Planning Committee – The Misselthwaite Archives: Ep. 37

Planning Committee – The Misselthwaite Archives: Ep. 37

>>DECLAN: A housing development?>>MARY: A housing development. It went pending on a fucking housing development. I mean, I know he had to sell the land, whatever. But couldn’t he at least sell it to someone who cares?>>DECLAN: What a waste.>>CALLIE: Are you sure … he’s really gonna go through with it.>>MARY: Pretty sure. Yeah. Medlock left these on the kitchen counter this morning. Practically begging me to take them.>>DECLAN: Wh- what is this?>>CALLIE: Here. Let me see.>>MARY: Yeah. Declan only speaks woodland creature.>>CALLIE: Yup … looks pretty final.>>DECLAN: Great. Wh- what are we gonna do?>>MARY: We need to make a plan. Dude. You’ve got to talk to your dad.>>CALLIE: He won’t listen to me. I don’t even remember the last time I had a conversation with him.>>DECLAN: Well, is there someone he’d listen to though? Your aunt?>>CALLIE: [sighs] You guys don’t understand. He’s a businessman. He’ll do anything to make some money.>>MARY: So, we buy the glade ourselves.>>DECLAN: [laughs]>>CALLIE: Yeah. I don’t know how much money you have in your piggy bank. But I don’t even get allowance.>>DECLAN: I’ll just sell my private jet.>>MARY: I have a trust fund. Theoretically … someday.>>CALLIE: Yeah. But we need it now.>>MARY: So, we rob a bank.>>DECLAN: Pew!>>MARY: We could kidnap that realtor.>>CALLIE: Hmm.>>DECLAN: And how do you propose we do that?>>MARY: We dig a hole. And then we lure her here under the pretense of showing her the selling points. And we cover the hole with twigs and branches and leaves and everything. Like a bear trap. They taught you how to do that in Boy Scouts, right?>>DECLAN: Uh.>>MARY: And then she falls in the hole. And we totally blackmail her into helping us. Or we just leave her in there to rot.>>CALLIE: Or, we burn her whole agency down.>>MARY: You know. I do like the way you think.>>CALLIE: Thank you.>>MARY: Here, you deserve this.>>DECLAN: Can we try something less violent?>>MARY: Sure. You can seduce her.>>DECLAN: No!>>CALLIE: [giggles]>>DECLAN: Absolutely not!>>CALLIE: Oh! We could be my dad on the phone.>>MARY: Yes. O my god. That could actually work. We just need to make your voice sadder and deeper and ->>DECLAN: And that’s illegal.>>MARY: OK. Well, our other options are murder and kidnapping. So, I don’t see why your worried about a little bit of fraud.>>DECLAN: I … have my standards.>>CALLIE: [quietly] Hmm … high standards … Yeah. Peace out! [chuckles]>>MARY: This is pointless. There is … literally nothing we can do, is there?>>CALLIE: Honestly … I don’t think so.>>DECLAN: Enjoy it … while it lasts.>>MARY: [sighs] This sucks. This sucks!>>CALLIE: Well, at least you’ll be at college, and you won’t really miss it that much.>>MARY: If I ever get off the wait list. I can just drink until nothing matters anymore.>>DECLAN: See you soon.>>CALLIE: Hey.>>DECLAN: Hey. Hey. Phoebe’s gonna kill me, [laughs] if I don’t get going. Uh, you guys are coming later, right?>>CALLIE: Yeah. Definitely. She just needs to get out of that funk.>>DECLAN: That’s what we used to say about you.>>CALLIE: Thanks, Dicklan.>>DECLAN: Think she’s gonna be OK?>>CALLIE: I don’t know. I don’t even know if I’m gonna be all right.>>DECLAN: Hey. Everything’s gonna be fine.>>CALLIE: See ya later.>>DECLAN: Take care of her.>>CALLIE: I’m workin’ on it. I am working on it. [outro music]

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16 Replies to “Planning Committee – The Misselthwaite Archives: Ep. 37”

  1. FINALLY! And the whole selling the glade thing kind of came out of nowhere… It's nice to see Declan so protective of Mary though!

  2. In usual situations, Mary would have a smoke, when she's mad! I'm hoping we don't see it come again, but if so hopefully she'll stop sooner rather later!

  3. Aww I feel like all of the attention was on Callie's problems that nobody realized all the struggles Mary was going through, but now the tables are turned, and we get to see Mary and people helping her. I love Declan and how worries he is for Mary. I love this series!

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