Pet Sematary: Does Ellie Creed Have The Shining? | DeadTalks

Pet Sematary: Does Ellie Creed Have The Shining? | DeadTalks

If you want to hear my theory about how Ellie
Creed from Pet Sematary, as well as two other characters in that story have the same ability
as Danny Torrence from The Shining, then stick around to the end of this video. Stephen King’s third full-length novel,
The Shining, is titled after an ability held by a few of the characters. The man to introduce us to the ability says
that he and his grandmother call it “the shine”. It can be described as a psychic and clairvoyant
power, whose intensity varies from individual to individual. Dick Halloran is the name of the head chef
at The Overlook Hotel who teaches Danny everything he knows about the shine. He explains that he and his Grandmother used
to have entire conversations without ever opening their mouths. “She called it shining. And for a long time I thought it was just
the two of us that had the shine to us.” But, it’s not. Halloran explains that there aren’t a lot
of people who shine, but he has run across maybe 50 or 60 who have a little bit of shine
to them. So what does shining actually consist of,
and why do I think that Ellie, from Pet Sematary has the shine? As Dick mentioned, those who shine are capable
of telepathic communication. Danny is also able to hear the thoughts of
those who don’t shine, like how he hears Mrs. Brant’s thoughts about the hotel’s
valet, Mike. Now I’m not going to say what those thoughts
consisted of… but…. When Halloran asks Danny if he listens to
his parents’ thoughts, he says he tries not to invade their privacy, but he can’t
help picking up on their feelings or emotions. There is evidence of Ellie reading her father’s
mind, or at the very least picking up on his feelings in Pet Sematary. The family goes to visit Ellie’s Grandma
and Grandpa on her mother’s side, but Louis doesn’t go with. Louis strongly dislikes his father-in-law
because he tried to bribe Louis out of marrying Rachel, making him quite possibly the champion
of stereotypical in-law characters in fiction. Ellie somehow seems to know the real reason,
and asks her father if he he’s pissed off at Grandpa, to which Louis wonders how she
possibly could have known that. Halloran also warns Danny about some bad dreams
that he’s had at the Overlook. He tells him, “People who shine can sometimes
see things that are gonna happen, and I think sometimes they can see things that did happen.” When Ellie is away at her grandparents’
house, she has a dream of her cat, Church, dying the night that Church is run over by
a truck and buried in the Mic Mac burial ground. “I dreamed he got hit by a car and you and
Mr Crandall buried him in the Pet Sematary.” “That was a silly dream, wasn’t it?” But it wasn’t too silly of a dream, and
Ellie continues to have dreams about past and future events. But if you don’t want to get the ending
of Pet Sematary spoiled for you, I would not watch any more of this video, why don’t
you check this one out instead? Those of you who have read the book may remember,
that Ellie’s next dream involves Louis being dead, a prediction of the end of Pet Sematary. And when Ellie and Rachel are about to leave
on the plane, Ellie begs her father to let them stay, or for him to come with, and I
think this is because she senses her father’s life will be in danger. She also expresses more of her fears to Louis
at the airport. “Daddy, I dreamed we were at Gage’s funeral
and the funeral man opened his coffin and it was empty. Then I dreamed I was home and I looked at
Gage’s crib and that was empty too. But there was dirt in it.” This is just before Louis goes to dig up Gage
and try to revive him in the Mic Mac burial ground. The first dream represents the fact that Louis
will empty Gage’s coffin in Pleasantview Cemetery; and the second one is a reminder
of when the ghost of Victor Pascow tried to warn Louis in the night not to go on to the
