Rep. Nadler Suggests His Committee Is Already Conducting An Impeachment Inquiry | Deadline | MSNBC

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100 Replies to “Rep. Nadler Suggests His Committee Is Already Conducting An Impeachment Inquiry | Deadline | MSNBC”

  1. WOW! John Heilemann did a kickass job hosting here!
    I had no idea that John could perform on this level!!

    I hope to see him hosting more on MSNBC.
    He proved himself to be a prolific host, ijust as good as many other MSNBC hosts.
    He is on a high level .😎😁

  2. To get across to Republicans that the President is a crook, that Russia colluded with the Trump’s Campaign and interfered in the election process, they need to be told it in simple language by Fox News and its shock jocks.

  3. Nadler suggests that his committee is already conducting an impeachment inquiry .
    Well, I suspect that's better than thinking about discussing at some time in the distant future the possibility of considering some kind of inquiry which moves in the direction of an investigation into matters which might result eventually in the "I-word"…. Or not.

  4. By the preponderance of the evidence presented in the Mueller Report (Vol 2), President Trump does appear to be guilty of the "high crime" of obstruction of justice. What is next is for an independent prosecutor to indeed present this publicly in Congress to convince everyone to conclude that, in fact, DJT is *proven* guilty (i.e. no longer presumed innocent). Therefore, let the impeachment trial begin.

    Many of you will be indicted for participating in the BOGUS Russia Collusion FAKE investigation!

  6. bla bla bla, why wait ….impeach impeach impeach, I tell you why. They wannah keep you on a line…they never ever gonnah impeach…just talk about hahahahahahahaaaa

  7. It is going to happen! But, It must be concrete and real. Don't rush it! Be deliberate, methodical and aggressive!

    You must, I mean must be patient and focused in order to catch a corrupt criminal, letting him hang himself. And he will greed is the white man's cryptonite!

  8. Democrat/Socialist following in the footsteps of the USSR
    It was Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria, the infamous sidekick of Stalin, who said, “SHOW ME THE MAN AND I WILL SHOW YOU THE CRIME”.
    First the Obama FBI and FISA Court, then the House investigation, then the Senate investigation, then the Muller investigation, now another House investigation

  9. Is anyone really stupid enough to think Nadler's BS is going anywhere. He's driving more and more voters to Trump…thanks!!

  10. Compel McGahn to testify by charging him with perjury. Trump said his testimony to Mueller was a lie. He'll have to choose between protecting himself or Donnie "Throw them under the Bus" Trump. Tough choice?

  11. The only ones going to be impeached are the Corrupt Democrats in Congress right into GUANTANAMO BAY PRISON FOR MILITARY u know why the Democrats are PANICKING and don't want the death penalty that Trump brought back WHY? Military Tribunals and Executions are coming for so many people.

  12. Never late to turn around from the wrong way, as an old cliche goes. Democrats must fulfil their constitutional duties to protect the freedom and democracy of the country. It is time to proceed with the impeachment of the CRIMINAL PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP.

  13. Nadler is correct Pelosi is a traitor to the people an agent for the Executive Branch

  14. @ @ 2020 Tired of waiting for Pelosi to act? I am, that is why I'm trying to get the word out about Shahid Buttar. Check him out and if you see something you like pls help. Shahid can use everyone's support even though I don't live in San Francisco, I support Shahid because he will need all the attention and support he can get to defeat the powerful Speaker of the House who calls herself a democrat. Maybe she was once, but she has stopped fighting, IMHO

  15. In the Presidents own words Russian interference is appreciated and encouraged! McConnell agrees by stopping bills that would curtail those activities. Wake up America the Crooked For Party GOP needs to be replaced by For Country Conservatives who will have to vote Democrats in 2020. America was great and had fixable problems until Money and Corrupt Power were allowed to take over..

  16. LAMO! Democrats are going to jail and they know it. Look at them freaking out! Panic has set in. It won't be much longer before the Democrat party will cease to exist. TRUMP FOREVER!

