended up being two divisions. There was the
Western Empire and the Eastern Empire and so that could mean
that a Muslim could be the Antichrist because of this
Eastern wing.” But what they forget there is that eastern
wing developed long after 70 AD.>>Absolutely.>>It wasn’t
there in 70 AD. Go ahead.>>Well I find a hard time
believing that a Muslim will be the Antichrist because
there are some prophetic wars coming up that will basically
destroy Islam. We are talking about the Psalm 83 War where
Israel subjugates the neighbors directly bordering
them. And then the Ezekiel 38 & 39 War better known as the
Gog and Magog War; and that is where Russia, with a Islamic
coalition of Iran, the Stan nations, Libya, Turkey. They
all get together, they all come to try to destroy Israel
and God steps in and destroys them all. Now, if we are at
the point where, and all the timing signals look like that
happens before the Tribulation then how can Islam which will
no longer be a major player in the world produce the world
leader?>>Well absolutely.>>Go ahead.>>Excuse me. If
that occurs. If the Ezekiel 38 occurs either before the
Rapture, immediately after the Rapture, or the beginning of
the Tribulation. This Antichrist guy will not have a
Muslim army to command.>>That’s the point. I mean
you’ve got the Psalm 83 War, that destroys all the nations
right around Israel. And then you’ve got the Gog and Magog
War and that is the nations out. You are not going to have
any Muslim army left in the Middle East when the
Antichrist comes on the scene.>>Right>>And then another
problem too, and that is these fellas always talk about how
this Islamic Antichrist type figure is going to unite the
whole Muslim world and they are all going to be slaves to
him and so forth.>>Mahdi, yeah.>>Well, hey that
violates the Scriptures. The Scriptures says that the Arab
people are going to be a people who are always against
each other, or always fighting against each other. And they
have throughout history.>>Absolutely>>The Shiites and
the Sunnis hate each other with a passion nobody is going
to unite those two.>>Plus the Antichrist is supposed to walk
into the Temple, desecrate it and declare himself to be god.
Now, that is absolute taboo in Islam. You can never claim
yourself to be god, it is an instant death sentence.>>I
think that is the strongest argument of all.>>Yes.>>Any
Muslim who declares himself to be God would be killed
immediately by the Muslims.>>Right.>>Exactly.>>But
we’re still dealing here with another issue is it Jehovah or
Allah? Which god does he declare himself to be? If he
declares himself as Allah there is no Jewish temple who
is going to go up there and worship Allah. So, how does
that play out?>>That is interesting I have never
thought of that.>>Yes.>>Yeah, huh?>>And also it
says the Antichrist is going to make a peace treaty that is
going to guarantee the safety of Israel for the first three
and a half years of the Tribulation. Do you think the
Israelis are going to put their faith in a Muslim
Antichrist?>>No, no. They have been burned too many
times.>>I don’t think so.>>Not the Israelis I know.
>>Isn’t it interesting how we look at Bible prophecy through
the lens of news, and not through the lens of the Bible.
>>That’s right.>>We’ve flipped it over.>>That’s a
good point.>>And everybody is really jumping on that train.
Obviously Islam is rising.>>Right.>>But Islam’s days
are really numbered.>>Yeah. Ok, a number of very prominent
Christian leaders have recently taken the position
that the Church is going to conquer the world. In fact one
of the most prominent Christian leaders in America
has taken the position that he has a PEACE plan. Called
P-E-A-C-E is stands for I don’t know what the letters
exactly stand for. But this plan is going to allow the
Church to take over the world. And then I’ll guess we’ll have
the Millennium and the Lord will come at the end of that
time. You know this is just a revival of Post-Millennialism
which died out at the beginning of the 20th Century
and now it seems to be coming back. What do you think about
this concept?>>I think it is nonsense. The Church has had
2,000 years to try to do this.>>Yes.>>So, when are they
going to get started? You know, but the main point I
think is the Church was never called to do this. The Church
was here to occupy until Jesus comes.>>Yes.>>Jesus is the
King, not the Church. The Church is not going to rule
anything. Jesus is going to be the Lord of Lords, and King of
Kings, and the Church is here to be ambassadors for Him
until He comes.>>Right.>>What does an ambassador do?
He is from one country representing the values of
that country in a strange country. Eventually we will be
united in our country here under the Lordship of Jesus
Christ.>>Be home.>>And it’s also a view of a Church
Kingdom. The Church is going to rule the world and make it
ready for Jesus Christ to come. He comes after, not
before. But the Bible says this is going to be Jewish
Kingdom. And that He is going to regather the Jews from all
over the world, reestablish them in Israel and they are
going to be Jewish believers.>>Absolutely.>>And He through
them is going to flow blessings to all the nations
of the world. But this just rules the Jews out completely.