cursed burial ground, and Louis wakes up with the dirt of the Pet Sematary path on his feet
in bed the next morning. Just before boarding the plane, Ellie begs
one last time. Listen to this portion. Ellie gazed at him solemnly with her sybil’s
eyes. “I don’t want to go,” she said again,
but so low that only Louis could really hear over the shuffle and murmur of the boarding
passengers. “I don’t want Mommy to go either.” “Ellie, come on,” Louis said. “You’ll be fine.” “I’ll be fine,’ she said, ‘but what
about you? Daddy, what about you?” I find it very interesting that King uses
describes Ellie’s gaze as having come through sybil’s eyes, a word derived from the Greek
word “sibulla” which described a woman who utters the oracles and prophecies of a
god. Shortly after, Ellie has another vision on
the plane, where she describes Gage coming alive again and weilding a knife. What happens next is interesting if you think
about another aspect of the shine that Dick Halloran describes to Danny. He asks Danny to contact him if there is any
trouble at the Overlook, that he might even hear his call way down in Florida. Danny later does use this to call for help
when all other lines of communication have been cut, sending Halloran on his way to try
to rescue the Torrance family. Personally, I probably would have the just
let the little **** die, I mean it’s so much colder in Colorado than it is in Florida,
why would you leave? Something similar happens in Pet Sematary,
however, instead of the child calling out for help, it is the ghost of Victor Pascow
who contacts Ellie in her dream and takes her to the Pet Sematary in an attempt to try
to get her to tell Rachel what she had seen. It’s possible that this isn’t an example
of a “long distance call” using the Shining though, because maybe Pascow is just able
to travel anywhere because he’s a ghost. This does send Rachel on her way to try to
put a stop to Louis’s actions. However, it seems unlikely that she would
randomly take the word of a 6 year old based on a bad dream she had. This is why I think that Rachel has a little
bit of a shine to her as well; in fact, when Halloran did mention that he thinks all mothers
shine a little, at least until their kids grow up enough to watch out for themselves. This would also explain why Pascow is able
help Rachel throughout the latter part of the story. But there’s one more character that I think
has a tiny bit of shine as well. When Rachel is on her way back from Chicago,
she phones Jud Crandall to see if he knows why Louis isn’t home. When speaking to her, he mentions that she
sounds closer, and although she did sound closer somehow, he hears the sound of the
wind on the line, and it reminds him of the sound of dead voices sighing in chorus. I don’t think Jud or Rachel realize they
have the shine, but if he does have some faint sign of it, it would explain how he senses
that Louis was getting ideas about burying Gage in the Mic Mac grounds. “You’re thinking of puttin’ him up there. Don’t deny the thought hadn’t crossed
your mind Louis.” There is one more major aspect of the shine
though, that leads me to believe that Ellie has pretty strong case of it. When Halloran is trying to gauge how strong
Danny’s shine is, he asks him to blast a thought as hard as he can. Danny is much more powerful than anticipated
though. Halloran flies back in his seat and his injured
by the force of Danny’s shine, which he compares to a Nolan Ryan fastball. Ellie may be channeling a little Fergie Jenkins
herself, because after Rachel leaves to go back to Ludlow, her father phones Louis about
a dream Ellie had, that is so powerful they end up taking her to the hospital. Let me know in the comments if you can come
up with any other Stephen King characters who have the shine, and watch this video if
you want to hear some of the things you might have missed in Stephen King’s IT. Remember to subscribe to CZsWorld for new
horrors every week, ring that deathbell for notifications, and I’ll see you in the next
one. Assuming we both survive.

