Quick and Easy Quilt Border for a Colour Me Panel

Welcome to SewVeryEasy, my name is Laura. And today let’s make a quick and easy child’s quilt. And this quilt, well, it’s going to hold a lot of memories for them and they’ll remember every color that’s put on. And let’s start with a quilt panel that the child can color. Now this panel is from Susybee and as you can see, there’s no color in at all it. Is a big coloring page. It’s made to be colored on. I’m going to use some fabric markers and these are designed to color right on top of fabric. These are from Marvy/Uchida. I’m going to start with some long strips. They’re 2½” wide. Now this is the fabric lineup that matches the panels, and for each strip that I’ve cut, I want a fabric that’s going to read as a white. Now this is white with a little grey swirl on it but it’s going to work just fine. So for each strip I’m going to need a strip of white. I’m going to use this black and white polka dot and it is the match for the background. That way I can blend everything together. We’re going to take each strip and sew it onto a white strip. When all the strips have been sewn together, you can take the white and press it towards the darker sides. When the entire width of fabrics have been pressed, we’re going to cut them into 5½” segments. Straighten up the one end and cut 5½”. You will be able to get seven of these segments from that long width of fabric. With all the strips cut up. we’re going to sew them back together. Now you can actually choose a pattern or you can do them random. They need to be sewn together along the long seam. So you’re going to have a white, color, white, color, all the way. We’re going to need to turn these into borders. For the short side we’re going to need eleven of these strips sewn together. And because these were sewn in pairs, you will need to remove one end and that will give you eleven strips. The eleven pieces are going to equal 22½”. For the two long sides, we need twenty of these strips sewn together and that’s going to equal 40½”. The border is going to have a big corner stone. And this is a 5½” square which matches the 5½” pieces. Now if you want you can leave them this way or you can add little corner stones. If you have any strips left of 2½”, cut them into 2½” squares. On the back of the 2½” squares, draw a line from corner to corner. And on each corner of the block you will add one of these squares and stitch right down the center of that line. When the four corners are on, just take those edges and press them out, and it should still remain a 5½” square. You can then trim off these little points. And when those squares are done you need to sew them on the end of the short strip. You’re going to have two on one end and two on the other. And when those ends have been put on, those short pieces now become 32½”. With the short border done and the long border done, we now will be able to put it onto the quilt. So I’ve trimmed the panel to be 32½” by 50½”. The first border you’re going to sew on are the two long sides. When the long sides are done and the tops are added, those 5½” squares will fit right in that corner. So sew the two sides up and then the top, matching up these corners. When the border is done, add one more border. This is going to be a 3″ border. Now if it’s a little bit bigger than you want it can always be trimmed down, or you can always add a bigger border. The first 3″ border I’m going to put on are on both sides, so it’s going to match that length. The next border is going to go right from that edge all the way to the other edge. So that border is going to come right to the end. That’s going to frame the quilt. And with that last border on, we’re done. This can be colored now or it can be colored after it has been quilted. So if you want to give this as a gift, you can quilt it first. And because this is going to be colored on with the permanent markers, I’ve chosen a black background. And the reason is, that way if they hold the marker too long and it comes through, it won’t matter. You’re not going to see it on the back. Having all these nice big white spots available, their friends are going to be able to put their names and draw pictures along with coloring the inside picture. To quilt it I just did a very very simple stitch which are these letter C’s. I’ll put a link in the description to a video that’ll show you how I’ve done this quilting. This is a fun project for a birthday, a special occasion, or just a reason to hold on to some memories. Now to color with this you’re going to take those markers and just have them color like they would normally. And before you put that in the washer, just iron it a little bit, and that heat is just going to help set the colors a little bit. You don’t have to, but it’s fine to iron that quilt. Wash it in some cold water and you’re set to go. Those colors are going to stay nice for a long long time. And when they look at this quilt for years to come they’re going to remember that special occasion. Thank you for joining me today on SewVeryEasy. Feel free to subscribe and, as always, come on back. Let’s see what we’re sewing next time
in the sewing room. Bye for now!

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