Panel: Plenty Of Evidence For Obstruction Of Justice | The Last Word | MSNBC

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100 Replies to “Panel: Plenty Of Evidence For Obstruction Of Justice | The Last Word | MSNBC”

  1. Less than 24 hours after this aired and you're all acting like it doesn't matter anymore. MSNBC, are you journalists or sports commentators laughing while democracy goes down the drain? Your network makes me sick.

  2. Well that’s great that Mueller is a rule follower. Too bad he’s playing with people who don’t follow the rules. I think Mueller left America down yesterday.

  3. 2 years ago, we couldn't have started the impeachment process, but now, 7 months after House become Blue, we are still waiting for Speaker Pelosi to allow it. Pelosi, when???

  4. America has lost all credibility how can any country leader deal with a criminal and a liar how can Americans sit back and do nothing for gods sake get rid of this shame and blemish on your great record.

  5. I know Pelosi wants to have a strong case against Trump before starting impeachment procedures but Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about a BJ!! Also don't forget that the GOP propaganda machine is brainwashing their viewers into believing that the Mueller report ''totally exonerates'' the President and are right now trying to discredit Mueller's integrity.
    That's why it's so important that Democrats are not afraid to go to conservative news outlets to reach Trump supporters. Show them there is more to it than what their being told.

  6. It's so sad the lies Fox is spewing out.. That goes to show you Trump supporters did not watch the hearing and they just looked to see what they're favorite liar had to say on Fox entertainment media instead and now they believe that Mueller exonerated Trump and he committed no crimes.. It's just so sad… Russia watched Trump for years and they knew, they knew he would destroy the very fabric of this country and that is exactly what Trump has done.. Go to CNN YouTube channel and that's ALL YOU SEE IS TRUMPS DEPLORABLES calling all of this fake news when all they have to do is listen for themselves…

  7. Its a shame how many still vote democrat after all their obvious criminal activity. Drain the democrat swamp and vote corrupt democrats out.

  8. Lawrence O'Donnell: Trump doesn't care if an indictment goes to the supreme court as he has placed judges that will vote in his favor.

  9. Im sorry but the lady needs to stop slopping saliva all over her mouth you can hear it in headphones and its disgusting LOL

  10. Trump needs to be impeached now. The longer Pelosi puts it off, the more damage Trump gloats about his lies and creates a false narrative.
    This is not about politics, it's about a criminal, a pathological liar and a piece of human manure who stole the presidency and resides now in the Whitehouse.

  11. Yes, do it now, prosecute our terrorist in the White House, before he destroys our entire country, (now he's selling arms to the Saudis?!…)…indight NOW!!!

  12. Jill Banks should be disbarred. She obviously doesn't know the law. None of these guests do. They need to stop misleading Americans.

  13. My question is how are Democrats allowing Republicans to characterize the testimony as a win for them when clearly there is more evidence supporting the opposite?

  14. Republicans in high office need to end up dead by unknown or throats were cut or they were shot in the back of the head…then RNC and GOP will begin to notice the TRAITORS UNDER THE GUISE OF M.A.G.A. will not be excepted.

  15. LMFAO just let it go, let it go. Trump will win the 2020, and all you idiots will still being trying to impeach him for the next 4 years. And your fan club on here is just as brain dead you all are. The truth is a very hard thing to swallow, I do't think the Heimlich Maneuver would even work for ya!

  16. DEMOCRATS GOT SCREWED… YOU HAD THE CHANCE TO REALLY MAKE YOUR CASE KNOWN AND BLEW IT!… Do you really think there was obstruction charges when there wasn't a charge for russian collusion? That's like saying there was a theft when there wasn't an item that was stolen… DUMB ..DUMB.. DUMB… DEMOCRATS….


  18. Trump is acting like he doesn't have a care in the world because he can not be moved from office until he's ready

  19. Anyone who has read even just Part 2 of the Mueller Report can see that there are CLEAR & strong grounds for impeachment of Trump for obstruction of justice.

    The House needs to find a way to educate the public on this since hardly anyone, including members of Congress, have read the Report.

    It's the Congress' duty to start impeachment proceedings. What message does this send to future criminal politicians if Congress doesn't seek to impeach?

    Our democracy will be shot! Putin, via his puppet Traitor Trump, will have succeeded in his quest to undermine our culture & our democracy.