  17. Yes that is a good idea ,impeach Trump and then sit back and watch the civil war began democraps be careful

  18. Uhh plenty of us Independents are for impeachment and stay Independent because once again the democrats show they have no solidarity.

  19. GOP… more like Grand Obstructionist Pathetics. Wonder how many of them got elected with foreign meddling. That's why Moscow Mitch wouldn't pass the vote to protect US against foreign interference!

  20. The deplorable democrat party is spawning monsters that it cannot control. New information has come forth, new elements for consideration in the impeachment process,obstruction, on and on. So it goes through the 2020 campaign, through the election, through the inauguration, through the second term. Impeachment, indictment, prison, racism and all the rest. The democrats have been pursuing the "dream" with the same effort for over 3 years ending in failure each time but expecting a different result. This is the definition of obsession and insanity. The baying wolves continue to bay at the moon and the democrat party will continue provide the blood scent. All to hold their party and base intact. And to think it has been the democrat loyalist claiming the republican loyalists are the kool aid drinkers. These dopes are giving Trump the 2020 election and I couldn't be happier.

  21. Get that child abusing child rev off the stage disgusting that you would give a platform a megaphone to such a lowlife. Listening to a delusional madman talk politics… this is how you lose the interest of young liberals… by exposing them to these charlatans like the crappy rev here.

  22. just like to state that this "presenter " actually directly lies .. his own words do not match their own screened statements:
    Trumps Campaign statement ( 13.42 ) does not state anything about Exonerating him… at all but they go on to make an issue about this.
    as a centrist , this is why I simply can't take this network seriously.. !! they are hugely dishonest and biased..

  23. The problem with the impeachment process is the fear the trump party has embedded in the distance they'll go to keep power. The one taking lead will face threats and destructive slander for themselves and their families. They need a reassurance from the people for support to follow through with the impeachment regardless of the trashing and slandering they'll have to face due to these hard core criminals. We need to let them know they have our support. Go to your local TV stations and start to stand outside and let them know you are here and want impeachment. Dont block the media or show any aggression with your meeting. Media is our friends, our voice and our witnesses. Pick a day and announce it to the public for those who want to join. Once a week or more and the numbers will grow. Make signs. Impeach now! We can do this if they're going to fight for us. Nadler supporters. Actions speak loud and clear.

  24. MSNBC RATINGS LOSERS Impeaching President Trump simply will not work, without the 2/3 majority in Congress it's a waste of time & energy, as long as the Republicans are holding the Senate their is no way they can impeach, fools are being promised again by the same people that promised "Trump will be taken away in hand cuffs", how did that work out? The same political activist that said the Mueller report would "end the Trump presidency", how did that work out? BUT HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL , SO YOU FOOLS KEEP HOPING, SEE HOW THAT WORKS OUT!

  25. Nonsense. Impeachment doesn't have to be the topic to ask citizens what they think should be done when a President claims he 'has an Article II that allows him to do anything he wants". Citizens are smart enough to see the dangers of giving a President a get-out-of-jail-free card covering most laws of the land. Citizens know what an Attorney General like Barr was up to when he tried to sequester the Mueller Report and create a bunch of very incorrect beliefs about it.

    A memo protecting a President from indictment is a gift from the devil. It must be addressed, confronted, disposed of.

    Talk about what citizens think must be done about election meddling, about our insecure electronic systems, about families of refugees being separated at the border, about refugees in general and you will be talking about Trump's failures, many of which address the core problem: Trump is destroying the country.

    Dont tell citizens what to do. Ask them to decide what to do and arm them with the truth about his failed economic policies.

  26. a new development? for god sake they have been doing this for almost three years! are they stupid or just dump thick idiots. luckily the people of the USA are smart enough to see what these dems are doing to destroy this lovely country. Or are they?