>>Amen.>>Well this Kingdom Now, or Dominion Theology as
it is called it assumes that the Church is getting bigger
and bigger and the world is getting better and better. And
while the Church is growing it is certainly not taking over
the world. Of course we are seeing competition with Islam
and other religions, Atheism is growing.>>Yes.>>So, you
can’t look at the world today and say the Church has taken
over the world because it goes against totally what is
happening.>>Well it, this is a theory and philosophy, and
doctrine that was completely proven false in the early 20th
Century. At the end of the 19th Century most Christian
leaders both Protestant, Catholic, all took the
position that the 20th Century was going to be the century of
the Church. The Church would conquer the world. The Church
would reign for 1,000 years and Jesus would come. Almost
everybody was Post-Millennial. Then suddenly we had World War
I, the Great Depression, World War II and you couldn’t find
one of these guys anywhere. Because–>>Yes, it reminded
us that man is fallen.>>Yeah.>>Yeah, and now they are
trying to revive this again?>>Yes.>>It’s great for
missions. Churches love this I think because they see
themselves as their church as an important cog in the
missions wheel. It produced great missions work in the
1800’s but it’s not biblical.>>But Jesus in His own
teachings.>Yes.>>Pointed out that the vast majority of
mankind will always reject the Gospel.>>Sadly.
>>Christianity will never take over the world. He is going to
come back. He will take over the world. He will reign.>>I
think Church in the meantime ought to stick with what Jesus
told them to do; go out teach, make disciples, and baptize,
and wait on me.>>Yes.>>Well fellas one of the most popular
Bible prophecy teachers on the scene today who has great
outreach is teaching, and taught for years that we are
in the midst of the Tribulation right now. And
that he in fact is going to Jerusalem himself and he is
going to convert the Jews, and he is raising money right now
to build a headquarters in Jerusalem. What about it?
>>[laughing] It’s–>>Wow, ok.>>Well control yourself.>>It
is laughable. I’m sorry. But you know first of all, if we
are in the Tribulation where is the Antichrist because that
is one of the first things that happens in the beginning
of the Tribulation.>>And how can we been in the Tribulation
for the past 50-60 years when it is supposed to be 7 years?
>>Absolutely. And you know the first few months of the
Tribulation opening we have half the world’s population
dying. When has that occurred? You see this is–>>This is
what happens when you start interpreting prophecies
symbolically.>>Yes, that is exactly what it is. And there
this I know this teacher that you are referring to and it’s,
there is a certain arrogance involved here for him to think
that he is going over and teach the Jews, and the
Antichrist is going to leave him alone while he is
murdering all the other believers in the world. And
the Jews are running for their life so how are they going to
be in a Bible school in Jerusalem?>>You’re really
getting worked up about that.>>I have. I’m sorry.>>Nathan
any comment?>>Well I looked out the window today and a
third of the trees weren’t burning, the water wasn’t
filled with blood, they’re weren’t dead bodies, no one is
trying to make me get 666 on my right hand or forehead.
>>Good point.>>I mean those are everything that are
supposed to happen during the Tribulation and it’s not
happening. It is just obvious from reading the Bible and
taking a literal interpretation that we are not
living in the Tribulation.>>Yes.>>[music]>>Welcome
back to Christ in Prophecy and our discussion of prophetic
issues from a biblical perspective. We have with us
our dear friend Gary Fisher, of Lion of Judah Ministries in
Franklin, Tennessee. And Gary we are glad to have you.
>>Thank you Dave, it is great to be here.>>Alright I want
to jump into this by asking you a question about the
Rapture. The Pre-Tribulation Rapture concept is the idea
that Jesus will appear for His Church before the Tribulation
begins and take the Church out of the world, both the living
and the dead. We will be in Heaven with Him during that
terrible Tribulation period, return with Him at the end
that is what’s called the Second Coming. Now, critics of
this viewpoint often point out that it developed in the early
1800’s in England and that therefore it is too new to be
true. It’s just a doctrine that is too new to be true. If
it were really true somebody would have thought of it long
before then. So what about that guys?>>Well first of all
they can’t prove that it is new. Second of all it is
irrelevant if it’s new because Bible prophecy itself in
Daniel 12 says in the end times they will start to
understand biblical concepts that we have never understood.