  20. Um, if a sitting president can't be charged for obstruction, why the heck are they even talking about it? And I'm pretty sure that in america your innocent until proven guilty? Not guilty and you need to prove your innocent? Freakin fruitloops

  21. Why not impeach and be done with it… use ur powers if u think any US citizen would be indicted if they'd done the same

  22. Why not impeach and be done with it… use ur powers if u think any US citizen would be indicted if they'd done the same

  23. It was the republicans who were playing like second graders – all screaming at once and all chasing the ball!!

  24. Remembering what JFK said : "Ask not what the country can do for you, but what you can do for your country!" We the people can VOTE to remove Trump and his GOP from office. As Mueller was asked, can Trump be indicted after he leaves office, YES!! And not only should we indict Trump, but every single one of his co-conspirators in all his business dealings, his family, his GOP Party who also helped him obstruct justice , lie and mislead WE THE PEOPLE!

  25. I wouldn't doubt if drump is a Russian , seems like he was always worried about Obama being American , worried about Hilarys emails, and the whole time it's been him deflecting the attention to others so that no one would question him, he says the squad don't love America but its clear he's the one who doesn't

  26. Is there anyone out there that believes  Nancy Pelosi is not on Vladamir Putins Payroll??  If you beliieve that Putin is stuffing her "pocket book" hit the thumbs up button. Doesn't the whole Pelosi saga have the same kind of Lindsay Graham personality switcheroo to it??   One would think that after Robt Muellers testimony yesterday, Pelosi would have them Articles of Impeachment stuffed in her back pocket, ready to have the closest sheriff, serve the Fake President. Why do you think that didn't happen???

  27. The real obstruction was perpetrated by Democrats at a House Committee meeting in 2016 when Hillary was being investigated for her emails.. Democrats, in particular, Nadler kept injecting points of order when Republicans questioned FBI Deputy Director, Peter Strzok. The real hypocrisy was Nadler's opening statement. Claiming that the hearing was keeping Democrats from doing their jobs on real issues. Funny that considering three years later when he's after a Republican, Committee meetings are his main priority.

  28. All these people protecting and not charged at this moment including those republican senators , are not above the law either. With their failures also are openly protecting Trump, on failure to do the duty of the constitution? They are backing a foreign attack on your country. Men where trialed for treason on less charges. Treason is the highest crime these people forget which Muller pointed out. That if Trump can be charged after office do threes people think they won’t do time in the lock up. The series won’t end after office only starting!

  29. If all of this is so "cut & dry", obvious to a blind man, etc, where are the Impeachment proceedings?

    President's approval ratings are increasing, the public is not gravitating towards any Democratic nominee, and I keep hearing how it is "plain & obvious" the President committed crimes that warrant Impeachment.

    Then do it!
    And get back to fixing the roads, the electricity grid and making sure the trains run on time.

  30. If there is soooo much evidence and its sooo obvious, why have they not impeached Trump yet? …..

  31. If Trump Committed anything it was obstruction of injustice, Because we now know whole investigation was a sham from the start in the way it was performed.

  32. my grandparents said that.

  33. O'Donnell you liar! You run the tape showing Rep. Lieu asking if the OLC was the reason Mueller didn't indict the president and he said 'yes' BUT you intentionally left out the part where Mueller, at the top of the next hearing, issued a correction that was a total reversal, changing his answer to 'NO'! My question is, WHY ARE YOU LYING, O'DONNELL ????!!!!

  34. You know how in love with TV Trump is…right? Now think about the Burger King commercials with that super creepy Burger King character…that’s TRUMP! No, really, think about it. He dresses up and does the commercials in secret (there’s a full TV studio in the basement of the White House) and they pay him in burgers. He does it cause he really wants to be King…and he loves the burgers. No…REALLY! Everybody is talking about this…they all know it’s true.

  35. 100 percent proof is needed. I am guessing they dont have it. 2 years of investigating and they have nothing.

  36. Dr. Wine-Banks, where can we find a New York Prosecutor to enable indictment in NYS that could take the case till it reaches the Supreme Court that could settle once and for all the constitutionality (or not) of the DOJ Memo saying a sitting President may not be indicted in Federal Courts (now they are applying to State Courts.

  37. Mueller's testimony was a DEBACLE for the dems. Their dream of impeachment has been shattered, gone like a smoke ring on a windy summer day. They have nothing left because all they offer is open borders, higher taxes + healthcare for illegal aliens. Very sad.

  38. Its curious that all of the evidence (tangible evidence) points to the dems. And NOTHING against this president. I don't play identity politics and I suggest people look at the facts not propaganda and "he said, she said ". I did my research. And 2020 will reveal the intelligence and heart of the American people…..sorry, but nice try..

  39. "a panel of experts agrees and says the President should be charged when he is out of office. " do you believe that? i don't. After he out of power, he will be nobody, and government does not worth taking any action on him.

