Pete Buttigieg Launches Exploratory Committee | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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100 Replies to “Pete Buttigieg Launches Exploratory Committee | Morning Joe | MSNBC”

  1. "…and you can click on any of the videos around us to watch more from Morning Joe, and MSNBC. Thanks so much, for watching."

  2. If MSNBC is endorsing them , they are Cannibals with one goal TURN people into a food source , and you dont do this by promoting NATIONALISM .. MSNBCannibals want politicians that push CAnnibal friendly policies

  3. He doesn’t have a chance unless he declares that he is a transgender, then the Democratic Party will embrace him with open arms and put him on a pedestal. After all this is what the Democratic Party stands for.

  4. Mainstream Media keep ignoring one of  the greatest Candidates Andrew Yang, who officially entered the race in April 2018. please run a search on youtube about him. or read his extensive policies on  #AndrewYang

  5. Well the answer to Michael Steele's question is clear…OF COURSE he would defeat Trump in the general election. He's the only person that will be running for the Democratic Nominee that's guaranteed to win against Trump.

    When it comes to Pete Buttigieg, Trump has absolutely no ammo and that's all Trump has going for him. He's a genius at exploiting people's weaknesses. But Buttigieg has no weaknesses when compared to Trump.

    #PeteButtigieg2020 !!!!

  6. Pelosi should end the shutdown and tear down the wall in 2021. 
    This is cheaper than continuing the shutdown.

  7. Why is it that all the sane people are standing in the side lines and all the crazies are in public office crashing our governmental institutions and soon to be the economy. Its time to relieve ourselves of the derelicts and get some fresh progressive blood in for the sake of the future of the country and of our minds.👏👏👏👍

  8. Any candidate who has not done a significant changes or actions to improve the life of the citizens (Like Senator Elizabeth Warren has and keep doing) before looking to be come the next president, should not apply. In my view, She/He is just another politician with big talk and no actions.

  9. Anyone but Trump . Republicans would be wise to cut their losses with Trump who was a carpetbagger and conman. An amazing set of circumstances got him elected. It is unfortunate that he implemented the disastrous Republican policies which are a continuation of Reagan years and doubled down on them.

  10. It is so clearly wrong to all of us that the American Government can be substantially shut down — turned on and off — at the whim of a so-called president. Mr. Putin must love it. To call the president's motives "capricious" would be misleading — he could not make it more clear that he has been compromised by and is in the pocket of Putin. His everyday actions, along with all the evidence available so far, substantiates these suspicions and more, yet the GOP Senate refuses to step up and stop these unpatriotic atrocities. We wonder how they will explain their human failures to their own grandchildren? The argument is more than convincing that they, themselves, have been compromised. Hey, Republicans — Putin got pee tapes on you, too? Just wonderin', going on what we see.

    Lifting sanctions that are inconvenient for Russians with a vested interest in disrupting America? Please do what you can to help your shameless GOP Senate associates feel the weight of their rightful disgrace. Help END THIS SHUTDOWN. We learned how it could theoretically be done in 10th grade civics class, and you well know it, too, Mr. or Madam Senator. 2020 is coming, and we will remember — if there is any part of our country remaining intact after Trump and Putin have had their way with it. Admit it now, or deny it to your own families later that you always knew it — Donald Trump is more than a liar. He is a traitor. And come 202, we will remember you with our votes, one way or another — which is apparently the only guiding light you have.

    We know it out here, so why don't you? All you have to do is look at everything he does, everything he says, everything he represents — and the fact that today — THIS VERY DAY — America has been knocked off its kilter and brought to its knees by this contemptible surrogate of a man — this so-called president — this deplorable pretender to the flag.

    Share this with YOUR senators!

    Ted Thompson

  11. Seems like a good guy based on what little I know. Unfortunate last name though – there's going to be a lot of toilet humor.

  12. That message was definitely amazing. If he opposes amnesty and will build border barriers he can take the election in a cakewalk.

  13. Hey MJ, wanna hear from a Democrat voter? One who lives "out west" where there are plenty of Mid-West values still around? I lean Progressive but constantly make comments on TYT, Sam Seder this morning etc, trying to convince Progressives not to become the left's Tea Party. I know the country, viewed from 30,000 feet, is not ready to vote solid Progressive. I am a bigger fan of AOC than Kamala, but find Harris valuable too. I like 'em all: Warren, Sanders, Gabbard, Buttigieg, Brown, Harris, Biden et al. What I will REALLY, REALLY dislike is a Democrat Party that defeats itself internally. I am in my 60's, blue collar, white male. I do not care about race, gender, age, etc. I DO care about authenticity and policy. I hate Trump, have written Congresswoman Xochitl Torres Small not to give in. But, I WOULD go for something along the lines of what Pryzbyla said. You bring those "experts" on TV Heidi. Show me their credentials. Convince me that there are portions of the wall that need rebuilding or reinforcement. Tell me the cost. More drones, etc? Fine. I'll go for that. You can pitch it to Trump on my behalf. Tell him I will buy it. But only AFTER TRUMP REOPENS THE GOVERNMENT! That part is non-negotiable forever.

  14. The more, the better. We need plenty of choices. I could careless who he shares a bed with.

  15. This will be the first presidential primary I will vote in. I'll be checking them all out.

  16. This talking head said: "that message was powerful". Are you kidding me? He said absolutely nothing but empty rhetoric.

  17. Ok, the guy has a phenomenal resume, but you left out that he would be the youngest ever POTUS. Just think what he could add to that resume if he took another four year. In the meantime, he is a heartland candidate, which is a necessity for retrieving Independent voters.

  18. As a south bend resident I am super excited for lime bikes to be announced as our national vehicle when Mayor Pete becomes president.

    But in all seriousness, I'm happy Mayor Pete is running for president!!

  19. I'm from South Bend and we're all really excited to see him run for office. I don't know if he'll win but he represents the future and it's nice to see it becoming mainstream

  20. So sorry but I do not have a half hour to watch a bunch of corporate commercials so I will click off as soon as it starts every time.

  21. MSNBC is the only TV news outlest making a big deal about sexuality. MSBNC are political hacks, especially bringing Michael Steele on to tell us who is the best candidate. I'm going to watch CNN the rest of the way. Tired of MSNBC ignoring good candidates, especially your fake resume dude making fun of Mayor Pete's last name. What a joke.

  22. Why did they decide to start talking about his sexuality? His personal life is not the issue. I want to know his political ideas.

  23. AOC vs. Pete? Why do we have to chose? Why not both. We need to stop the disconnect caused by the borders our city limits. We're all Americans.

  24. Another campaign event / unreported payment-in-kind by the leftist media for their natural clients – liberal Democrats. Total bias. No hard questions. A sad state of affairs for what we once called 'journalism.'

  25. Pete Buttigieg has secret tapes. It seems he protected racists cops and tried to fire and later demoted the African American police chief who was the victim of those tapes. He fired the person who revealed the tapes and fired the city attorney for not blocking the investigation.

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