Sell High Ticket Programs Using Simple Automated Webinars – High Converting Webinar Secrets Ep.11

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18 Replies to “Sell High Ticket Programs Using Simple Automated Webinars – High Converting Webinar Secrets Ep.11”

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  2. Awesome job as usual sir.
    Couldn't get in on the mentorship program this time.
    I'm saving up for it.
    Hope I can get into the program if possible next time

  3. You're amazing . I have a question is there anything with "LUCK". How would you define LUCK or Chance. Is there any luck in your journey of success.

  4. Thanks, Sifu Dan. Great tip on scripting everything in the webinar to create predictable results and that it will never perfect. It’s about progress and not perfection.

  5. "Tell then what to do, but not how to do it."

    The idea of giving them the "what" but not the "how" is easily my favorite lesson from this video because of how versatile it is.
    Value packed content as always!

  6. This gives me some relief that it doesn't have to be perfect because I'd probably be recording it for a year if I tried to do that! This would definitely get in the way of taking action.

  7. Only talking nothing else show us how exactly you do money by example and proof not you make some sentences and you explain like teacher and kids if like that I buy book better to hear, or just you want do views YouTube too

  8. about 7 min in….. on scripting…so incredibly accurate its not even funny… " every word, every pause..fucking scripted" spot on…great video pal

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