>>That is a good point.>>So, but it is irrelevant whether
it is new or not. The real point is: Is it in the Bible
or not?>>Is it biblical? Is it biblical?>>Can the Bible
support this view or not, and the answer is absolutely yes.
>>Well the Rapture is right there in 1 Thessalonians
chapter 4.>>You’re right.>>And I think there are a lot
of reasons why it is relatively new. But you know
you could have said that to Martin Luther when he began to
preach salvation by grace through faith, which is the
biblical concept of salvation. That is 1,500 years into the
history of the Church, and people say that is too new to
be true.>>Right.>>Yeah.>>Or you could have said that to
Albert, what was his name I can’t even think now, but the
fella in the 19th Century who began to offer invitations at
the end of his services. And people said well that is just
unbiblical nobody’s ever heard of doing that.>>Yes.>>But
let’s get back to the point. The point is it’s in the
Bible.>>Yes.>>And when people talk about too new to
be true I think they just got to understand that first of
all people didn’t study Bible prophecy throughout most of
Church history because the Roman Catholic Church had a
position called Amillennialism. If you
differed with that position whatever you wrote was burned
and you were burned at the stake. And so people just
didn’t fool with it. And then when it got into the
Reformation people didn’t really get into Bible prophecy
in great detail either. It was only with the Puritans that
they began to really study Bible prophecy and about
400-500 years ago.>>And that’s right about the
Puritans. Matter of fact now they attribute, those who are
against the Pre-Trib view attribute it to Darby, and
they say he got it from a teenage girl named Mary
MacDonald. Margaret MacDonald, excuse me. And they’re the
ones that came up with the idea. But I’ve been reading
this great book it is called, “Dispensationalism before
Darby” by Dr. William Watson. And he’s an expert on the
Puritan writings from the 1500’s and 1600’s. And he has
found all sorts of different Puritan writers who were
exposing different aspects of the Pre-Trib view. For
instance Joseph Mede, Increase Mather, Peter Jurieu, Philip
Doddridge, John Gill, James Macknight, Thomas Scott, Morgan
Edwards, William Witherby. The list goes on and on about
people who are talking about the Pre-Trib Rapture well
before Darby came on the scene.>>That’s true.>>Some
of them, a lot of them were talking about the fact that
just the Rapture was going to be an event separate from the
Second Coming. Some might have presented it three and a half
years before, four years of five.>>Yeah, their times were
all different.>>But they began to realize that there
really must be a separate coming of the Lord from the
Second Coming.>>Because I find those who disagree with
the Pre-Trib Rapture are Post-Trib Rapturists who
believe the Rapture and the Second Coming are one and the
same. And these writings from the Puritans clearly define
there are two different, a Rapture and a Second Coming.
>>Yes.>>But you see my question for them is how can
the Rapture and the Second Coming be one and the same,
because Jesus appears in the heavens in one, and the other
He comes to earth.>>It’s impossible.>>So, you are
going to have to have a yo-yo Rapture where you go up to
meet the Lord in the sky, you’re suddenly transformed
and then you come right back down to earth. Doesn’t make
any sense.>>Well also if you have the Rapture at that
point.>>Yes.>>All are translated from mortal to
immortal there are no mortals left to go on to the
Millennium.>>Excellent point.>>Yes, you have no population
for the Millennium.>>So, the only thing you can do at that
point is allegorize the Millennium.>>I still like
you’re point that you made though that Daniel was told,
“Lord I don’t understand the prophecies you’ve given me.”
And God said, “Daniel, they are not for you to understand,
they are for you to write down.>>Amen>>When the time
comes to understand all end time Bible prophecy it will be
at that time.”>>Jesus pulled this same thing on His
disciples. They were used to Jewish theology about this
coming King, you are going to have the kingdom and that kind
of stuff. And one day He threw onto them in John 14, “I go to
prepare a place for you, that where I am there you maybe
also.” That was totally new. I can hear them, it is too new
to be true.>>Ok, well people have been proclaiming the
imminent return of Jesus for hundreds of years, He could
come any moment. Is His return really imminent?>>Well I
would definitely go to Matthew 24 verses 36, 42, 44, 50 and
chapter 25:13, every instance of Jesus saying His return is
like a thief. In other words I don’t expect a thief to come.
If a thief announced, “I’m coming to your house at 3
o’clock.” I would be ready for him. I would have my shotgun.
