Rep. Biggs: Lisa Page once engaged in FBI cabal, now playing the victim

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100 Replies to “Rep. Biggs: Lisa Page once engaged in FBI cabal, now playing the victim”

  1. Sometimes scroll through Faux comments just to see how Republicans are getting dumber by the day. All of you can keep playing frisbee with your democracy, it’s fun to watch for the outside world & the United States are NOT too good for destruction, they already have an illegitimate president.

  2. Mueller – That's outside of my purview, this is outside my purview, that’s beyond my purview, with regard to Steele…that's beyond my purview….

  3. Anyone who would have an affair with that creep Peter Strzok must be desperate she has no credibility she is a female creep.She is a lawyer of the worst stripe.

  4. Classic case of throwing the victim life-preserver…to me, it seems she won't like what is in the upcoming reports. It's all so predictable and boring at this point.

    Lie in your mess and own it, people. The Left says and, lately, DOES crazy things, and they SINCERELY do have some kinda cultish amnesia where they expect us to forget all the wild smears and stunts…they really do. It's a major problem. We're in serious cultural trouble on this. You can't say all this crazy stuff and then just walk away like "whew that was crazy, what happened? Oh well not my problem, what's on Netflix?" Not this time, and enough is enough of this. You can't be the poor little baby, up against big bad Trump…it's shameless really. We can't help it that you sent those texts and went nuts like all the rest. You sent them.

  5. If Hillary smells any fear in Lisa page that she will flip. She will be suicidial and found dead with a cord around the door knob and her neck in a hotel room or a couple bullets in her back and it will ruled as a suicide 🤔

  6. You are a big girl, Lisa, so crying will do you no good. You knew very well what you were doing, woman, so take your punishment like a grown-up. You are only whining because you got caught. You are an attorney so you know what can and SHOULD happen to you and all the others in kahoots with you.

  7. Dam I thought the Dems were throwing anything to get it to stick to the wall. Republicans are really scrapping the bottom of the barrel and throwing ANYTHING to get it to stick to the wall. Let the mud slinging continue.

  8. That poor communist victim,she did nothing wrong! It is all trumps fault!!!
    These assholes in govertment need to be tried and executed for treason.
    Especially the FBI COMMUNIST !

  9. HISTORIES MOST ICONIC DUO IDIOTS NADLER AND SCHIFF> Beavis and Butt-head > Dumb and Dumber>Tom and Jerry > Wanyne and Garth>Fred Flintstone & Barney Rubble>Michael > Abbott and Costello>Sponge bob and Patrick> Borat and Azamat.

  10. You should just be open and testify and bring all paperwork and anything's going their innocence forward. Stop wasting everybody's time and money to hide criminal activity from the entire Republican Party

  11. The USA has been run by gangsters and banksters for at least 50 years. It is time these crooks are revealed, arrested, tried, convicted, and imprisoned or hanged.
    This includes Hillary and three past Presidents, Obama, Bush junior, and Bill Clinton.

  12. My dearest before you cheat and sleep with married man Think ! But you proof my point only ugly cheat . You are one ! And the one you did the cheating a low life . You and that jerk should walk with the letter for Adulterer.Move go to some other country nobody knows you .you are lucky U not in prison.



  15. It doesn't matter what the IG report says it doesn't matter what Lisa page says what matters is we the people and we the people say she should be tried for treason as a traitor

  16. Every comment on here is a repeat of a trump tweet that has been proven false, none of these comments have any basis in fact much less reality

  17. The Dem's pattern is so obvious any more. Accuse, use the courts and their majority in The House to their advantage, fail, and repeat.

  18. Miss page if you really want to come out then speak the truth cuz the truth shall set you free and if not choose Heaven or Hell

  19. There are about 60,000,000 people watching every move Barr and Durham are doing that we can get news on. There are about 60,000,000 people who have been 'beat up' by Leftist freaks for 3 years for voting for the President and want the truth to come out.

  20. Oh NOW Lisa Page is going to come out. Hahaha. Honey, you done let plenty out already.
    Sounds like someone's getting nervous.

  21. Lisa Page….Prime example of dipping or being dipped in the company quill…..BUSTED…and now whinning and remember ……she quit….no one fired her or pressed her to do so. Now, its time to have a Pity Party and no one is showing up…..woman, thou dost protest too much……BUSTED….Honey, baby, cutie, darlin, pumpkin…..

  22. Lisa Page you think you have a lot to say you because with your paramour Peter Struzk (sp) it did a lot of nonsense a lot of lives there in that Russian collusion crap so Lisa Page attend the best thing you can do is put a bag over your face and get lost

  23. President Donald Trump and his Justice Department appointed their own investigator and prosecutor to look into Robert Mueller’s team as well as the FBI agents that dealt with the early days of the Russia investigation. Not surprisingly, after extensive international travel, interviews with high-level foreign officials and a desperate need to verify a conspiracy, nothing could be found.

    the inspector general is “expected to conclude that opening of Crossfire Hurricane was legally and factually justified. His report will not provide fodder for several conservative conspiracy theories surrounding the case — particularly the notion that Papadopoulos was set up as part of a nefarious western intelligence operation.”

    the final report will “debunk a series of conspiracy theories and insinuations about the F.B.I. that Mr. Trump and his allies have put forward over the past two years, the people said, though they cautioned that the report is not complete

  24. She’s upset about not winning and being able to write the history of this situation to show her a hero not a criminal.

  25. What has Lisa been up to since she left the FBI, who hired her (Soros related)
    Her cuckold husband works for a non profit, who has funneled $$$ into that , how much has he been paid

  26. Can you believe this woman is beyond guilty and the Washington scum are letting her go free. I don't trust our government anymore or the law being applied fairly and equally to all people. The corruption and stench of Washington is pure filth.

  27. I'm sure it's against regulations to be sleeping with married FBI colleagues. Biases against any president is forbidden. Conspiring against a president is also a no no. Lisa already knows she's getting indighted. She's vying for support from the fake news media against Trump's accusations about her being treasonest. News flash..She is!

  28. Shes a liar and fraud ask her about the insurance e pokicy text she sent Peter steok I case Hillary lost where is that text at now that most of those texts were scrubbed after they were let go by mueller

  29. Republicans soft awaken the black people to the Democrats racist Crooks and I guarantee you we'll burn it down time to step aside white people let us show you why they need us to be distracted time of Reckoning

  30. The funniest thing is hearing Republicans say that the FBI is some kind of nest of liberals… Have you met any of these people? They are devout conservatives. It's amazing how Trump has twisted the Republican party to his own purposes.

  31. Hmm… Something's still not right. This must be another set-up, con job. I'm not anybody special, but I know for a fact that someone illegally wiretapped my landline in Modesto way back in 98/99(?)when the feds were all over my town, detaining everybody and their dog using parole holds while they were investigating the nationally covered "Yosemite sightseers" murders. I only found out because my guest, who was visiting me from SD, told me that agents were waiting for him at home when he got back just to question him about what he was really talking about to his brother while he was using my phone. What??? The real point is, don't tell me these two seasoned agents didn't know that there was a real possibility that lots of other people had access to their public and private conversations.

  32. On a side note….. Steve always sounds like he has no idea what his next words will be. Can we please get someone else in his place, it’s painful listening to him.

  33. She's not worth the sweat off President Trump's balls. Apparently, there an opening at Starbucks since she' going to need a new "career".

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