Senator Elizabeth Warren questions Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf at Banking Committee Hearing

Senator Elizabeth Warren questions Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf at Banking Committee Hearing

WARREN: Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Mr. Stumpf, the Wells Fargo Vision and Values Statement — which you frequently cite — says: “We believe in values lived not phrases memorized. If you want to find out how strong a company’s ethics are, don’t listen to what its people say, watch what they do.” So let’s do that. Since this massive years-long scam came to
light, you have said repeatedly, “I am accountable.” But what have you actually done to hold yourself accountable? Have you resigned as CEO or Chairman of Wells Fargo? STUMPF: The board, I serve at the… WARREN: Have you resigned? STUMPF: No I’ve not. WARREN: All right. Have you returned one nickel of the millions of dollars that you were paid while this scam was going on? STUMPF: Well first of all this was by 1 percent of our people… WARREN: That’s not my question… STUMPF: And, and… WARREN: My question, it’s about responsibility. Have you returned one nickel of the millions of dollars that you were paid while this scam was going on? STUMPF: The board will take care of that. WARREN: Have you returned one nickel of the money you earned while this scam was going on? STUMPF: And the board will do… WARREN: I will take that as a no then. Have you fired a single senior executive? And by that I don’t mean a regional manager or branch manager. I’m asking about the people who actually led your community banking division or your compliance division? STUMPF: We’ve made a change in our regional, to lead our regional bank…. WARREN: I just said, I’m not asking about regional managers, I’m not asking about branch managers, I’m asking if you have fired senior management. The people you actually led community banking division, who oversaw this fraud, or the compliance division that was in charge of making sure
that the bank complied with the law? STUMPF: Carrie Tolstedt… WARREN: Did you fire any of those people? STUMPF: No. WARREN: No. OK. So you haven’t resigned. You haven’t returned a single nickel of your personal earnings. You haven’t fired a single senior executive. Instead evidently your definition of accountable is to push the blame to your low-level employees who don’t have the money for a fancy PR firm to defend themselves. It’s gutless leadership. In your time as Chairman and CEO, Wells has been famous for cross-selling — which is pushing existing customers to open more accounts. Cross-selling is one of the main reasons that Wells has become the most valuable bank in the world. Wells measures cross-selling by the number of different accounts a customer has with Wells. Other big banks average fewer than three accounts per customer. But you set the target at eight accounts. Every customer of Wells should have eight
accounts with the bank. And that’s not because you ran the numbers and found that the average customer needed eight banking accounts. It is because “8 rhymes with great.” This was your rationale right there in your
2010 Annual Report. Cross-selling isn’t about helping customers
get what they need. If it was, you wouldn’t have to squeeze your
employees so hard to make it happen. No, cross-selling is all about pumping up Wells’ stock price isn’t it? STUMPF: No. Cross-selling is shorthand for deepening relationships. We — what we do well… WARREN: Whoa, let me stop you right there. You say no? No? STUMPF: I — I… WARREN: Here are the transcripts of 12 quarterly earnings calls that you participated in from 2012 to 2014, the 3 full years in which we know this scam was going on. I’d like to submit them for the record, if I may, Mr. Chair. Thank you. These are calls where you personally, made your pitch to investors and analysts about why Wells Fargo is a great investment. And in all 12 of these calls, you personally cited Wells Fargo’s success at cross-selling retail accounts as one of the main reasons to buy more stock in the company. Let me read you a few quotes that you had. April 2012, quote, “We grew our retail banking cross-sell ratio to a record, 5.98 products per household.” A year later, April 2013, quote, “We achieved record retail banking cross-sell of 6.1 products per household.” April 2014, quote, “We achieved record retail banking cross-sell of 6.17 products per household.” The ratio kept going up and up. And it didn’t matter whether customers used those accounts or not. And guess what? Wall Street loved it. Here, is just a sample of the reports from top analysts in those years, all recommending that people buy Wells Fargo stock in part
