Practice Speaking English With Me In This Video – Buying Travel Tickets

Practice Speaking English With Me In This Video – Buying Travel Tickets

hello there say something back hello
now if you’re new to this you might be thinking why is this man talking to me
but it’s because I want you to practice so let’s try this again but give me a
big hello back hello all right very good how you been now if you remember this video we talked
about in a couple of videos ago I was talking about how you been and the
response to that was I can’t complain I can’t complain it doesn’t have to be the
only thing you use but it’s just a great native expression you can practice so
practice it with me again now the more we practice these things the more
automatic it becomes so I don’t want you to just forget and learn something new
that’s why I’m bringing this up again in this new video hello how you been very
good why don’t you ask me hello I can’t complain ah very good pretty
easy now instead of I can’t complain you can
also say I’ve been alright I’ve been alright how you been yeah I’ve been
alright I’ve been alright well let’s get into this lesson I asked people on
Facebook excuse me I’ve been talking too much in these videos I want to get to
even more content but it’s like I’m losing my voice but hopefully you enjoy
the lesson anyway so I was asking people on Facebook what they’d like to know
more about you can also let me know in the comment section below this video
particular situations that you’d like to know more about so that we can help you
practice a little bit of English and help you feel a bit more confident while
you’re doing it well I am Drew Badger the world’s first and number one English
Fluency Guide and in this video we’re going to talk about buying some tickets
like if you’re travelling or something like that so this is a pretty common
situation especially if you’re out traveling or even if you live in a
native english-speaking country and you have to go to the train station so a
very common thing you might go like you’re walking up to the ticket counter
and the person that’s behind the counter might say where you headed where you
headed the same thing I was saying before about
how you been like how have you been it becomes how you been how you been how
you been so we make things shorter because everybody knows what we’re
saying at least native English speakers and my job is to help you understand
that so that you can use those same expressions so where you headed
where you headed as opposed to where would you like to go today people might
you know kind of use different things in situations like this but this is a very
common one so where are you headed it just means where are you going
so to head needs to go in a particular direction now you can respond to this
with I’d like to go to something so I’d like to buy a ticket for whatever so I’d
like to go to wherever or you can say I’m going to something so where are you
headed I’m going to Chicago where you’re headed I’m going to Chicago so practice
that with me now where you headed okay great let’s try it again
where you headed okay great so where you headed and practice with me
if maybe I didn’t give you enough time to respond just watch this video a few
times until you can make your response a little bit faster remember that you’re
not just trying to learn information you want to practice it so you can use it
automatically where you hit it okay great now so once you decide where
you’re headed you have to decide typically the next thing is if you’re
going there and coming back or if you’re just going in that one direction so
typically the ticket person would say oh that one way or round-trip one-way or
roundtrip so one-way or roundtrip and then you can
just say Oh one-way or roundtrip it doesn’t really matter which way you’re
going just for the purposes of this example but just probably try practicing
this little sequence with me right now where you headed
okay is that one-way or roundtrip fantastic it’s going to be nice
ten dollars and then you would just you know pay the person for that let’s try
it again where are you headed fantastic is that one-way or roundtrip great
that’s going to be $19 and look at that very easy so I want you to go back and
review this a couple of times remember when you’re practicing with these
lessons it’s not just about learning information I want you to practice it so
go back watch these a few times and now I’d like you to try asking me so you can
ask me where you hit oh I’m going to Chicago that’ll be a round-trip ticket
please very easy so where you hit it I’m headed to or I’m going to or I’d
like a ticket too and then you just say the name of the place or if you want to
just say something nice and easy just say the name of the place it’s even the
easiest thing you can do so where you headed Chicago one way around trip one
way you know I’m just going back there for whatever reason so you don’t have to
spend much time thinking about additional things to say just try to
practice that so especially if you’re getting into situations where you’re new
to something like try to keep it try to keep it short and simple so where you
headed Chicago is that one way a round trip of
just one way and then you know they pay the money and then thank you very much
last time where you hit it great is that one way a round trip fantastic that’s
going to be two thousand five hundred and eighty eight dollars okay now that
was just it a great thing to practice how did you feel do you feel a bit more
confident having practice that yep I hope you do are you excited to do some
more okay fantastic well then I hope you are
looking forward to the next video because that is it for this one I don’t
want to give you too much information so go back and review what you’ve learned
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work this into a series that maybe we will cover some of the same phrases
we’ve already done that before because I don’t want you to just forget with one
video I want you to follow the series and actually
the same things we’re practicing before so we can build up a bit more of a
conversation like how you been can’t complain that kind of thing so we’ll
practice that some more and if you are a subscriber to the YouTube channel be
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free with this free quiz so take that right now it just may be less than one
minute and you can be learning with a whole bunch of new information right now
anyway I look forward to seeing you in the quiz and I’ll see you in the next
video bye-bye

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