Schiff: Intel Cmte. To Release Impeachment Report To Public | The Last Word | MSNBC

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Judiciary Cmte. Member: Impeachment Not About Politics, But The Constitution | The Last Word | MSNBC

76 Replies to “Schiff: Intel Cmte. To Release Impeachment Report To Public | The Last Word | MSNBC”

  1. The reason why Trump isn't sending any of his lawyers to participate in the hearings is because he has no lawyers that can actually mount a legitimate defense for his actions. More importantly, Trump doesn't even have a witness to send to the hearings that would be able to dispute the evidence against him. I'm mean who is going to send…Pompeo? Absolutely NOT!!!
    What about Bolton?  Nope, he hasn't been seen since he ran out of the White House before Rudy "the handgrenade" blew up.  What about  Mulvaney?  Nope…that's out of the question. How about Rudy? 😲😲

    Anyone of those potential witnesses for Trump are actually co-conspirators in Trump's crimes. They would either have to give him up, or commit perjury under oath during the hearings.  That's why Trump's not sending any lawyers are witnesses to defend him. Because he has no defense. Like Sondland said during his testimony, " EVERYONE was in the loop."😄

  2. If someone doesn't show up to a trial, they are automatically found guilty. It should be the same in this case. Is the U.S. a democracy?

  3. 29% of 330 million people are republicans and 53% of them are Trump supporters. Less than 51 million. If half of the eligible rest of America show up to vote, you the people, just become 10 times more powerful than you are now. Two-thirds of the population being against them shuts everything you hate about what they stands for off. so if billionaires tell you that they are going to leave the country don't worry, there's 10 billionaires waiting to take that place. tell them they don't count unless they got trillions, because we do…

    Buy the control of a $22 trillion American economy back with a vote. Probably 25 calories, or less

  4. This is nothing compared with his intention to remain president even if he loses badly in the next election. Trump will say the election was rigged and he is remaining in office for the "good" of the country. And 30 million Americans will applaud this. If you don't remove him now you will not remove him. And the great experiment in democracy will be over. They feel they cannot lose no matter what. Trump wins a fair election. Trump loses but easily convinces his sycophants the outcome was rigged no matter whether it was or wasn't. If trump survives to run we are finished as a representative democracy. Whatever continues will call themselves the United States but it is only a name. And if civil war breaks out trump's Russian allies will be invited in to help quell the insurrection. Count on it. If trump survives America as we know it dies. And that fully delights upwards of 30 million Americans.

  5. No lawyer in their right mind would want to walk into that hearing and try to defend someone swimming in a sea of moral turpitude and criminality as Trump. They would be throwing their careers and reputations away.

  6. Donny boy cannot defend himself because of his Mafia type actions would place him in jail,in lying to the hearing and the Donnnyyyy Joney Boy Trumpppp knowers it,

  7. Trump can't be put in front of a news camera, never mind in front of a court.
    How can he explain dismissing Yovanovitch and praising a corrupt Ukraine prosecutor (Rudy's client'),, if he was concerned about corruption? Answer he lies.

  8. “He wants you to believe that he is innocent, and that he is withholding evidence and blocking witnesses who could prove that he is innocent. All you have to do is say that out loud to hear how ridiculous that idea is.”

  9. we know donnie is guilty and so does his so called "christian" supporters,they all believe hes the chosen one by God. God help us

  10. Yet his enablers whine that he's being shut out, and not given a chance to participate, wah wah wah. Totally crazy.

  11. this channel is good but man, it is so overkill and not needed that have every single episode end with that super contrived outtro explaining how subscribing works. Please stop. Just end the video

  12. The Democrat have been doubt with impeachment hearing and scandal images undone , nothing prove ,president don't have to be given comments
    So its should be end before Christmas ,congratulation

  13. Is this politics?  Or this some kind of crazy game for the  Trump Big Boys Club.Can only hope he keeps that grave.

  14. 51% of Americans not only think t'rump should be impeached but think he should be removed from office.
    And somehow, republicans think this is "good news?" 🤔😄

  15. Because he is a certifiable narcissistic psychopath he is role playing his own fantasy of a child caught with his hand in the cookie jar putting on the 'innocent look'. Trump is playing a role in his own fantasy movie where is the lead, the director and the writer. Interesting to see what the box office is like and then the critiques of his master work that will follow. I guess you can get Murdoch newspapers in prison – Oh! You say he can't read. Oh dear.

  16. Why not use the Bengazi approach, investigate up and until the election. Keep it front and center every day, never let it leave the lips of current conversation.

  17. Democrats arent shutting out the retardicons from participating .it seems they are going out of their way to try and accommodate them .just because retardicons refuse to participate doesnt make it partisan on the dems side .it makes it partisan on the retardicon side .maybe to them its like the boogie man if you close your eyes it might go away .im sure glad none of them are defending me .they cant defend the evidence so they have to resort to a con job of it being unfair .see what happens when you put children in a grown up persons job .the immaturity shows brightly for all to see .

  18. Why would he need to participate ? He knows full well the corrupt to the core Republicans in Congress will not vote against him..