because of the strong cross-sell numbers. And I’d like to submit them for the record. SHELBY: Without objections. WARREN: Thank you, Mr. Chair. So when investors saw good cross-sell numbers — they did, while this scam was going on — that was very good for you personally, wasn’t it, Mr. Stumpf? Do you know how much money, how much value your stock holdings in Wells Fargo gained while they scam was under way? STUMPF: Well, first of all, it was not a scam. And cross-sell is a way of deepening relationships. When customers… (CROSSTALK) WARREN: We’ve been through this, Mr. Stumpf. I asked you a very simple question. Do you know how much the value of your stock went up while this scam was going on? STUMPF: It’s all of my compensation is in our public stock… (CROSSTALK) WARREN: Do you know how much it was? STUMPF: It’s all in the public filing. WARREN: You’re right, it is all in the public records because I looked it up. While this scam was going on, you personally held an average of 6.75 million shares of Wells Stock. The share price during this time period went up by about $30 which comes out to more than $200 million in gains all for you personally. And thanks, in part, to those cross-sell numbers that you talked about on every one of those calls. You know, here’s what really gets me about this, Mr. Stumpf. If one of your tellers took a handful of $20 bills out of the crash drawer, they’d probably be looking at criminal charges for theft. They could end up in prison. But you squeezed your employees to the breaking point so they would cheat customers and you could drive up the value of your stock and put hundreds of millions of dollars in your own pocket. And when it all blew up, you kept your job, you kept your multimillion dollar bonuses and you went on television to blame thousands of $12-an-hour employees who were just trying to meet cross-sell quotas that made you rich. This is about accountability. You should resign. You should give back the money that you took while this scam was going on and you should be criminally investigated by both the Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission. This just isn’t right. A cashier who steals a handful of $20s is held accountable, but Wall Street executives who almost never hold themselves accountable, not now and not in 2008 when they crushed the worldwide economy. The only way that Wall Street will change, is if executives face jail time when they preside over massive frauds. We need tough, new laws to hold corporate executives personally accountable and we need tough prosecutors who have the courage to go after people at the top. Until then, it will be business as usual. And at giant banks like Wells Fargo, that seems to be cheating as many customers, investors and employees as they possibly can. Thank You, Mr. Chair. Mr. Stumpf, as you know, some of my colleagues and I sent you a letter last week about the board’s plans to claw back compensation from senior executives who are responsible for overseeing this scam. Wells Fargo provided us with a response yesterday, I noticed that although we sent the letter to you, that the response actually came from somebody else in the company, which I guess is another example of holding yourself accountable. I wanna focus now, on the mysterious circumstances surrounding Carrie Tolstedt’s retirement in July. As you know, Ms. Tolstedt ran the community banking division, the division where this scam occurred for the entire time that this scam took place. She was in charge of all the 5,300 employees who were fired and she oversaw the creation of 2 million fake accounts. Now, in July of this year just two months before the settlement was announced and before those facts became public, Ms. Tolstedt retired at age 56. You indicated in the letter, responding to our letter, that she walks away with over $90 million in stocks, stock options and awards. Fortune Magazine says it’s actually about $125 million. But — and here’s the key part — according
to Fortune, if Ms. Tolstedt has been fired instead of retiring, she would’ve had to
forfeit as much as $45 million of that award. Mr. Stumpf, the response to our letter confirms that knew of this scandal. Before Ms. Tolstedt retired, it said — and this is from your letter, quote, “Senior management and the board were aware of the pending litigation, investigation and discussions with our regulators, relating to sales practices when Ms. Tolstedt indicated her decision to retire.” Is that accurate, Mr. Stumpf, what this letter says? Were you personally aware of the massive problem that occurred under Ms. Tolstedt’s watch in July when she announced her retirement? STUMPF: I was aware that we were involved in discussions with the city attorney, the OCC and the CFPB, yes. WARREN: So you had some indication there was a massive problem? STUMPF: We had some indication that we had one percent of our people who were doing the wrong thing. (CROSSTALK) WARREN: Also known as a massive problem. STUMPF: Well… WARREN: If you knew this, did you consider firing Ms. Tolstedt before she retired? STUMPF: Well, at the time she was reporting to our president and chief operating officer and… (CROSSTALK) WARREN: It’s a simple question, you knew there was a problem, did you consider firing her? STUMPF: No because of her full… WARREN: Seriously? You found out that one of your divisions had created 2 million fake accounts, had fired thousands of employees for improper behavior and had cheated thousands of your own customers and you didn’t even once consider firing her
ahead of her retirement? STUMPF: In fact, when I look at her full body of work and I look at the — at the customer loyalty improvement and the customer service improvement… (CROSSTALK) WARREN: Are you sure that those were not fake? STUMPF: All the work that was done, she chose to retire and I’d also like to make one other comment because you made… (CROSSTALK) WARREN: So — so you — no just on this, you never considered firing her. So now Ms. Tolstedt has apparently retired but is also staying with the firm through the end of the year. And in the response to our letter, you state — or the person writing it — states, quote, “Ms. Tolstedt is eligible to be considered for a 2016 annual incentive award.” An incentive award for doing a great job in 2016? Mr. Stumpf, that is unbelievable. You are the chairman of the board and the
