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What is included in pet sitting service? Taking care of a pet is a big responsibility. You have to feed the pet on time, cuddle it
(if you can), play with it, talk to it, basically take care of it. If it is someone else’s pet, then you have
to be even more careful. So you have to be punctual, a people-person
and organized. Many people treat their pet with great affection
so you should understand it is difficult to leave their pet with an unknown person. People actually train to become pet sitters. Some of these businesses are covered by emergency
support and insurance even. There are many reasons why people choose pet
sitting services. It reduces stress on the pet. The pet doesn’t have to be moved long distances,
sparing it the trauma of the transportation. It is not exposed to parasites or illnesses
from other people. You no longer have to deal with friends, family
members or neighbors. It is also convenient for the pet if it is
suffering from mobility issues, health problems or other issues. How to go about starting your pet sitting
business? Pet sitting is probably of the most rewarding
jobs in the world. Here are some steps to start a pet sitting
business. First, analyze the market. Define what you are going to do (what services
you are going to offer). Think about how you are going to differentiate
your company from that of your competitors. Then create a marketing campaign (how are
you going to inform people about company? How will you encourage people to contact you?) Next, define the work flow (how are you going
to fill your day?) What items do you need to start your business
(bits and kibbles, leashes). Consider getting a business license if you
are serious about your company. Determine how much you will charge? You will have to consider factors like the
type of dog, time and sometimes, how many animals. Next, it is time to meet the client. Always meet the client and the pet before
you sit down with the pet. Ask the owner about the food his pet eats
and at what time. You can also ask your customer how he found
out about you. If many customers have found you in a particular
place, increase your marketing efforts in that space. Pet sitting is actually a lucrative business. Most people are either lazy or too tired to
take their pet out for a walk. They are willing to hire pet sitters for this
job and pay them good money. Some pet sitters average 15-17 sittings in
a day. If you charge $15 for each sitting, you can
see how much money you can make ($225 per day, on an average of 15 sittings). If you work on the weekends or a public holiday
(when people go out), you can earn extra. If you want to stretch your income a bit more,
offer additional services like vet visits, dog walking, boarding (in your home), sleepovers
(at the client’s place), visits to the beach or dog parks, basic grooming and bathing. How much can you earn? The ballpark figure depends on the kind and
nature of pet sitting you might do. For example, the amount of money that you
might earn when you go to the home of the client will be entirely different from the
money that you might make when you bring the pets to your home. The place where you are doling out the services
would also be a determinant in calculating your yearly earning. However, pet sitter charge roughly in the
range between $15 and $20. Assuming that your primary profession is pet
sitting, you would be able to earn anywhere between $30,000 and $40,000 a year. How to go about starting your pet sitting
business Well, if you are planning to start your own
venture that would provide pet sitting services, here are things that you need to do:
Make an outline detailing your business plan. Do all the analysis and factor considerations. Try and get your venture a sophisticated name
that sounds attractive. Sometimes, names do make a lot of difference. Get a business license for yourself as being
on the right side of the law always helps. Craft your paperwork properly so that there
are no grey areas when the clients sign the papers. Fix your rates meticulously so that you are
not left behind in the competition. Launch a comprehensive and detailed website
so that people get to know your venture. Considering you do all the above steps, there
is no reason why you can’t be a successful pet sitter.

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