I’d be all set. But when a thief comes he sneaks in at a
time you don’t expect. Now, if the Rapture and the return of
Jesus was at the Second Coming we would know exactly seven
years to the day when Jesus would come. How would He come
like a thief?>>Absolutely.>>He couldn’t possibly. Plus
He says, “Look out.” “Be ready.” “Keep your lights lit,
you don’t know when the Bridegroom is coming.”
>>Absolutely.>>So again and again, Jesus Himself said that
we wouldn’t know when His return would be.>>The point
you just made there is a really good one and that is
the idea that we know from the book of Revelation that it is
going to be exactly seven years, years of 360 days.
>>Yes.>>From the time that that peace treaty is signed by
the Antichrist with Israel until the Second Coming of
Jesus. I mean if you are around at that time you can
count the days.>>Exactly.>>That’s right.>>So, when He
keeps talking about the fact that you cannot know when I’m
going to return, He’s got to be talking about–>>About the
Rapture.>>– some other return and it must be the
Rapture.>>Exactly.>>Matthew 24:44, “You do not know the
day your Lord is coming.”>>Yes, and that can be
imminent. All imminency means is that it is an event that
can occur any moment. And that is true of the Rapture. There
is not one prophecy that has to be fulfilled for the
Rapture to occur.>>Right>>There maybe prophecies that
will be fulfilled before it occurs like the establishment
of Israel. Or perhaps Psalm 83 War. Maybe even the Gog and
Magog War we don’t know. But it doesn’t have to if the
event is imminent.>>That’s right. And the prophets that
wrote about those events didn’t know anything about the
Church.>>That’s true. That’s true.>>Yeah.>>Ok, well one
of the worse abuses of Bible prophecy I think both of you
would agree is date setting. In fact sometimes I get, I’m
embarrassed to admit I am a Bible prophecy teacher because
of the nonsense that goes on in date setting. I’ve always
taken the position that we cannot know the date but we
can know the season of the Lord’s return. And I’ve been
accused of date setting for saying that. Is that date
setting to say that you can know the season of the Lord’s
return?>>Absolutely not. Matthew 24:32 Jesus said, “The
generation that sees the budding of the fig tree knows
that summer, a season, is near.” That is license for us
to know the season. So then we’ve got to decide what the
fig tree is. And of course I believe God uses the symbol of
the fig trees as a stand in for Israel. Hosea 9:10, “I saw
your forefathers as the first fruits on the fig tree.” I
believe Jesus is referring to the fig tree and the
generation that sees it come back together is the
generation that knows that summer, the season.>>And you
are defining terminology. We have people write in say,
“Well what is it fall, or spring, you are saying that is
the season.” But you’re not talking a season as a time of
the year.>>Absolutely not.>>You are talking an era or
time period here.>>There you go.>>Yeah.>>Good way to say
it.>>And the Bible gives us signs. I mean over and over it
tells us here are signs we are to watch for. For example what
is your favorite verse in the New Testament?>>Hebrews
10:25, “Encourage each other and so much the more as you
see the day approaching.”>>Now look, later on it
identifies that day not as Sunday, but it identifies that
day as the Day of Judgment that is coming.>>Yes.>>It
says you can identify it. That means you can look out and you
can say, “You see this? You see that? You see that? Hey
this is about to happen.” Right?>>Well absolutely and
it says you can see certain things.>>Yes. Yes.>>So,
there.>>Jesus Himself said when you see all these things
begin to happen.>>Luke 21:28.>>Know that I am right at the
door of Heaven and I am ready to come.>>Amen. Today would
be good.>>He even gave us what those things were in Luke
21, Matthew 24, Mark 13.>>Absolutely.>>He said there
would be false prophets, there would be wars, there would be
plagues.>>Yes.>>There would be fearful signs in the sky.
There would be different events especially Christian
persecution. So He told us what to look out for and that
they would come more frequently and more intensely
the closer we are getting to Jesus Christ. Look at the
earthquakes as one of the examples they are definitely
increasing in frequency and intensity. So we know that
Jesus is coming soon. We are in like you said the season.
>>We are in the season.>>We are in the season.>>What
would you consider to be the single most important sign
that we are living in the season of the Lord’s return?
>>The regathering and the reinstitution of the nation of
Israel.>>How about you Nathan?>>Well I used to think
that but then I thought of after hearing Dr. Ron Rhodes
start using the word convergence it was like,
that’s it, convergence. In other words not just one sign
like Israel, which I think is the super sign.>>Yeah, that
would be the single most important.>>But all these
different signs coming together at once makes a sign
in of itself.>>Great point.>>Yeah.>>Excellent.>>That is
very true for the first time in history all of the signs
are coming together.>>But none of them were individually
relevant until we had Israel in place.>>Until Israel.
