Rep. Hakeem Jeffries previews House Judiciary impeachment hearings

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100 Replies to “Rep. Hakeem Jeffries previews House Judiciary impeachment hearings”

  1. Yeah Democrat from New York Hakeem Geoffrey's going to be super impartial ! Chris Wallace why don't you just put him in your mouth along with Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper ! F**** joke !

  2. Really Wallace? Get to "issues"? There are no "issues"! Just LIES Wallace, Williams, and the ISIS Liberal Democrat Fascist Communist terrorists.

  3. What a douchebag traitor. The left is disgusting and should fully be taken out of power.its obvious they can't be trusted!

  4. As if Jeffries own lies arent bad enough and show such diddain for the intelligence of the voters, now he repeats the 'evidence in plain sight' lie that Schiff was peddling for two years. We never saw it then and wont see it now but they just keep repeating the same old lies hoping the repetition will be remembered without the evidence.

  5. Notice to all Democrats are running for office beginning on November in 2020 please start typing up your resumes because you're all going to be fired and voted out office and you're going to be replaced by a Republican

  6. don't forget that this guy says-now we are trying to pass a lower health bill….well,what about 3 years ago….now is too late…now is the time we get rid of the democrats and do it now! vote Republican across the board!

  7. That's funny, it was President Trump who did the EO to bring down drug prices, now Dems are saying it's their idea. "Do Nothing Dems!" are now trying to cheat off of POTUS's paper because they wasted so much time, uhg!

  8. The american people know this is a bad rerun preformed by desperate democrat's brought to you by desperate criminals paid for yet again by the taxpayers. As the democrat's insist on going forward with they're political impeachment of the PEOPLE'S PRESIDENT, we the american people demand Adam Schiff. Hunter Bidden, Joe Bidden, George Soros and the whistle blower to name a few be brought in to testify with no deals made in advance for them to do so.

  9. Obama withheld aid to Ukraine – permanently.
    The president's constitutional DUTY is to investigate corruption. DemoKKKrooks ARE that corruption. Biden, Clinton, Kerry, Schiff, Schumer and others have financial internets in covering up that corruption.
    Wallace SOUNDED impartial, at the beginning, but this hit piece ended like all his others – just another of his demOcrook springboards.

  10. BS Hakeem! Infrastructure is a state mandated problem not a federal one! You have no valid evidence… you have drama and wasted $$$s and wasted time of dem controlled House… enjoy it sport… noone's listening!~

  11. I turned off the video just as soon as I saw it was going to be 2 Trump haters talking about Trump. Chris Wallace should have at least brought in a Trump supporter as a third person but then again that would have been the fair thing to do.

  12. OHHH that guy 8:25 "if trump can come forward and actuality present a witness"
    In a closed door hearing under oath Mark Sandy provided a legitimate reason for Trumps withholding aid in a text to him. Trump said, other countries was not doing their fare share.
    There will be a text as evidence and he is a first hand witness.

    Isn't that a legitimate reason and witness that the dem's didn't want the public to know in an open hearing?


  14. What BS they haven't done one thing for the People in three years, nothing ,zip, nada, actuality they have done nothing for America for 11 years but make everyone broke and many homeless with regulations and fear mongering on Climate while taking billions for themselves.

    Chris Wallace is their mouth piece on Sundays. You see the numbers from Black Friday and why are they way up because of President Trump as everyone has more money to buy what they want. Stock market record highs 101 times in three years. Largest tax cut ever.The list of wins for the People goes on and on while Democrats have tried to stop every one of those gains.

  15. Come on Chris! You’re gonna let him smuggly let him say 12 witnesses confirmed the allegation? Have him at least admit it wouldn’t pass the federal evidence standard because it’s third party hearsay!

  16. urgent, constitutional crisis, know lets take nine day brake for thanksgiving, jeffries sounds like a moron. you would take zero time off to fix this sinking ship show, lies.