  40. Apparently these "geniuses" are unaware that they have no standing to determine guilt or innocence. It is the fact that a person in this country is INNOCENT until PROVEN GUILTY in a court of law. That applies to the lowest member of society as well as the duly elected President of this country.

  41. When is Muler going to be arrested for an attempted coup? How come nobody in that circle of righteous law abiding people will mention that? Isn't that not only against the law but treason?

  42. "There seems to be some disagreement as to whether a sitting president can be indicted. I should think the Founding Fathers would regard this as a false argument. They were quite clear that the impeachment process they provided for in the Constitution was an indictment process of a sitting president.

    They did not see it as a “quasi” indictment process, as I have heard it described, but as a full indictment process, making a reference to it four times in the document: Article I, Section 3, two references; Article II, Section 4; and Article III, Section 1. The Founding Fathers viewed the impeachment process to be similar to a grand jury indictment process, which they were fully aware of, and which they confined to a political arena, namely, to the House and Senate of the U.S. Congress, turning the House into a grand jury and the Senate into a trial court.

    Debates on this question are not addressing a constitutional issue, as is believed. They are avoiding the Constitution itself and represent false debates and false discussions. It’s just as false to say that the U.S. Supreme Court has to settle this matter. The Constitution settles it. Since indicting a sitting president is a provision in the Constitution, this is not a constitutional issue. What is at issue is people not recognizing, or showing an unwillingness to recognize, a quacking duck when they are looking at and listening to a quacking duck.

    It has been said that a sitting president cannot be indicted for criminal charges. This was not the view of the Founding Fathers. They saw possible criminal charges being part of impeachment charges. In Article II, Section 4, they make a reference to “Bribery,” and also to “high Crimes,” without spelling out what they meant by that term. The latter term was not a reference to “Treason,” because that term is mentioned in Section 4, along with “Bribery” and “high Crimes.”

    For the Founding Fathers, political and criminal charges could be impeachment charges, and conviction of them would result in a president being removed from office. Proof that the Founding Fathers felt that criminal charges could be part of an impeachment indictment is the fact, as the first reference to impeachment in Article I stipulates, a president convicted and removed from office could, once out of office, be “libel and subject to Indictment, Trial Judgement, and Punishment according to Law.” In other words, tried in a count of law for criminal acts that were part of the impeachment process and charges.

    It has been said by some of President Trump’s supporters that he, as president, could pardon himself. That certainly would not be what the Founding Fathers had in mind. What would be the point of establishing an impeachment process if the president was going to be allowed to overrule it? The Founding Fathers provided two specific ways for a president to be removed from office: being voted out or being removed by an impeachment process.

    The question has been raised as to whether the president is above the law. The Founding Fathers would consider this question to be absurd. The president is given functions under the Constitution. None of them have anything to do with the president being “above the law” or acting “outside the law.” The question for a sitting president is whether he is violating the Constitution and his constitutional functions. Engaging in criminal behavior would certainly be in violation of those functions.

    Since a sitting president, under the Constitution, can be impeached for political and criminal actions, and be removed from office for such, it would seem he would be acting in an unconstitutional manner if he pardoned individuals who could give testimony against him in an investigation of his own criminal activities. He would not be able to do that constitutionally during an impeachment process that involved the criminal charges. Making the effort to do so would be both an abuse of presidential power and obstruction and both would be impeachable offenses — because the Constitution says the president can “grant Reprieves and Pardons or Offenses against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment;” and that would seem to include his own impeachment.

    However, there is a serious reason for probing this question, because of a policy established by the Office of Legal Counsel in the U.S. Attorney General’s Office that too many take at face value. The OLC policy states that it is unconstitutional for a sitting president to be indicted. This policy is said to be binding on the U.S. attorney general, the deputy attorney general and a special prosecutor. This policy is obviously fallacious and is itself an abuse of the Constitution.

    Neither the U.S. attorney general, nor any agency, division, department or official in the Department of Justice can declare anything to be constitutional or unconstitutional! The Constitution does not invest the DOJ with that kind of power. The federal judicial system determines what is constitutional or unconstitutional. This is a clear usurpation and abuse not only of DOJ power, but also of executive branch power. Even the Congress can’t declare something to be constitutional or unconstitutional.

    For the AG, others in his office, and those outside the office who say that an indictment of a sitting president would hamper carrying out the duties of the office, this was not something that was a special bother to the Founding Fathers. They knew full well that an impeachment process would hamper a president functioning in office. But they thought it was imperative to have a means to be able to remove a president from office when the need arose and not have to wait for a presidential election to do so. They were particularly fearful of a president endeavoring to act as a monarch and not having to observe laws, or constitutional or congressional legislative restraints exercising executive power, and having to wait for another presidential election to remedy the situation." [William Wright is professor emeritus of American history at Southern Connecticut State University.]