CEO. In those roles, do you think it would be appropriate for Ms. Tolstedt to get another bonus on top of the millions that she has already gotten as a reward for her role in this massive scam? STUMPF: The board will consider that and I don’t wanna prejudice the board but I also want to make one comment… (CROSSTALK) WARREN: I don’t understand that answer. WARREN: You know, you and your board have already made changes. You’ve made changes to the compensation scheme for thousands of employees. You’ve sat here today and talked about that. You’ve removed sales quotas, I think you’ve
told us. You’ve reformed incentives. Why can that be done quick as a wink across the entire bank but a question about cutting compensation for a highly placed executive who oversaw a massive fraud takes long deliberation? Why is that? STUMPF: Because there’s a board governance
process and we want that to work properly. And whether Carrie was retired or she was
fired there’d be no difference with respect to how the board can deal with that. WARREN: I’m sorry if she was fired, it is my understanding she would not be entitled to large parts of her compensation. This is not just a claw back issue we’re talking about she doesn’t get them to begin with if she gets fired. But you let her walk out of the door with a retirement. I don’t quite understand. How do you explain this to your own shareholders? STUMPF: There is a process that the board goes through and they will do that. They’ve already met… WARREN: Mr. Stumpf… STUMPF: … and everyone give that their… WARREN: I don’t understand. You keep saying there’s, you know, the board, the board, as if these are strangers that you met in a dark alley. Under the bylaws of Wells Fargo and I’m quoting here: “The Chairman shall preside at all meetings of the board.” STUMPF: (inaudible) WARREN: You were able to make changes. Why can you not make a change here? STUMPF: I’m not on the Human Resources Committee of the board. They have their own governance and structure. We want that to proceed in the process in which we have. WARREN: All right so we’ll do this your way. Our letter asked a number of questions about claw backs of Ms. Tolstedt’s and other executive’s pay, including yours. Wells Fargo’s answer to our letter was just basically, you punted, that the decision would be up to the board. The same punt you’ve given here. So you’re the Chairman of the Board, let me ask it this way: will you personally support clawing back all or part of Ms. Tolstedt’s pay? STUMPF: I’m not going to in any way try to influence or prejudice the board as they do their deliberation. WARREN: So you have absolutely no opinion on this? STUMPF: I’m not going to opine on that– WARREN: You’re not going to opine. You’re going to say get out there, defraud, cheat, lie, steal, and I have nothing to say about whether or not you ought to still be getting your bonus? STUMPF: I never said, and I would, we’d never say as our company, go out there and do any of those things. We try to do the right thing every day. WARREN: But you say if you do them, you can count on Chairman Stumpf not to stand up and say you shouldn’t get your incentive bonus. STUMPF: The board has a process… WARREN: I think you started this whole thing by saying, don’t tell me what you say, tell me what your actions are. And your actions are, people do this and you’re not going to take a single step to shut it down. So I guess I can ask this question again: will you personally support clawing back any or all of the pay for the person in charge of compliance? Someone we haven’t talked about much today. The person who is supposed to be responsible to make sure that the bank is following the law. Will you have any recommendation about that person? STUMPF: I’m going to have the board do their process. WARREN: You are going to have no recommendation at all? STUMPF: I… WARREN: Ever? At any point in this process? STUMPF: Whatever the board accepts, whatever they do I will accept and I will support. WARREN: You are not passive here. If you have nothing to do then what are you doing serving as Chairman of the Board? If you have no opinions on the most massive fraud that has hit this bank since the beginning of time how can it be that you actually get to continue to collect a paycheck for being Chairman of the Board? STUMPF: Well first of all, I disagree with the fact this is a massive fraud. But secondly the board will do their work and I’m not going to prejudice their work. And I will accept whatever they come up with and I will be supportive. WARREN: Now, I, you accepted all along as this fraud built up, this massive fraud, you accepted all of the performance bonuses based on the cross selling that is at the heart of this. You watched your own stock go up by more than $200 million based in part on exactly this massive fraud. You got out and you pumped it to Wall Street and you said to Wall Street, hey we are doing such a great job cross-selling here at Wells Fargo, you should tell everybody to buy our stock. And now you turn around and say I shall remain passive and simply accept what Wells Fargo wants to do. You know, in 2008, Wall Street promised change. But it looks like it is business as usual. A giant bank cheats the little guys and the executives line their own pockets. Mr. Stumpf you make it clear that Wall Street won’t change until we make it change. Thank you Mr. Chair.

