Pre Cruise Hotel Stay In Orlando

Pre Cruise Hotel Stay In Orlando

hey cruisers our journey to Florida is
underway we’re flying today from LAX got change
lanes – we’re flying from LAX to Orlando in preparation for our cruise on Harmony
of the Seas today is Friday and we did something totally different this time we
actually gave ourselves a little time to enjoy Orlando before we get on the ship
so we are going to be flying into Orlando tonight and then we’ve made our
arrangements with the port canaveral for all of our transportation and our pre
cruise lodging for this trip so the way that it works is that once we get to the
airport tonight go port canaveral has put us up at the Marriott lakeside by
the airport and we take the airport shuttle from the airport to the hotel
and then on cruise day we’re going to be taking the early to cruise shuttle from
the hotel to the cruise port which is about 50 minutes away so we’re going to
Port Canaveral from Orlando and then after we get off the ship go port
canaveral is taking us from the cruise port to the airport so really looking
forward to some peace of mind of knowing that we have booked with a service
that’s going to take care of all the transportation and the lodging for us so
since I’ve never been to Orlando that’s the route that we decided to take and it
just feels so good not to have to worry about all those little details so yeah
we’re about an hour outside of LAX we’ve made reservations with a parking lot
where our car is gonna stay the whole week and we’re going to be flying with a
JetBlue to about a five and a half hour flight from
LA to Orlando so company put my eyes back on the road and we’ll touch base
with you guys once we’re in at the airport take the exit then keep right toward Los
Angeles International Airport we made it to LAX and we left our car
this time with the valet service at the parking spot which is a place where you
can leave your card have like three levels of parking that got like
uncovered and they have self parking in valet well there were only valet was
like the only thing left when I made the reservation it was only a dollar more a
day but they take care of your bags for you and they park your car for you it’s
really nice and somehow we got very lucky oh yeah the whole shuttle to the
Jet Blue terminal to our self right now but this has been a really nice
experience so far different for us because usually we just stay in a hotel
and then we take the hotel shuttle to the airport but the reason I chose this
company is because when we’re waiting at the airport for our shuttle these are
the shuttles we always see there’s just tons of them so I think it’s gonna be
quick and efficient on both sides of our trip out of LAX so there we go just a
few minutes to the airport it’s been a smooth travel day at LAX so far we’re
here at our gate had a tasty lunch in this little farmers market area and
we’re just waiting for boarding time I think what’s made this day a little more
smooth is that we didn’t have a super early morning flight got to LAX really
early and now we’ve been able to just chill do you want to tell everybody
really quickly that we did on the opportunity for the first time to use
our Global Entry today in the way of being assigned TSA PreCheck and it was
wonderful so if you’re on the fence about TSA pre or Global Entry go for it
it’s wonderful so quick you don’t have to take off your shoes you don’t have to
take your liquids or your laptops out you don’t have take off your jacket or
your belt it’s really great it’s worth it and it minimized our stress today it
was fantastic so yeah we’re just gonna wait for boarding time and then jump on
the flight and hope that everything stays as smooth as it is because it’s
been really really really on-time kind of day so far yes I really do do this welcome on board
our flight you made it super hole JetBlue flight to our land oh but so far
again these aren’t super smooth juniors the middle seat I’m taking the aisle Mr.
CruiseTipsTV has the window during five more hours we’re going to be
dropping down into Orlando it’s probably gonna be really dark outside not sure
we’re gonna have a whole lot to show you in Orlando but our go port shuttle
actually the hotel shuttle from the Marriott Lakeside is gonna be
picking us up and taking us to our hotel and we’ll probably grab some dinner and
crash out and enjoy a fun day tomorrow in Orlando at our hotel we are going to
be doing a little bit of shopping tomorrow we need to get sunscreen and I
brought what else oh we’re gonna get a hand soap like a pump thing of hand
soap to put in our room obviously if you’re packing carry-on only you don’t
need to bring that stuff with you so that’s our plan tomorrow and I better sign off we made it to the Orlando Airport super
smooth flight everything went really well and now we’ve made our way to the
ground transportation area and we gave the Marriott a call and they are coming
to pick us up all right now now Eastern time it’s like
midnight but we’re still fun this is the big time so it’s like 9 p.m. but I think
we could use a little bit of food and some serious rest so we’re going to say
good night for now we’ll see you in the morning when we check in at our hotel
and enjoy our first ever visit to our later it’s 2:30 on Saturday and we’ve had the
most relaxing morning here at the Marriott Orlando lakeside by the airport
it’s a really convenient spot if you’re coming in like late on a flight you can
just pop over here and get your rest and relaxation started right away it’s been
great so we had the pool all to ourselves the all morning and the
weather was just great it was like warm and balmy but with occasional breezes
and then the clouds would come in and just cool us off whenever we needed it
so right now we’re waiting for our uber who’s gonna be here any minute right now
and we’re gonna go to Chili’s and get some lunch it feels like we’re just
starving and it’s super late because where our schedules all wacky were on
East Coast time and normally we’re West Coasters so we’re trying to get used to
this but man it has been such a luxury to have this day before the cruise to
get into the vacation mode and just relax and do pretty much nothing as you
can tell I just got a shower my hair’s wet and we’re just kind of chillin today
and taking every moment as it comes so yeah we’re gonna jump in our uber now
and go get some food and then jump over to Walgreens or some kind of a drugstore
to pick up sunscreen and some hand soap for the cruise tomorrow lunch at Chili’s was great we were like
level ten starvation so no matter what we were gonna eat it was gonna taste