>>That’s right.>>Then all the rest of them heat to that one,
gather to it and we have all of them together at one time.
>>Of course the reason for that is all of end time Bible
prophecy focuses on Israel.>>Yes.>>It talks about the
regathering of the people, the re-establishment of the state,
the reclamation of the land, the revival of the language,
the reoccupation of the city of Jerusalem. I mean it just
goes on and on, focuses on Israel. And one of the very
last prophecies it mentions is that all the nations of the
world will come together against Israel.>>Absolutely.
>>What are we seeing right now?>>Absolutely. And all of
these signs.>>Including the United States of America.
>>And all of these signs are signs of the Second Coming.
>>Yeah, that’s right.>>And we see them coming together. We
are in this tight little squeeze between the Rapture
and the beginning of the Tribulation.>>That’s a very
good point. It is kind of like Tim LaHaye once told me he
said, “He and his wife were walking through a shopping
center and she said, ‘Look around what do you see that is
different?’ He said, “It was in September and he looked
around and said, ‘I don’t see anything different.’ She said,
‘Look again.’ And he looked again and he said, ‘Well they
are putting up Christmas decorations everywhere.’ She
said, ‘What is that a sign of?’ He said, ‘Christmas.’ She
said, ‘Yeah. And is also a sign that Thanksgiving is
right around the corner.'”>>Amen.>>The signs were not
pointing to Thanksgiving but when you see those signs you
know Thanksgiving is around the corner.>>That’s right.
>>The signs are pointing to the Tribulation and the Second
Coming but when you see them the Rapture is right around
the corner.>>Today would be good.>>Excellent point. Yeah.
Yeah it would.>>Well the world keeps trying to settle
the Middle East crisis with politics. Can the Middle East
crisis be solved with politics, by negotiation,
peace treaties that sort of thing?>>No.>>Deals?>>No.
>>Why not.>>It is a supernatural problem.>>It is
a spiritual problem.>>It is supernatural, it is a
spiritual problem and it is going to be solved by the King
of Kings, and Lord of Lords when He returns. It is the
oldest family feud on the history of the planet.
>>Thousands of years.>>And somebody born in Washington
and raised at Harvard and that kind of stuff isn’t going to
come up with some smart plan to fix this. It’s got to be
fixed by the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.>>Plus we
know–>>And yet we continue to put all this effort into
the politics of it.>>Yes.>>And money.>>Yes. How about
you Nathan?>>Well we know that the peace process is
going to fail because biblically we know there are
certain like we mentioned earlier end time wars coming.
The Psalm 83 War, the Gog and Magog War; wars between
Islamic nations and Israel. So we might get a two state
solution which would be a huge disaster. We might see all
these things happening but we know that biblically
everything is going to fail or at least it will be super
temporary because there are big wars coming up.>>Ok. Do
you see any prophetic significance to the growing
worldwide persecution of Christians?>>Well I think
Jesus one of those signs we talked about that shows we are
in the season Luke gave us in 21 verse 12, Jesus did,
“Before all these things they will lay their hands on you
and persecute you. They will hand you over to the
synagogues and prisons. You will go up before kings and
governors because of My Name.” And again and again Jesus said
that we would be persecuted for following Him. And we are
seeing that growing especially with ISIS marching around the
Middle East and killing Christians. We are seeing
persecution in the United States against bakers, and
florists, and clerks.>>Yes.>>It will increase because
Satan hates the Christian. There was a point made once
that really struck me is that no one is persecuting the
Muslims. No one is persecuting the Buddhists.>>Yeah, well
they can do this.>>They are only persecuting the
Christians. That is a spiritual thing. I think that
is a proof that the Bible is true to the Word because only
Christianity is persecuted.>>Satan is focused on
Christianity.>>Yes. He wants it destroyed.>>And I would
add this. Good point Nathan, Nathan, I’m sorry. There is
only one name under Heaven given among men where we must
be saved.>>Yes.>>So Satan knows he has a short time left
and he wants to discredit that one Name.>>That is a good
point you just made because Satan knows Bible prophecy. It
says in the book of Revelation that he is cast down to earth
he knows his time is short.>>Yes.>>And he knows his time
is short.>>He does.>>And he is doing everything he can to
destroy both Christians and Jews.>>Absolutely.>>Because
another thing that is happening on the world scene
is tremendous increase in Anti-Semitism.>>Wow, yes.