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100 Replies to “Senator Elizabeth Warren questions Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf at Banking Committee Hearing”

  1. She is a Quack. Bullying a Successful Business Man. She sounds very Jealous. I don't understand how anyone can take her serious, as she is a FRAUD herself. POCAHONTAS

  2. These guy don't realize that they will reap a harvest of the LORD'S payback. The sad part about it is that ,they don't know watch way those bad seed will manifest in their lives. The seeds can become cancer in a young child life that's connected to this board member life. Loosing your entire family in a house fire, car accident wife loosing arms. I'm not saying that this will happen, the way that I have stated, I know GOD will repay, everyone involved. Then this broad member behavior as if senator Warren is Speaking some foreign language. He's as if i had absolutely nothing to do with this. Oh and it's really not criminal.
    I'll betach, every time he's question ,he go's to bathroom and changes his diaper. He bought a 24 package to court. He's probably saying the nerve of her to emply that Wells Fargo was compliant in running a scam. This is just the way privileged people make their money and never go to prison. So we got caught, we will just come up with a new trick. That's just the way they stay in control of power big cooperations.

  3. Senator Warren …. I’m with you ! Thank you . You are the SMART Mama the USA needs. You are a warm hug and hope in this devastating time in our country

  4. This Is What Should Happen Now

    The most important question progressive Democrats should be asking now is what an overall comprehensive, realistic, and winning democratic left agenda should look like. And the real stumbling block to answering this question is not the conflict between Hillary and Bernie lovers, or the desire to recover an Obama oriented platform by voting for Biden, but the conflict between those who lean toward the center and those who lean farther left. The stubborn refusal of competing factions on the left to find a compromise is what could sink both our effort to win back the White House and any future efforts to win other key elections.

    Progressives need to put their differences aside and then hammer out a viable, winning strategy, that not only does not alienate the different factions within its ranks but which is more attractive, or at least acceptable, to the independents, and even moderate Republicans, who either voted for Donald Trump or did not vote at all. This is no mean feat, but, as long as the pragmatists and purists on the left cannot find common ground, a common ground that can accommodate independents and moderates beyond their ranks, the right will continue to control the reins of power, not only in Washington but in the states.

    Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton are of the past, a past that is now over. As elder statesmen and an elder stateswoman, they can be indispensable guides to a progressive political future. But, as future contenders in the election arena, they are either too far left or too moderate, or just too much of the past. What we need now is a new standard-bearer and leader to fight the good fight for all of us; a leader who will be committed to uniting us instead of dividing us; a leader who can be dynamic but balanced in the promotion of the political and economic policies that are best for our nation.

    So, what should happen now? We should stop fighting amongst ourselves, and support the dynamic and balanced potential leader who is the only viable alternative to Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden: Elizabeth Warren.

    Elizabeth Warren is younger than Bernie and Biden by eight and six years (she is three years younger than Trump), she is dynamic but balanced in her politics (though she is touting far-left ideas, in reality she is not as far-left as many think), she has the programs, and, of course, she is a woman. And, though ultimately sex should not be a criterion for supporting a candidate for the presidency, until we have finally elected a woman to the highest office in the land, it is and will continue to be an important consideration. So, Warren may be the most appropriate answer to Donald Trump’s questionable win over Hillary Clinton. She may be the comeuppance for Donald Trump that we all long for. She may be both our best revenge and our best direction. And she may be our best chance to unseat the interloper we now have sitting in our White House.

    The election of Elizabeth Warren to the presidency could lead us back onto a path that we would, ultimately, have been moving on if we had not been sidetracked by the election of Donald Trump. She will be a dynamic, balanced, and uniting force in the White House. She will heal our relationships with our allies and remind our enemies that we have not left the international stage. And she will return us to being a leader in the fight against global warming and climate change. She will also remind us that we should be one people and one nation, committed to a government of the people, by the people, and for the people – all of the people.