really good so three uber drivers and one trip to Chili’s one trip to Walgreens
later we’re back at the hotel we’re actually in the guest laundry I’ll give you a little spin around here and we’re doing a little bit of laundry on our pre cruise
day because we have dirty swimsuits we have dirty clothes from the flight and
we will not be doing laundry on the ship unless it’s like to sink laundry so we
decided we would just do a proper load today and it’s only like 250 for a load
for a wash 250 for a dry like a dollar 25 for so detergents they think or do we
just go for it and get all the wet swimsuits all cleaned up and we’re ready
for tomorrow so we’re gonna show you how to laundry room a little bit and then
we’re gonna head back to the room and we’re gonna get our stuff ready for
tomorrow tomorrow’s the big day of course and embarkation on harmony of the
Seas and what I’m going to do is transfer kind of everything for my
flight bag into my embarkation day bag so it’s kind of a different routines
will show you some of the items that we’re going to be taking on the ship and
how that differs we’re going to lighten things up just a little bit and then we
get to the port we’re going to check our bags and then just keep it really light
with swimwear and sunscreen and sunglasses had things like that so we
can just enjoy the outdoors before our bags come so finish up laundry now and
then we’ll head back through this is very exciting
vacation laundry is so exciting alright let’s transfer so yeah I left
the room key in the laundromat and the laundromat requires a key and so we’re
locked out of everything oh why do I always do stuff like that
so we’re headed to the front desk I don’t know what we’re gonna do we’re
just gonna say we’re locked out of everything and can you please give me
another key because yeah blonde moment crisis averted
I got a new key and the ladies at the front desk did not even laugh at me I
had a new key within 30 seconds so we’re good we’re back in the room the boys
have gone to work on the laundry again and I am back in the room and I’m
packing our embark Asian day bags so I’m gonna go ahead and show you what we’re
gonna be taking I’d like to keep it really light on embarkation day these
days the one thing I’m not gonna show you but that you’ll you know is gonna be
in here eventually is our swimwear and our flip-flops
there’s swimwear is actually in the washing machine right now because we
went swimming at the hotel here today so just know that we’re gonna get that in
there and everything also pretty much is in the back so let me show you what
we’re going to be taking with us to the port all right we’ll start with probably
the most important thing which is right here this is our passports
I’m actually not printing boarding passes for this cruise because they’re
electronic the Royal Caribbean app makes it so easy for you to just keep
electronic boarding passes so those are just gonna stay with me next up I have
some sunscreen this no ad right here I bought today at the hotel and I was
thinking it was gonna be like your typical kids sunscreen but you guys it
has this amazing coconut smell and the whole family tolerated it real
well jr. and I have really sensitive skin so we love it I would highly
recommend it this is actually the normal sunscreen
that my son and I wear it’s a 70 and it’s actually a kid’s product but it’s
great for sandy days it just goes on really well over over the water over the
sand over everything it’s a really nice spray since this is kind of our favorite
sunscreen we picked that up at Walgreens about a few snacks here and this little
bag is just my tech accessory case this is chargers and cables we’re gonna take
that my son’s goggles of course and then we have sunglasses for the whole family
as well as my wallet and then I’m gonna take my makeup I’ve really downsized the
makeup for this cruise into this little bag and then the last few things that I
have here are hats for the whole family and a reusable water bottle so what
we’re doing is transitioning from this flight bag over to this little packable
backpack so hopefully everything will fit in there if it doesn’t my son will
also have a backpack and we can sneak a few lightweight things into his pack as
well so yeah hopefully I didn’t forget anything but we’re doing this nice and
early so we have some time to cross check everything in the morning before
we get on our go port shuttle uh I thought that the sunrise and morning
time was beautiful by this little lake but it is so gorgeous at sunset it’s I
think we just really struck gold with the weather though there’s this gorgeous
breeze today and as our uber driver said in Orlando they turn the oven down so
it’s just not that hot it’s so nice it’s like perfect fall-like weather so it’s
been the best way to kick off our vacation to actually take another
vacation day before the cruise I do not regret this we are so in the mode and
I’m even more excited now I think for harmony of the Seas having had time to
like really process it and think about it today and look forward to these
little moments so here are the little moments I’m most
looking forward to tomorrow I’m actually looking forward to seeing a little bit
of Orlando we haven’t seen a whole lot so it’ll be kind of cool to see what’s
between here and Port Canaveral I really don’t know it’ll all be new and exciting
to us I’m excited to see the entire ship just the enormity of the ship I think is
gonna be mind-blowing for us as many of you know we’ve been on over 30 cruises
but this ship is way bigger than anything we’ve ever been on excuse me
biggest ship we’ve ever been on was Liberty of the Seas another Royal
Caribbean ship but otherwise we’re like mid to small ship people so I think it’s
gonna be a pretty shocking for us just to be standing beneath harmony of the
Seas I’m also looking forward to my drink package and finding that first
perfect cocktail and maybe that second perfect cocktail tomorrow I’m excited to
see what kind of trouble I can get into with my son maybe we’ll hit some water
slides or pools or something like that but there’s really a lot that we’re
looking forward to on this cruise and we appreciate you following along with us
this is just the beginning so make sure you stick around and again make sure
you’re following our Instagram story highlights we saved a little story
highlight for you from this trip and there’s so much goodness in there that
we can’t capture in the blogs that there’s those little moments that are
like a mini vlog so make sure you go check those out so we’ll see you
tomorrow in Port Canaveral for our seven night journey to st. Thomas st. Martin
and perfect day at CoCo Cay with Royal Caribbean