  27. They want the only thing they can't have to validate their cause. These people, are stupid. The whole world is laughing, and why not, it's free.

  28. It’s about time the Dems take action. Reach out to your voters and let them give their opinion. They voted for a change and voted for young men and women.

  29. I totally disagree that Americans do not know the urgency of this! tRumps supporters will vote for him no matter what. Stop blaming Democrats, get across what? We know he lies he's been lying since 2015. HuH? Russia attacked us and REPUBLICANS Did NOTHING. AND CONTINUE TO DO NOTHING. Its on them NOT DEMOCRATS

  30. These are sobering final words: "Russia attacked us and the president did nothing." All the White House misrepresentations and misdirection pale in the light of that statement.

  31. Nadler, Please stop all investigations into the president and also write him an apology for falsely accusing him of conspiring with the Russians. Obviously, that did not happen.

  32. Please keep slime balls like Nadler, Schiff and the squad on TV every single day as the face of the democrat party- Trump doesn’t even have to campaign to win 2020- just keep these people out front and center

  33. Was anxious to watch until I saw street agitator Sharpton. This man has been rewarded for ruining innocent people's lives, he is and will always be a POS-

  34. so you talked right over nadlers answer, to his already having started an impeachment investigation with the hearings he has been holding…his answer was "IN EFFECT" which is not "yes that is what we have been doing". Your talking head, just as nadler says "in effect" rushes in and starts talking and says "IT IS A NEW DEVELOPMENT". You should try journalism and actual news and not information manipulation. Dems are not that stupid, yet you in the media treat them so. Stop taking Soro's/media matters money and advice. Dems are making it look like they are doing something, when they are not. All they require is a soundbyte to sound off about. whether it is fact or contrived.

  35. How about probing the taxpayer funded slush fund used by congress to pay off victims of alleged sexual and other inappropriate claims so that none of that goes public? Can we the people get a list of who has used these funds and for what purpose?

  36. Why does Putin want a wall built, why does he want are military rebuild stronger, and the lowest unemployment of all time, the best economy to, why does he want
    the US to have fair trade deal. If Obama was the one that had the economy coming back why isn't Trump destroying it. I can see why Putin would want Trump
    impeach? But l don't see why we would.

  37. To my Liberal Citizens and Illegals commenting below, if a member of Congress said they would Subpoena the White House Council under Obama, they would laugh because the separation of branches does not allow for it! However you are once again being duped into believing another lie from your media and those you elected to serve in Congress! There is no impeachable offense however we republicans are certainly glad you continue down the path of destruction! Also great job proving your for open borders and free services to illegals, I think the overall voter will really enjoy voting for those sick policies!

  38. I can understand the college-age liberals being misled, and Millenials below who think they know it all, and liberal extremists who want to destroy America, and I get all other foreign-born immigrants who want everything free, BUT– you older ones?? You have trashed any wisdom you may have developed through the years, if at all. Age normally brings wisdom. But I see that does not always occur.

  39. These two are a disgrace to our Constitution and Congress, and you cheer them on as if what they are doing is truth, honor, and the American way. They couldn't be further from honorable or truthful. As for the "squadlings", they are the new generation of sewer politicians, which has NOTHING to do with race.

  40. No collusion. No conspiracy No obstruction. No recommendation for impeachment.
    President Trump wins the popular vote in his 2020 re-election landslide.

  41. I was very disappointed in Democrats the way they asked Mueller. The reason why Mueller was not breathing life into it because Democrats didn't prepare the questions well enough to ask…sigh…I would have asked differently and impeachment inquiry would have started already.

  42. Trump really, really wants that dictatorship. He finally managed to get his first military parade, even though Congress told him No. Don't be surprised when Russian soldiers are manning the next military parade and knocking on your back door. Now is the time to alert those few Americans who do not already recognize the threat that McConnell, Putin, Barr and Trump represent.

  43. last line-
    "Russia attacked and the president did nothing"
    i disagree, the "occupant of the White House" said
    "How can I turn a profit on this?"