  43. Oh, I forgot to say, if it weren't for Rachel Maddow, I would despise Lawrence O'Donnell more than anyone that I have seen on air. Context is important.

  44. Trumplethinskin go directly to jail Do not pass go do not collect two hundred dollars… GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL WHERE YOU BELONG ALONG WITH YOUR ADMINISTRATION, YOUR FAMILY, THE GOP ALONG WITH MITCH MCCONNELL, AND THE REPUBLICAN PARTY, AND YOUR CRIME SYNDICATE, TOO… We will obtain your tax returns, your school records, etc, trumplethinskin, when you say MAKE America GREAT AGAIN? WHAT YOU REALLY MEANT MAKE AMERICA HATE AGAIN… And that is why we the American People are voting blue to ensure your defeat in 2020
    You treasonous traitor, pathological liar, Vladimir Putin's marionette puppet, you racist son of a BIATCH

  45. After Cheney and Bush can there be any surprise in Trump and the people who vote for this party but what is even more sad is the Democratic choice for. president she is more bankrupt (morally thAn Trump) my personal faith trust is in Christ Jesus the Lord not the Lord the so call Christian Right people who voted for their Saul I mean trump if they had any sense of chacther they would stand up for the truth and not be so willing blind

  46. tRump ;;;;; The Fat Lady is singing loud & clear that you are not right for this Nation ! You betrayed The United State for the soul purposes of enriching your greedy POCKETS …

  47. If these FREAKS are interested in JUSTICE…. then PROSECUTE HITLERY…. she is an unequivocal FELON…. violating statutes related to the proper care, handling, storage and transmission of CLASSIFIED MATERIALS. But of course, you guys will NOT pursue her abject VIOLATIONS. In fact, she was NOT a valid candidate for President given the ACTUAL FACTS and CORRESPONDING EVIDENCE.

  48. Nah, Democrats are delusional. They're talking crazy. Talk of impeachment began even before Trump took the office starting with the failure of a groundless accusation of his presidency associated with White Nationalism, Neo-Nazism and Hatred, then James Comey hearing failed, Michael Cohen hearing failed TWICE, John Dean hearing failed, Muller report failed, Mueller hearing failed . .  failed, failed, failed . . . TRUMP WINS. Stop being delusional, Dems. Focus on helping Make America Great Again and Keep America Great.  #TRUMP2020

  49. Remember when Khrushchev said Russia would destroy America without firing a shot. Must have known Trump was going to be president one day.

  50. MSNBC and the Democrats should be charged with obstruction!! And will someone please tell the Democrats and the media Muller has NO power to exonerate period!!

  51. EVIDENCE OF INTENT OF OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, not evidence of obstruction. With only intent, the intent(s) have to be connected to action(s) and victim(s) or damages, in order to be examples of obstruction as evidence, proof, or fact of criminal wrong doing. To many dots to connect which Mueller wasn't able to do and instead without making a legal case, all Mueller had was put in a paper sack, set it on fire, dropped it on the porch of the House, rang the bell, and ran away. Tom McClintock

  52. The dems need to stop this now. The truth will come out perhaps not in my lifetime, but it will come out.However, if you loose the house we are all in trouble. Turmp will win in 2020 to my chargrin. But evidence from comments indicate that the American people really do not care about this. People are tired of this conversation. No policy discussions are Sunday news programs. Is this party out to lunch??? GOD HELP US

  53. The Democrats should not make the same mistake that the Labour Party of Great Britain made in the 1980s. The Labour Party trained their guns on Margaret Thatcher, the then Conservative PM and failed to hold the entire Conservative government to account. Trump must and will get his just deserts. But the Republican administration and the Republican Party must not be let off the hook for the damage they are allowing Trump to inflict on the presidency. Obama will be remembered as the first black President of the US. But it will be a tragedy if he is also remembered as the last decent president of the US.

  54. John Ratcliffe says AG William Barr will deliver justice to any Obama officials who committed crimes. Hopefully Obama too!

  55. That young man speaking about Russia is spot on!! Russia does seem to have THEIR MAN IN OUR WHITE HOUSE!! WE CANNOT AND SHOULD NOT IGNORE THAT!!! Our nation is under attack and trump has done NOTHING BUT STAND BEHIND PUTIN AND SAYS TO US THAT HE BELIEVES PUTIN OVER OUR INTELLIGENCE SERVICES!! That all by itself should be cause for concern!!

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