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46 Replies to “Pre Cruise Hotel Stay In Orlando”

  1. I've always loved your vlogs for the information and enthusiasm you bring. I've become so knowledgable about cruising through you…Thanks so much.

  2. btw – I love how the people behind you were also wiping down their trays and armrests on the plane when you were. Was nice to see you drive thru my neighborhood in Calabasas / Woodland Hills – You passed by my daughter's dance studio 🙂

  3. I have a question, anyone? Can we just use a passport card instead of a passport book on RC? That's what we have and we're leaving on Allure of the Seas in February 2020.

  4. We use the p
    Parking Spot here at the Atlanta airport. It's convenient and you're right their shuttles are plentiful. We also like getting a free bottle of water or soda when we leave after the trip. I followed along on Instagram when y'all were enjoying the pre cruise day at the pool it looked like a great place to stay. Great video as always! Thanks for bringing us along! You look great! Susan

  5. We are using this same company. We are flying out of nyc in December so I so happy to see this video. Only difference is we are staying at the embassy suites

  6. LOL! Sherri I do the same thing I wipe down my airplane seat and I wipe down my hotel room too. Starting with the TV remote 🤢

  7. I love your vlogs! This was super helpful. We will be coming into Orlando a day early also for our 3/1/20 Harmony of the Seas trip. I want to tour the Kennedy Space Center on our extra day. Still trying to figure out the logistics of where to stay, how to get to KSC, then the Port. Go Port going back, though, for sure.

  8. Im from Florida and was cracking up when I saw the water (looks like a canal?)…1st thing I said was don't do it….gators…then I saw the sign. Ha

  9. Next time you sail out of Orlando. use coco beach shuttle from airport (book ahead of time) and stay at a hotel in coco beach.

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  16. Great info we leave after Christmas and I was stressing how to get the the family to and from the airport/cruise just booked with GoPort thank you!!

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