>>Just like just before the Holocaust. I think that has
prophetic significance.>>Its huge. God is using that as a
tool to call the nation of Israel back into the land of
Israel.>>Yes. Yes.>>It is an incentive for them to go back.
And He said they would come back.>>And they are going
back.>>And they are going to go back.>>And the persecution
of the Jews is one of the three main purposes of the
Tribulation God is trying to get the Jews on their knees to
give their lives to Jesus Christ.>>Amen. Along with to
get rid of evil, to punish evil and bring His wrath. And
of course for Jesus Christ to usher in His Kingdom. So it is
filling this Anti-Semitism right into God’s plan.
>>Absolutely.>>[music]>>Welcome back to Christ in
Prophecy. I want to thank our special guest Gary Fisher for
being with us and sharing his insights. And Gary tell our
viewers how they can get in touch with your ministry.
>>Thank you, Dave,
>>Well folks that is our program for this week. I hope
it’s been a blessing to you and I hope you will be back
with us next week the Lord willing. Until then this is
Dave Reagan speaking for Lamb & Lion Ministries saying, “Look
up, be watchful for our redemption is drawing near.”>>[music]
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prophecies about Jesus’ Second Coming. Clear, logical charts
and illustrations like this one about the Jewish feasts
make learning the facts and meaning of the Scriptures a
joy. The Christ in Prophecy Study Guide also contains two
tools that you will use over and over. The topical index
allows you to find important Scriptures related to every
significant theme found in Scripture, and the Scripture
index will direct you to every page of the guide that
pertains to the Scripture that you are studying. You can get
your copy of the Christ in Prophecy Study Guide for a
gift of $20 or more and that includes the cost of shipping.
Just call the number you see on the screen Monday thru
Friday 8 AM to 5 PM Central Time or order on-line at>>[music]>>Christ in Prophecy is made
possible through the faithful and generous support of
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Lamb & Lion Ministries so that we can continue broadcasting
the message of Jesus’ soon return. Thank you and God
bless you.>>[music] Thank you for joining us on today’s
Christ in Prophecy, a presentation of Lamb and Lion
Ministries, a non-denominational ministry
dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of biblical
prophecy and proclaiming the

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9 Replies to “Panel on Prophetic Issues”

  1. Islam will merge with the Catholic empire. About half the catholics will reject this, leave the last vestige of the Roman empire, and become filled with the Holy Spirit. Catolico means "universal." Recent popes have begun again using this term, "Universal Church" in reference to the Catholic empire (I say empire, not church… empire is more accurate and descriptive.)

  2. Is Christianity rising today? Yes. I recently read that soon there will be more Christians in China than in the U.S. And, many Muslims are dreaming of Jesus, and getting saved. Other Muslims (this was prophesied more than a decade ago) are now seeing plainly how evil Islam is… and leaving it for Jesus.

  3. You guys just pulled what I call a "zeitgeist." You debunk a few things that are false, then throw in something that is actually wrong, and support it. In Zeitgeist, several satanist new world order plots are exposed, correctly. Then, they support a lie: that Jesus is just a reincarnation of a gestaltic figure who occurs all through history. This is what you have done: mock a few really bad teachings, and then throw your own bad teaching in, and treat the gainsayers as the errant ones, and support your own wrong teaching.

  4. Also, at 12:38, quoting 1 Thes 4 is meaningless as support for pre-trib. The verse states only that there IS a taking up, a rapture. "Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air and so shall we ever be with the Lord." Questions: 1. Who is already there? 2. What is the significance of "we which are alive and remain"? Alive against which death? Remain having not left because of what/for what reason? A: The dead rose first. And, many are dead because their heads were cut off for refusing to deny Christ or worship the image of the beast (Rev 20). We remain after not being murdered with many other Christians DURING the tribulation.

  5. What a blessing these weekly videos are. I really like how you take those subjects, important to all Christians in today's world, discuss them, and then share them in a way that makes all the scripture easier to understand. God Bless your ministry.

  6. Well to deny that the Antichrist could be muslim (5'24") because of which God would he represent – Jehovah or Allah – is an argument that applies to every angle of the discussion Either Roman or Muslim or Jewish or Hindu or whatever – because that's the amazing thing the Antichrist will do – he'll convince every one of these irreconcilable faiths groups to come together.

  7. Paul wrote 2nd Thessalonians to calm the believers there, to tell them the dead would go with them and explain the pre-trib. again to them.

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