Peugeot 308 (2007-2013) Front Door Panel Removal Guide

Peugeot 308 (2007-2013) Front Door Panel Removal Guide

Hello Peugeot 308 Owners! Today will see How to remove Front Door inner trim panel Required tools:
– screwdriver set (Torx T20);
– door trim removal Tool Kit The door inner panel it is fixed in 5 screws Unclip the plastic trim from the
door grab handle Carefully pull the trim panel upwards
to release’t from the door panel Using door trim removal tools kit Prise up the rear of the switch panel and withdraw from the door panel. Disconnect the wiring plug conectors from the base of the switch panel. Using Torx T20 key, undo the two screws that are located
behind the grab handle trim panel. Unclip the plastic cap from inside
the grab handle racess Remove the retainig screw Undo the two screws located at the rear
edge door trim panel Carefully unclip the front of the pastic trim
from around the release handle and then slide it forward to remove it
from the door trim panel Unclip the courtesy light from the bottom
of the door panel and disconnect the wiring plug connector. Using a suitable forked tool work around the edge of the trim panel and release the securing clips Pull the panel outwards and then fit it up and remove it
from the door Now we have acces at window lifter and speaker Before refitting, check whether any of trim panel
retaining studs were broken on removal. Renew the panel retaining studs as necessary. Refit the panel
using a reversal of removal.

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15 Replies to “Peugeot 308 (2007-2013) Front Door Panel Removal Guide”

  1. Hi!! Very beutiful video and very good explained. Can you help me? how to replace complete the right external mirror? I have already a new, I can try change it by remove the door panel but then I dont know how to replace the mirror ( Is the right side with the tenperature sensor) Can you do and video for this? Thank you very much friend. I have already subscribe and this channel will be very famous on Europe.

  2. Thank you so much for the video, I managed to change the windows lifter following the instructions to dismantle the panel, but I need to know the serial number of the clips that attach the door to see if I find them on the internet at a low price.
    The bad thing is that after removing the soft white panel, the glue does not stick and no longer able to fix, hangs just because there is the handle with two rivets.
    However I need some serial number or description of the clip.

  3. Thank you so much for this video (and the related one about changing the wing mirror). With both videos, I was able to do the job myself and save garage fees. Very easy to follow, very comprehensive and detailed. Great job!

  4. I just did it. I dampted the doors. Put some alubutyl on the outer metalsheets. Now it sounds like a tank when closing the door. In addition i glued some foamplates on the trunk. Nice. Next time the footwells will be fixed too.
    Your explanation was really helpful.

  5. Salut ,am probleme cu ușa din dreapta spate,când plouă se aduna apa in ea,și îmi dă și eroare input auxiliar 2.imi poate zice cineva care ar fi cauza.

  6. Very helpful, foarte util, my right speaker has stopped working so may have to take door car off my 308 to inspect. Romanian by the way sounds like a cross between Roman Italian and Portugese.

  7. Thank you for the clear video. Perfect. Do you happen to have the part number for the replacement panel studs? A assume that they are Peugeot original parts. Thanks.

  8. Thank you for your tutorial video. İf possible could you take to front door check strap stay rod hinge (9181.n2) replace video for your vehicle?

  9. Because i have a problem with audio speaker from the back door, could you please make a video with back door pannel removal ?

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