  17. Blah Blah Blah Blah… "We need to fix our crumbing roads and bridges." Yeah, right! We' heard that line for 8 years with Obama… along with lowering prices on prescriptions, while fining Americans for not having Health Insurance, yet the Swamp Rats want to give it to illegal immigrants for free!. The Demorats want their slaves back, along with America's monies and power/control back in their hands, so they can finish turning this Nation into a Communist 3rd world country. The swamp rats say they want to take the money from the rich and distributed it to the poor… this is oddly interesting in the fact that these lying greedy scumbags are filthy rich!!
    Nancy Pelosi's net worth is: 100 Million Dollars
    Elizabeth Warren: 10 Million Dollars
    Joe Biden: 5 Million Dollars
    Bernie Sanders:2.5 Million Dollars
    Barry Hussein Soetoro Obama’s net worth is about $50 million, up from $1.3 million before he became president

  18. Republicans hate everyone but themselves. They don’t believe in equal rights, or justice… they are right, another civil war is coming… to hell with those devils

  19. sorry Hakeem…you are corrupt…I hope you are voted out soon for the sake of America's national security…you should be ashamed…

  20. Sorry Hakeem…you are a liar, sadly paid by the American people…quit mis-quoting the constitution and quit throwing unproven allegations…you must have been bought…you are already accusing President Donald Trump and you are going to follow the facts where they go? Learn the constitution before you demonstrate further ignorance of it…you are an embarrassment…

  21. Since when did these jerjs care about giving President Trump's a chance to present exculpatory evidence? Oh yeah …since their constituents took them to task for this impeachment nonsense instead of legislating policies they were elected to help those who voted for them. I will NEVER vote Democrat again!

  22. Of course rep Jeffries is on with chris Wallace. It was Wallace that tryed to serve president Putin of Russia with subpoena's in Helsinki. Lol and Jeffries is reading a teleprompter. Then he wants to talk about Madison, ok. What about Clinton, he's the one that started the resistances in Congress against Washington and Hamilton. Started the democrat Republican party because they didnt want to abolish slavery. Didnt think the constitution applied to everyone. Talk about selective history. Which makes me wonder about Jackson's impeachment. Wasn't it him that drafted the Monroe doctrine that kept the old world out, like the vatican.
    Maybe thats why jeffries kept hard swallowing, because he knew he was lying through his teeth. And this 3 to 1 is either 31 for war or 13 for the vatican. Either way its the vatican behind all this. Its why the Washington monument is a phallic symbol. Vatican control over this country.
    Peace and agap'e.

  23. Bkah blah blah. So sick of the puke spewing out of the glory hole of all these moronic dems. Just lie after lie after lie. And of course slurring joe shouldn't be looked at.

  24. This is about…trying to keep all your asses from being tried for treason! That's what this is about! You Dems really are stupid!

  25. How many likes vs dislikes does Chris Wallace get on fox YouTube videos
    I don’t even watch I instantly dislike and move on to the next one

  26. Notice how at the end of the interview on WHAT this Impeachment is About – Notice he NEVER says it's about TRUTH, JUSTICE or actual PROOF…

    Welcome to the Mind of a Democrat…!

  27. Democrats protecting the constitution? Are you for real? Lol. Democrats would crap the constitution in a heartbeat if they weren’t stopped

  28. Mr, kaheem, you get nothing done but spent time doing nothing but Investigates! Wggat is wrong with this Kaheem guy,lol…

  29. Pelosi is demanding Mexico do a social security program for all mexicans, like ours, as a condition on the new Nafta. She knows mexico will refuse this. She's trying to prevent the economy from getting even better before the election.

  30. No hakeem. The "witnesses all new nothing. They all just though there was quidpro quo." Notone heard him say anything or had him tell them there was. You are full of manure. The house wll flip and you will lose senate seats in 2020. Trump will be elected, again.

  31. To summarize: Democrats will not allow testimony from witnesses that have not vetted personally, the Impeachment trial isnt meant to be fair its meant to get an intended result, and that the Congressman doesnt think Trump should be allowed to present testimony or evidence

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