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100 Replies to “Pet Sematary: Does Ellie Creed Have The Shining? | DeadTalks”

  1. my theory was that there was another entity like the wendigo but that tried to keep ppl away from the burial ground. the character having the shining makes more sense tho

  2. " would explain how he senses that Louis is getting ideas about burying Gage in the Mi'kmaq grounds"

    As opposed to the fact that it's totally obvious that a father whose young child has just been killed who knows of a burial ground that can bring him back to life would at least have the thought cross his mind?

  3. I don't think Elle shines, I just think pascow is trying to help her. I believe king believes that children are much more likely to be able to connect with the deceased.

  4. Someone should re-tell this story as Jud"s tale, stretching back to his youth and all the lore.
    Having read the book and viewed the movie a few times….Jud is just largely more interesting than this family.

  5. Read Pet Sematary right after the Shining and I was pretty convinced that they were both in the same universe.

  6. There are at least 2 characters in Christine who shine
    Ronald B LeBay, Christine's original owner: He is able to possess both Christine and Arnie Cunningham
    Dennis Guilder, Arnie Cunningham's unlikely best friend: he sits in Christine and gets a vision of the car and its surroundings during its prime. He is then unnerved by the car and immediately dislikes it.

  7. I think all the kids shine in IT. They even claim to be stronger together so I think their shines are amplified by their love for one another and that's how they can resist Pennywise when all others are decieved.

  8. The Dr. Sleep book goes further in dept to the Shinning and how many people have varying levels of the ability.

  9. Definitely Randall Flag, and possibly Tom Cullen from the stand. Randall always tries to see what's in Tom's mind but he's able to block his mind with the picture of the moon.

  10. Jessie Burlingame from Gerald's Game. It's been a long time since I've read that book, but I remember when she remembers the eclipse that she shares with Dolores Claiborne. Didn't she see her in her memories? I remember feeling like even through time and space they shared something with each other because of the feelings they had in their relationship with men throughout their whole lives. Am I remembering this wrong?

  11. Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Shaggy's little brother you are going deep on a surface level movie. The Shining is so f____ dull! I think the reboot will be a comedy, it looks really BAD! With the zombies in 28 days movies and Zac Snyder's Zombie movie every other dead villain looks like crap. The trailer had me in stitches and looked like it came from one of your older brother's mysteries!

  12. Lots of King's characters have a little bit of the shine, but generally it's only kids who have it strong enough to count for anything beyond intuition.
    The other thing to remember is that places can have the shine. Like the Overlook Hotel. The burial ground almost certainly does. Now that I think about it I seem to remember something about maybe an Indian burial ground near where the Overlook was built.

  13. There are other people in Stephen King's books that have the shine or hinted at it.

    All seven members of the losers club from Stephen King's it.
    Sandy from a Buick 8
    Tom Sawyer and his friend from the talsman.
    Holly from mr. Mercedes
    these are the ones I've read so far but I'm pretty sure there's more of them since a good portion of Stephen King's books connect.

  14. Don't know if it would be a slight character of having "shine" ability, but wouldn't Arnie from Christine have something supernaturally "special" going on to be able to have telepathic communications with a soul that was possessed obsessively by overly focused lust with a classic automobile?? (Re: Christine?!) just saying. 🙂

  15. Stephen King has on occasion said that all his stories took place in the same universe. Presumably meaning some, or all, may be linked. Also if I remember correctly, he suggests in one of the books that the Shining may actually be hereditary, passing from parent to child,. Usually, but not always, the mother to the son. I also forget where, but the shining is sometimes believed to be linked to native american ancestry.

  16. Would empaths have the Shine? Elizabeth Taylor was an empath and I know several including myself. It is not what most people would think, it is picking up on the emotions of people around you and sometimes being able to know what they are thinking but not mind reading in the way that most people think of as mind reading. Being an empath sucks and it depends on how strong it is and for some it causes actual physical pain. For me it just causes anxiety.

  17. What if the reason people around the pet Sematary can Shine is because the pet Sematary radiates a kind of power

  18. I don't think Jud and Rachel had the shine. I think Jud was just old and intuitive, and Rachel was being herded by Pascow.

  19. I love seeing reviews from people who are actually knowledgeable and passionate about the work which they are discussing. A lot of the so-called lists on YouTube tick me off because of their erroneous references and bogus opinions. You are a testament to the inquisitive nature of your generation and I look forward to seeing more of your content in the future. Your mum must be quite proud of you. Btw, I hope that more people like and subscribe to your channel because I feel that you have a promising future as an art critic. Your theories are as poignant as your delivery is entertaining. Well done 👍. I wish you all the success that your talent can bring. Thank you for being a conduit for the purpose of introducing a love of Stephen King’s work to future generations.