  19. Retardicons are the lying crying denying party .they are always crying when they dont get their way,they are always lying to get their way and they always deny they ever did anything wrong .the pinocchio party who wears diapers .how humiliating to be them but then you need a soul to be considered human .bible quote "for what hope has the hypocrite although he has gained when God has taken his soul. "

  20. okay.. here's one for the bean counters and fact checkers … How many times has the term "unprecedented" been used in reference to the Criminal in Chief. It seems like almost every day since being elected (and possibly before) something he has done or said falls into this category ..

  21. Trump must think he's already rigged the trial in the Senate. He HAS to pretend to have some defense when it gets there.

  22. ty me o'donnell and mr heilemann and ms wine-banks, i can't wait to read it! and i do agree, our nation can't afford to wait. the world can't afford to wait. he needs to be removed before he can do more and even worse damage to America.

  23. Trump consider himself above the law; the GOPs take this belief upon themselves to protect it…therefore Putin wins…

  24. Typical Republican tactic, and complete hypocrisy. Insist that what you think as "breaking the law" isn't actually "breaking the law", only when the people THEY don't like does it.

  25. Hey fake and traitor POTUS please bring your facts and your mob to the judiciary impeachment committee to defense your case, just don't go around and spread lies and fake news…put up or shut up and go away.

  26. Proving innocence doesn't matter as much if you think the laws don't apply to you. I think Trump's strategy is to simply keep repeating that the impeachment itself is unlawful, then admit everything, then rely on the Republican senators to vote not to remove him from office, then turn around to claim he's above the law, and open investigations into all of the Democrats for an attempted coup by way of the impeachment.

  27. The trump smoldering scorched earth policy. trump will do anything/ make up anything/and will have the complicit Senate do anything he commands. A frightening portrait of a Poisonous Demigod-and the Blindness of the Cult Worshipers.

  28. I’m getting tired of your subscription announcements at the end of every video you release. I pay premium to rid my data of useless ads. I’m unsubscribing your sneaky tactics.

  29. Trump is running out of lives fast. It's ridiculous he's got this far.Let's see Moscow Mitch stare down the evidence.

  30. Trump and his Republican defenders are turning our country into an Orwellian nightmare of double speak and manufactured reality, where the plain and simple truth no longer counts.

  31. Why should Individual 1 try to defend himself? He and his AG say that he's above the law and is immune from prosecution. He got help from Russia to rig the 2016 election while crying that "It's rigged!", and he's been overtly trying to get China, Ukraine and Saudi Arabia to help him rig 2020. Even if he loses, he'll ask his AG to do an investigation and proclaim he won it. He knows that if he's out of office, he's likely going to jail to sit beside his lawyer / fixer Cohen.

  32. -I am innocent (But, you can't have subpoenaed documents that proves its)
    -I am very rich (But you can't see my tax returns)
    -I am very smart (But let me sent threatening letters to these Universities with legal action and jail time if they ever released my academic records)
    -I love fighting corruption (but a New York judge ordered that Trump's Foundation have to be Dissolve, accused of 'Shocking Pattern of Illegality' and forced him to pay $2 million after being found guilty of using the Foundation's money for his own interest on political campaigns expenses)

  33. Why Hidden? Why Underground? Why No Whistleblower? Best and biggest question is "Why You Won't Even Prove Yourself In Person" or "Why don't you let your honest staff testify and prove DEMS….WRONG"? #GuiltHides #InnocentYouAreNot #Followers #America #DeserveWhatYouAskFor

  34. The only problem I see with that is Trump wanted impeachment that's going to fire up his base all ways to make them think they and him are being attacked together by the Democrats simple reverse psychology and he's going to use it and he's going to get away with it if buttigieg or somebody don't get off their butt sell something to the people


  36. So, I am sick of this dividing our country. I understand that this is a big deal, and it needs to end. However, I am so sad. I am not a Democrat. I am not a Republican. I am, the people…and it makes me so sad, that the freedom fighter branch "republicans," are completely ignoring the people.

    I see, a man who has been brought up from a family with endless money. I see, a man who wanted to make a name for himself, apart from his father's money. I see, a man who swindled countless Americans, when he created (and ultimately destroyed) his university. I see, a man who was triumphant in making a name for himself with his hotels. I see, that this same man maneuvered a military operation, in accordance with boosting his business in Turkey. I see, this same man, who pulled out American troops in defiance of our allies in the middle east, allowing ISIS to regroup. I see, that he cares more, for his own interests, than that of mine, the American person…

    I see, that there are people defending him. I see, that I have friends that defend him. I also see, that this person is devoid of reason and understanding, even to his own party. Finally, I see, that this man, is by all accounts, a DICTATOR. This is just my opinion; however, if our own leader can cause such disarray among it's own people, imagine the goal of the person pulling his strings.


  37. In Trump's defense, they have the best chocolate cake at that summit, so it was impossible for him to stay in Washington for his impeachment.

  38. Trump had already defended himself by rejecting the non witnesses have not found any crime committed. Now the fascist Goebbels minister of propaganda say you must prove yourself to be innocent in contradiction of out Constitution.

  39. Democrats are losing the propaganda war here. The impeachment process requires them to follow certain rules. Trump and GOP want to win this on TV, where they can say or do whatever they want, no matter how untruthful. They are proceeding in bad faith.

  40. Not having any defense is the same as admitting guilt. Not even having his lawyers present is suicidal but he knows hes guilty and no amount of deflection can change that.

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