    Choosing Elizabeth Warren to represent us in the White House is our best chance to return our country to being united at home and a respected leader in the world. Otherwise, as hard as it may be to believe, we may see a second term, for either Donald Trump or, if Trump is impeached or resigns early, Mike Pence. And a second term for either one would be an unmitigated disaster for our nation.

    The political positions of Elizabeth Warren:


  5. Elizabeth Warren is the perfect choice for this day and age. She is highly intelligent. She wants to be a president for the people and not just for the wealthy.She is genuinely compassionate and will restore the integrity of the presidency. The one demographic that will not vote for her are the top wealthy 1% and 36% Trump supporters. Warren is neither a far left or a moderate. She is a progressive. That is exactly what this country needs. Trump promised to drain the swamp. How could he possibly make good on that promise when he, his staff, and big businesses are the swamp? Warren has promised to drain the swamp and she will do it without hesitation. She will no longer allow big companies to have control over her and our lawmakers. Once again we will have a president we can believe in. Elizabeth Warren needs our help. If you can't afford to donate to her campaign just simply be sure and go vote. We Democrats are by far easily the majority. Thing is, it means nothing if we do not vote resulting in a government like we are experiencing right now. God Bless Elizabeth Warren and God Bless us all.

  6. The fact that she has to read her talking points one by one should indicate she honestly doesn't know what she is talking about. Not defending the banks, but to suggest she is some sort of brilliant mind is drastically over stated and the only people deserving praise are her writers. The world will not respect her not even fear her, the last thing we need is her at the helm.

  7. Pocahontas should NOT be questioning anyone. Give the money back to the American Indians Pocahontas !!!!
    The Cabal has purchased the Major News medias even the LA and NY times are being used today to attack Trump, who seems to be the only politician who is exposing the DEEP STATE and the Cabal own News Media.

    The Cabal is an endless money printing resource which includes the Federal Reserve.

    The Democrats will never make laws to stop the social media brainwashing.

    We need to bring the focus to the fact that the Democrats are bribed by the Cabal and if we do not remove as many of them from office in 2020, then there is a real possibility that they could take our most capable tyranny deterring…….crime deterring weapons and the next step for the DEMOCRAT POLITICIANS and Cabal in New Green Deal which promises the Enslavement of Agenda 21.

    ​ People of the West need to WAKE UP !!!Life is (balance, growth, and change) and being able to adapt rather than bitch.

    There are a few good people who help others, and a few psychopaths who help themselves. And allot of people caught in the middle being used, and stressed, and addicted….. which is death. Stop the opioids, alcohol, sex addiction, drug addiction, money addiction, control addiction.

    The Government goal is to track and create a database on everyone.

    They allow doctors and big Pharma to addict everyone and inject little boys and girls with gender changing hormones.

    They are forcing our borders open to invaders which they bribe and brainwash to vote for Democrats who they know forced the borders open and routed all our tax dollars in the form of Welfare and Medical housing…… to Mexicans and Muslims – which are the two groups which can easily out-breed Patriots.

    Have you taken a close look at the Mexican Demographic in California, Texas, Arizona, and the Muslim Demographic in Minnesota and Michigan ????

    All three are part of the Democrat planed Coup of the USA Gov along with the Russian Collusion Fake Dossier generated by the same Treasonous Democrats who murdered 50+ schoolchildren and teachers by pushing hard for the bad law called THE GUN FREE SCHOOL ZONES ACT !!!

    This gives all psychos the Green Light to enter disarmed schools.

    But the same Democrats vote to arm Gov building with AR 15's !!!

    VOTE !!!! And Remove all Democrat Politicians in 2020.

    A Quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero – Addressing the Roman Senate in the year (43 B.C.)

    "A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within.

    An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly.

    But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys,

    heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor;

    he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments,

    he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation,

    he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city,

    he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear."

  8. Her absolutely irrelevant and utterly misleading characterization of this man is infuriating. I don’t even like wellsfargo but the questions have nothing to do with the actual laws and how the corporate world works. Wellsfargo is a corrupt bank but warren is not addressing it by acting like employees who stole people’s money are victims and that the very act of becoming rich is evil. This is the kind of take a truth and twist it that shows me how completely useless and deceitful our politicians are. If you guys care about wealth inequality start reading all of Robert Kiosakis books starting with rich dad poor dad.


  10. Elizabeth is trying to introduce "HONESTY" into politics in America. This is "Commendable" on her part-But I fear for her safety!!!