  44. How can anyone but the staunchest conservative or radical trump supporter not be on board with this?
    I have been patient and trusting of pelosi's strategy, but we cannot wait TOO LONG. That could literally be fatal to democracy. So though could be premature judgment.
    This is one of the most important decisions of our lifetimes.
    Timing is so important and nothing is certain.

  45. Congress credibility was at 8% for 2017 & 2018. Credibility for Nadler and Schiff is probably at about 1%? The public opinion for impeachment basically hasn't changed since the Mueller testimony, so hardly anyone watched Mueller! Nadler is an ole dog chasing a parked car! Wolf, Wolf, and go sniff Schiff's butt Jerry!

  46. I still have yet to hear any Democrat, or anyone else from the Trump-hating left, explain exactly what he can and should be impeached upon, other than just not liking him and/or disagreeing with him. It's always, "He broke the law!" Okay, which law and where's the proof? "He's a racist!" That's conjecture. "He obstructed justice!" Mueller himself said his investigation wasn't impeded and he did not determine the President committed any crime. If you're going to impeach him, please someone explain the actual legal basis for doing so. Hating him and not liking that he got elected doesn't cut it.

  47. Thank you Representative Nadler. Millions of prayers are with you. God be with you and keep you! ❤️

    Pelosi seems to be protecting her own Corporate Donors.

  48. Again, where are you getting your numbers on public support for impeachment? There definitely is public support for impeachment unless you're just talking to republikkkans. You guys don't want him impeached because you don't want to lose the story machine in the white house. Shame on you.

  49. The party of hoaxes, smears, and lies is unfit to govern. They are failing to get elected in 2020 due to their gross incompetence. This feeble, senseless pursuit of impeachment will doom their election chances, but they are too incompetent to see it. Neither they nor the country will gain anything by this plot. Fools.

  50. Do you stupid Democrats ever get tired of losing? President Trump will NEVER be impeached. He will be reelected. You dummies can't quit crapping in you're own nest.

  51. Nadler is a extremely biased nasty little troll. The Obama intelligence community (syndicate) are collectively trying to cover up their illegal activities so the Trump administration won't discover the extent of their corruption and how high up it went (Obama 😡) When you conclude that the Clinton's are the God Father of politics it becomes clear. Just like the God Father does, the Clinton's let you in on the "take" so if you squeal you too will go to prison… and more importantly like the God Father… when he needs a favor from you (frame Trump) you will do it. They all were on the Clinton payroll and they are trying to distract America's attention from finding this out 😉 This is why Bill met Loretta Lynch on the tar-mac and Brennan and Clapper were on the Clinton news channels claiming Russian collusion to drum up support to impeach Trump with a demonicrat 😈 stacked investigation syndicate. Thank God for Bill Barr and President Trump is devine intervention 😇

  52. I'm so glad we have this great president aren't you now that this fake Russia thing is over and he can go ahead and get his second term and build us a nice big tall wall make America great again. It's great to live in a time like this I'm sure you people agree

  53. Like "The lost cause of the Confederacy," going on and on, the impeachment process of Pres Trump will go on and on; and with Dem blatant lies and misleading statements as before.

  54. This walking corpse will be 6ft. under before he sees his crazed impeachment crusade fail.He will remembered like Mueller as laughing stock liberals.Trump 2020 MAGA

  55. What you are witnessing is an attempted coup against a sitting American president. And when all the Smoke Clears there's going to be a lot of Democrats charged with treason

  56. I thank God for these Heroes…doing the right thing! My prayers are with those who support our Constitution and “We The People”.

    Vote 🗳 BLUE IN 2020.

  57. Ask nadler about the ferry in Samoa he made go broke and sink to blame on his enemy's to turn they're support networks against them so he wouldn't be expossed nadler is the evil behind all the world's problems ask him who robbed fed resurve before he got the building brought down on top

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