  20. If Ellie has the shining, why did she say that Judd and Louis buried the cat in the Pet Sematary instead of the Mic Mac burial grounds?

  21. Wow, so thanks for making me feel so old for pointing this out BUT Jud said she sounded close because long distance on landlines use to have a distinct sound to them. Sometimes the line could even sound ‘windy’. That is likely what Jud meant.

  22. Little kids with strange psychic powers are a staple of Stephen King's stories, from Danny in The Shining to Dinah in Langoliers to Duddits in Dreamcatcher.

    A lot of "real life" psychics like to claim two things:
    #1: That everyone is psychic to some extent.
    #2: That it's stronger among children and the elderly because they are (for lack of a better word) closer to the other side — the kids having just come from it, and the elderly because they're about to go back to it.

    King definitely shares this interpretation.

    As for why Hallorann flew from Florida to Colorado. . . Okay, I know you just said that for laughs, but two points:
    #1: Danny has "the shining", which he's only also seen in about fifty other people in his entire life.
    #2: Hallorann also knew the Gradys. And even if he didn't know them personally, there's no way he didn't know what happened to them.

  23. I think Carrie from Carrie has the shine and the kids from IT also have the shine since the shine comes from a crap ton of abuse from there childhood

  24. Tad from Cujo might also have it as he sees visions or nightmares of Cujo terrorizing him weeks before it happens and if I remember he also for a 3-year-old or around that age can tell his parents are having marriage problems or have a hard time loving each other as of late

  25. Okay so get this. What if the Wendigo or some human buried a bear and that bear is what attacks the girl in Stephen Kings other book

  26. I have some weird ass theory that I know is 99.9% wrong but I will still tell it because it’s the internet

    also, some pet sematary (2019) spoilers

    basically when we find out gage is the only survivor of the family and his dad opens the car door, I expect he actually didn’t die, but actually just stayed with his family without suffering his horrible death. A few days after, he is found by the police who search their home and find the family. They kill the family and take Gage. He is later sent to an adoption center where he is adopted and renamed Danny. this is where the shining takes place.

    I’m too lazy to explain the shining so find it out for yourself.

  27. I’m sure people told you but Matt Pat from film theory thinks the loser club can shine. I don’t I think that. The power only comes when they where all together. I felt it came from the turtle, but it’s a tough call 🤷🏻‍♀️

  28. Mike Enslin from 1408 I believe has the Shine. I believe that’s how he was able to defeat the room in the end. Obviously Jake Chambers from the Dark Tower has it. John Coffey from The Green Mile for sure. There is probably at least one character in each one of his stories that you could find to have a bit of the Shine.

  29. I think the reason Dick left Derry was because his shine was to powerful and it was a lot for his mind and exhausting.

  30. I was listening to the radio play based on Pet Sematary. Derry is mentioned in passing as being one of the small towns not far from Ludlow. It's possible IT has some influence in Ludlow, too!

  31. ps–There is a slight contradiction here. You mention in another video that the Shine/Shining is a result of child abuse. There's no indication that Ellie is abused, unless it's coming from Rachel.

  32. I have an overwhelming feeling that the Wendigo and It are somehow connected. There are just so many parallels that it can’t be a coincidence.

  33. I have a theory that all of the phenomenon in all of kings story came from the macro verse the y just take different forms but it is the most experienced

  34. I thought Vic McQueen, Lou Carmondy, and their son from the novel, NOS4A2, had the Shine. Of course, I am 100% certain NOS4A2 is Joe Hill's love letter to his daddy.

    So does Carrie have the shine, or is it something different?

  35. Trisha from 'The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon' seems to have a lot of the shine.
    It's a shame that book tends to be overlooked.

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