  11. USA ke saare dhokhebajo India a jao feku ganje ki sarkar ko hissa do videsho me aish ki ki zindghi guzaro malya choksi lalit neerav modi many other

  12. This. This video and recordings like it need to be at the front of your PR for 2020. The second people see your ability to eviscerate a fraud they'll see why your the perfect candidate to face trump.

  13. Since when did EW become a douche bag? Look, I hate banks, but Bush bailed there assess out, and for that, I am pissed. But this cunt, is a fucking retard.

  14. All this showboating is nice to watch even 3 years later. How much of your salaries, consultancy fees and other benefits that you got over the years by getting ahead of others by lying that you are a Native American, Senator Warren?

  15. To bad the college she lied to by saying she is chief lying eagle would not claw back the $400,000.00 for one class a day for how many years??

  16. How does a woman that has lied about her ancestry to gain privileges even question anyone about anything??? Warren is a fraud and a crook.

  17. And can you explain how I claimed to be American Indian for the last 40 years ? What oh don’t answer that I was reading from the wrong script .

  18. That's why people are scared of her. She is too frighteningly smart. Everybody knows her smartness. Now, she needs to work on soft images. Next door auntie, soft ~ Enough laser sharp! someone with warmness.

  19. This lady lied about being native american and bennifited in her life. Has she returned any of the money she has made by living that lie? NO!!!!. She is a hipicrit and scammer herself.

  20. I personally do not like this woman's political views, but I have to give it to her on this one. she did her homework. if she were to go republican I'd definitely consider voting for her. But I have also seen her use her scams and frauds while running for office against Trump, so the conflict of interests shows in her.

  21. America we need someone with some intelligence in Vision in truth and loyalty to our country her name is Elizabeth Warren 2020 president!!!!

  22. I wonder if she would like to take on the communication companies – AT&T, Comcast, Buckeye, Verizon ect. If you haven't read the fine print, a lot of them require you to give up the right to sue if their service or products cause you harm in some way. Instead there is an abitration(?) clause where their judgement is final. As this is basically a requirement for business and residential living now a days, this allows the industry to do whatever it likes with no oversight. Including what appears to be agreements to not directly compete. There has been a "new" internet company in the area for years saying they service the city. Call them though, they'll ask who your current provider is and then tell you they don't service your zip code. It sounded funny to me that I got a flyer in the mail from them but they don't provide service to my zip code, so I contacted them using two other addresses and got the same answer.

  23. From my experiences in business, it is management that pushes policies that entice employees to do wrong or face getting fired or no pay raises. Department stores demand employees push credit cards that customers don't want and must sell at least a certain number each month or face discipline. As a Biomedical tech I was pushed to sell prescription drugs to doctors offices or not get any advancement. I worked for a top 50 biggest corporation under contract to give biomedical services to hospitals which also produced drugs. I was required to do this on my time, at my expense just to get a small 'incentive'. I remember one cancer drug being pushed to doctor's offices for its side effects with no mention of its main purpose unless the included paperwork was read, which we techs were told to not mention. I refused and quit that corporation. This just one of many things I saw management do.

  24. I will not vote for her as president, but in this video, I agree with her questions and her actions. …. I read about this in 2016. Wells Fargo has done several things that are really bad.

  25. I wonder what she's gonna give up for her fraudulent claims to native American heritage to try to gain admission into college. Is she gonna give up her place as a senator in compensation to an actual native American

  26. Liz ripped this douchebag a new asshole. It ultimately proved to be fairly effective. She scared this guy so bad that he gave up some of his compensation package, made significant changes to his retired complicance officer's retirement package, and then removed himself from Wells Fargo by retiring. Not out of any "goodness of his heart," but because he was terrified of being thrown into prison. Yay Lizzie!

  27. The librarian.. Hope she is the front runner… Hope you all wake up in a mental hospital half way through Barron Trump's second term…

  28. The gentleman's facial expression's behind Elizabeth Warren are a lot less graphic than mine when she tears him apart

  29. i think she could be a good president, but she needs to slow down on all the free stuff/ take it slowly/ but i think she could be good for the pple/ agree or not /she is way sharper than the Donald

  30. Did she let him say anything??? All I saw was her posturing… Had to stop listening after 5 minutes of her stuffing words in his mouth, whether he's guilty or not he should be able answer.

  31. This damn woman talks like she is 100 per cent anti;business,i guess she is,since she is a socialist.She acts like making money is a crime.

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